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Good Smile Delivers Again: Altair from Re:CREATORS!

If you read my recent post inducting Re:CREATORS into the Caw of Frame, then you might have gotten the hint that I kinda liked the series. You’d be partially right — I actually adored the series. Given that bit of information, I’ll bet you won’t be surprised to find that immediately after the Good Smile Company announced a figure of Altair, I reserved one. It was one of the more pricey anime figure purchases (Miia was actually more, but, well, she’s Miia…), but after receiving the package, I can say this with complete certainty:

Worth it!

My first impression: The figure is very large! Here’s what she looks like:

Altair is tall. Bulky, too. And her hair is all over the place! Kinda reminds me of episode 13 when Meteora Ousterreich said Altair’s hair looked like a mop and was a nightmare for the animators.

I expect Good Smile to do a great job in terms of detail. Saying they didn’t disappoint wouldn’t quite cover it. I was exceptionally pleased with the level of detail. Here’s what the figure looks like up close, from the front:

Check out the detail here, Does that rock, or what?

Now, check out a similar shot from episode 1:

The figure looks so much like the original that it’s… well, not scary, but impressive! Capture from the Amazon stream.

The tassels beside the emblem on the front of her hat; the guard on the sword; the gold buttons and red decorations on her coat and in her hair; it’s all there! You can see even more detail in the rifle in this shot from the figure’s left:

This angle shows even more detail in the gun. You can also see enough of her hair to get an idea of just how voluminous it is.

I mentioned Meteora and episode 13 before. I think she was on to something saying that Altair’s hair was a nightmare for the animators. Check out this picture from the back to see just how much hair she has:

Wow. That’s a lot of hair.

The artist who designed the figure captured Altair as she spun around to her right. You can see that motion clearly in this shot:

The motion effect is so complete that I half expected her to start playing her holopsicon. I still check her from time to time, just to make sure she hasn’t moved. She’s Altair, after all…

With all this fantastic detail, you might wonder how Altair compares to other figures in my collection. Not surprisingly, I compare all figures to Rory Mercury, apostle of Emroy, the god of death and darkness from the world of Gate. Here’s how they compare, size-wise, at least:

Altair’s taller, but the scale a little different, I think.

If they were both to the same scale (Rory was 1:7, Altair was 1:8), Altair would be even taller. Still, they’re both figures that are large enough to hold up to the expectations of their original characters.

If you’re interested in buying Altair, it looks like Amazon has some available (I’m an affiliate).

Did you buy any of the Re:CREATORS figures? What did you think of Altair? Let me know in the comments!

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5 thoughts on “Good Smile Delivers Again: Altair from Re:CREATORS!

  1. Gotta post my fig collection one of these days, though it’s not that large… If I were to purchase a re:Creators figure, I think I go with the the Good Smile Meteora. At least until they release an Alicetaria figure! (Though my budget doesn’t extend to those price ranges.)

    If I ever hit the lotto though, my real goal is every Yuki Asuna figure ever created.

    1. “If I were to purchase a re:Creators figure, I think I go with the the Good Smile Meteora.”

      Guess what figure’s next on my list to unbox! I’m actually thinking about doing another unboxing video, though my “studio” is a kitchen table with a blanket…

      “If I ever hit the lotto though, my real goal is every Yuki Asuna figure ever created.”

      Ah! I see you’re a man of culture, too! I have a small-ish Asuna figure, and for its size, it has great detail.

    1. Good Smile did their usual good job with it!

      I’m also pretty happy with the inexpensive light box I used to take most of the pictures. The diffused light shows much better detail than the direct light I used in the last shot.

      Professional photographer I ain’t!

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