Goblin Slayer Episode 10: A Circle of Friends and an Uncertain Future

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In Goblin Slayer episode 10, “Dozing,” Goblin Slayer reflects on the last meal he had with his sister and how much things have — and haven’t — changed. Around his morning routine checking the perimeter of Ushikai Musume and her uncle’s farm, we learn that a new platinum adventurer has overthrown the Demon Lord, and there are celebrations galore. For a brief moment, things are so relaxed that the Dwarf Kouhito Doushi gets into a drinking match with the Elf Yousei Yunde. But you can probably guess that the good times don’t last…

Warning: This series presents decidedly mature themes, and it contains a dramatic representative of violence against women (including rape). If any of these these trouble you, please do not watch this series or read this review.

Note: This post may include spoilers, so be cautious.  

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3 Favorite Moments

Uketsuke-jou had complete support from Onna and Ushikai as she demanded Goblin Slayer start taking better care of himself. She looked so smug, too! Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

Moment 1

After all of the battles we’ve seen, it was kind of nice to see Goblin Slayer and his friends (he’d probably call them comrades — not sure he’s up to the whole friend thing yet!) eating a meal and taking it easy (13:15)! Even in this peaceful time, there were intriguing under currents, like Lizardman Tokage Souryo, Kouhito, and even Yousei reassuring Ushikai that she was welcome to eat with them. Or Uketsuke-jou (Guild Girl) talking about how the adventurers were planning on setting up a school for young adventurers, which would be taught by retired adventurers — thus triggering self reflection in Goblin Slayer, and Ushikai, too (15:04). The best moment, though, was when Uketsuke-jou told Goblin Slayer to be more careful, or she wouldn’t give him any more quests (15:33). Ushikai and Onna Shinkan nodded in complete agreement. Looks like there are some forces Goblin Slayer is powerless against! 

Speaking of forces Goblin Slayer is powerless against — Ushikai just plunked his head in her lap whether he wanted to or not! Though he didn’t seem to complain. Much. Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

Moment 2

Remember when Ushikai walked into the Guild Hall and saw Goblin Slayer surrounded by his friends — with the three closest to him being women (13:02)? Attractive, powerful women? Ushikai remembers! In spite of her greeting him every morning in only a bra (5:09), he hasn’t gotten the message, and she seems to feel like she’s running out of time. While Yousei and Kouhito were having a drinking contest (and may I say Yousei is adorable when she’s drunk?), Goblin Slayer was staring up at the stars and reflecting on his life. He was thinking about what Uketsuke-jou had said during lunch. Finding him in such a contemplative mood, Ushikai struck: she pulled his head into her lap (20:03). Never mind he still had his helmet on! Reassured when she told him she didn’t mind if he got grease on her pants, he stayed put, and together they watched the sky. This is as close to a romantic moment that we’ve gotten so far!

What did Goblin Slayer see at the edge of the farm? The stuff of his nightmares… Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

Moment 3

We’ve seen Goblin Slayer scour the farm, looking for signs of goblins. It’s almost a ritual for him. He’s kept it up even though the uncle wasn’t convinced it was meaningful. In this episode, though, his vigilance pays off (21:51). He peers through the grass at the edge of the farm and sees hundreds or thousands of goblin footprints in the dirt. He recognizes it as a sign that the goblins have targeted the farm for attack. What a chilling way to end the episode! 


Goblin Slayer’s been more thorough in its story telling than I think it gets credit for. Sure, we’ve had scenes where more clear writing would have delivered a more dramatic punch, like the scene with Goblin Slayer talking to Shield Maiden Tsurugi no Otome at the end of the previous episode. But overall, I think they’re done a fine job.

Take some of the seeds they planted in previous episodes that blossomed in this one. We’ve gotten a good idea of how dangerous this world is from the very first episode. We understand clearly that the goblins, though considered a low-ranking monster, make up for that in sheer numbers. There’s still some inconsistencies about how people view them (I mean, why haven’t more people come to realized that “Hey, these goblins are a real pain?”), but the story’s made its point.

If the first episode didn’t convince of us that, then Goblin Slayer’s memories of his sister’s last moments certainly did.

The show’s given us clear indications that this world is dangerous. It’s also showed us that there are things worth protecting. In other words, we know the stakes are high. Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

We’ve seen merchants experimenting with whimsical desert treats like ice cream, which isn’t something you’d expect if the population were paralyzed with fear. This episode showed us that Goblin Slayer and his new party can share a lot of enjoyment with the simple things like eating meal together. We got to see them planning for a brighter future through their plans to establish an adventurer training school.

In other words, the show has been building up the goblins as a sense of menace and, more recently, been demonstrating what the adventurers have established and what they’re building.

In other words, what they have to lose.

I love the mechanism the writers selected to make their final point in this episode. We’ve often seen Goblin Slayer enact his ritual of checking the farm. He’s convinced it’s important. Those around him are less convinced; some even question his judgement. That’s a fitting metaphor for how many adventurers have treated him. And it’s just as fitting metaphor for how it pays off. He discovered that goblins are massing just ahead of an attack on the farm. Just like they did when he was living alone with his sister.

He wasn’t Goblin Slayer then. He didn’t have his friends with him. This time things are going to be a lot different. I’m really excited to see how it plays out next week!

What did you think of this episode? What were your favorite moments? Let me know in the comments! 

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3 thoughts on “Goblin Slayer Episode 10: A Circle of Friends and an Uncertain Future

  1. I have little to say about this episode that hasn’t been said.

    I did sort of find the goblin footprints funny; Goblin Slayer looks carefully under any bush, because the goblins might hide their presence, and then… this? I very nearly laughed.

    1. Okay, I grant you that there seems to be a huge disconnect (okay, a chasm!) between his meticulous search and the mass of footprints…

      But here’s my explanation: If the goblins are close in to a house or barn, they’re more careful. But if they’re on the outskirts, they’re more brazen.

      Goblins aren’t super intelligent (as we see by the mass of footprints), but they’re not complete idiots (if they’re more careful the closer they get to people).

      At least it makes sense to me!

      1. I’m not saying it makes no sense; Goblins like just about everyone and everything are different: some choose to hide their presence and others don’t. Or maybe, as you say, it’s a differefence of circumstance.

        I still found it funny, though.

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