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Healer Girl Episode Guide

Episode 1: Kana Fujii, Healer (Apprentice)

Healer Girl Episode 1 Review – Best In Show

In Healer Girl episode 1, “Kana Fujii, Healer (Apprentice),” Kana Fujii was on her way to class when she came across an injured child. The boy just had a little scrape. What harm would it do if she sang his wound away? When she got to school, however, her teacher, Ria Karasuma, already knew about the incident. And she had no illusions about what could have gone wrong. Will Kana still be in school by the end of the day? Or has she sung her last song of healing?

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Episode 2: Can I Take a Picture? Or Maybe a Video?

Healer Girl Episode 2 Review – Best In Show

In Healer Girl episode 2, “Can I Take a Picture? Or Maybe a Video?,” Kana Fujii was absolutely freaking out over the number of tests she’ll need to pass to become even a provisional healer. Worse, she struggled making vocal key changes with accompaniment. Her friends could not help her. What options does she have? Elsewhere, Sonia Yanagi at school heard Kana talking about becoming an apprentice healer. She demanded that Kana meet her after school. What’s that all about? And why is Sonia talking about Kana as an “enemy?”

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Episode 3: Cleanup, Run • Run • Run

Healer Girl Episode 3 Review – Best In Show

In Healer Girl episode 3, “Cleanup, Run • Run • Run,” the provisional licensing exams were coming up, and guess who was struggling? If you guessed Kana Fujii, you were right! Her friends Reimi Itsushiro and Hibiki Morishima tried to help her prepare, and they thought they had made progress. But the day of the exam arrived, and all three came back to the clinic with a cloud over their heads. Did all three really fail? Were they just being too hard on themselves? And why does Sonia Yanagi seem intent on making Reimi angry?

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Episode 4: First Steps, Horror, and a First Job

Healer Girl Episode 4 Review – Best In Show

In Healer Girl episode 4, “First Steps, Horror, and a First Job,” KanaReimi, and Hibiki were trying to come to grips with combined exhilaration and terror of having passed their first exams. The achievement thrilled them; the responsibility sobered them. Then they got their first job – singing to support a medical doctor during his first surgery! Terrified at the thought of seeing real blood, they took Shouko’s advice and watched splatter horror movies to prepare. Was that a good idea? Will their nerves hold until the day of surgery? Or will the preparations prove too brutal for their sensibilities?

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Episode 5: Blue Skies, Green Mountains, River Battles and the Galactic Station

Healer Girl Episode 5 Review – Best In Show

In Healer Girl episode 5, “Blue Skies, Green Mountains, River Battles and the Galactic Station,” Hibiki Morishima invited Ria KarasumaShouko NagisaReimi Itsushiro, and Kana Fujii to visit her family farm. After they arrived, Reimi was shocked – and dismayed! – to learn that Ria was actually a friend of the family! Will she be able to withstand her own feelings of jealousy? Will she try to marry one of Hibiki’s brothers to get closer to Ria? And what will she do when she learns Kana’s secret?

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Episode 6: Become My Servant • Russian Food and Sweet Dreams

Healer Girl Episode 6 Review – Best In Show

In Healer Girl episode 6, “Become My Servant • Russian Food and Sweet Dreams,” Sonia’s boss hurt her back, so KanaReimi, and Hibiki stopped by to help with her patients. However, Sonia apparently misunderstood their relationship, because she kept referring to them as “servants.” How long will Reimi put up with that? Later, Sonia drafted Kana to help with their stall at the culture festival. At the request of the patients at Sonia’s clinic, Sonia had promised to cook authentic Russian cuisine for them. Unfortunately, she has no idea how to cook that kind of food. Neither does Kana! Who can they turn to so they don’t have to disappoint their patients?

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Episode 7: A Culture Festival Full of Surprises

Healer Girl Episode 7 Review – Best In Show

In Healer Girl episode 7, “A Culture Festival Full of Surprises,” Kana had taken on a lot of work. Despite that, she tried to make time to experience the cultural festival with her friends. Hibiki happily accompanied Kana. Sonia did, too, though she ate too much because of her fierce spirit of competition. Even Reimi pried herself away from her Mistress Ria to hang out with them. But then the student council president came to them with an emergency request. Does Kana have the energy to respond? Will her friends help? And how long will it take Sonia to feel better after eating so much?

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Episode 8: I Love Maids • You’re Fired

Healer Girl Episode 8 Review – Best In Show

In Healer Girl episode 8, “I Love Maids • You’re Fired,” Reimi invited her friends Hibiki and Kana over for dinner. Of course, Reimi did not cook, because, well, they’re her friends. Instead, Reimi’s maid and long-time protector, Aoi, took care of the meal. Aoi did everything around the house – laundry, household cleaning, even delivering Reimi’s lunch if she forgot it. But Aoi had a secret that would rock Reimi’s world to its foundation. And one day, Reimi accidentally came across the shocking truth. Can their lives ever be the same?

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Episode 9: The Best Guarantee • Buy the CD

Healer Girl Episode 9 Review – Best In Show

In Healer Girl episode 9, “The Best Guarantee • Buy the CD,” the local hospital called Ria to ask for her help. The director of the hospital, Ria’s old university professor, needed complex surgery. The outcome was by no means guaranteed. Not only was the director Ria’s mentor. He had been the doctor who had inspired Kana to want to become a healer. Will Ria, Kana, Reimi, and Hibiki accept the job? And if they do, how well will Ria perform during a ten hour operation, when we see how often she needs to nap?

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Episode 10: Halloween • Masquerade • Butterfly!

Healer Girl Episode 10 Review – Best In Show

In Healer Girl episode 10, “Halloween • Masquerade • Butterfly!,” Hibiki had always seemed poised and self-confident. Yet, growing up in a household where Ria often stayed, Hibiki fell into the habit of comparing herself to Ria, who a doctor recently called a healing “goddess.” Under her veneer of confidence, Hibiki had been hiding a crippling fear that she just might not be good enough. Can she throw off that misconception? Or will she leave the program?

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Episode 11: Sharks and Training Camp! Let’s Climb Together!

Healer Girl Episode 11 Review – Best In Show

In Healer Girl episode 11, “Sharks and Training Camp! Let’s Climb Together!”, KanaHibiki, and Reimi kept trying to practice – only to see darkness, then a form of image-based shark swallow each of them. Ria sent them to a cabin retreat, where Aoi tried to guide their training. But try as they might, the sharks returned to consume them. Will they discover the reason before their next exams? And what will they do when the realize the problem is much, much closer than they think?

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Episode 12: We’re C-Rank Healers!

Healer Girl Episode 12 Review – Best In Show

In Healer Girl episode 12, “We’re C-Rank Healers!“, Kana heads to the United States for her internship. Hibiki interned at the local hospital where she had sung before, and Reimi… Well, Reimi interned with Sonia. You can imagine how well that went. Or maybe not! Later, Kana was supposed to come home to Japan, but her cryptic message filled Reimi and Hibiki with fear. What had happened to their friend? Why wouldn’t she answer? Would she say in the US forever?

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