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Hell’s Paradise Episode 4: Favorites

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Hell’s Paradise Episode 4 – Quick Summary

In Hell’s Paradise Episode 4, “Hell and Paradise,” Gabimaru and Sagiri found themselves surrounded by creatures they really didn’t have names for. Gabimaru had the beginnings of a plan, but the creatures attacked before he could finish it. The creatures hemmed them in, which blocked his second plan – run for their lives. With the monsters closing in, and with the lethal insects looking for an opportunity to sting, will Gabimaru and Sagiri find their newfound partnership ending before it really began?

Note: This post may include spoilers, so be cautious.

Favorite Quote from Hell’s Paradise Episode 4

Hell's Paradise Episode 4: Gabimaru wasn't buying any of Yuzuriha's BS

Yuzuriha didn’t seem too upset that he saw through her story. Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

Yuzuriha made quite the impression this episode. I guess we have a resolution to the question Merlin and I discussed in the comment section from last episode’s review. Yuzuriha and at least some of the others aren’t dead. At least not yet.

In fact, Yuzuriha seemed very much alive. Bouncy, too. She seemed to count on her beauty (and bounciness) distracting Gabimaru. She fully expected him to fall for her Flirtation Attack. You know, I almost felt sorry for her! 

When it became clear that approach wouldn’t work, she tried spinning a Tale of Woe(™). Something about a lord and a sister and freedom. She left holes in her story large enough for the giants they fought to waltz through. Literally. Two of them could have performed a waltz with room to spare.

Gabimaru just glared at her and said (14:37), “If you’re lying, then keep it short.”

I like his practical approach to life.

Favorite Moment from Hell’s Paradise Episode 4

Hell's Paradise Episode 4: Gabimaru was shocked that he had just saved Sagiri

I don’t think Gabimaru has kept up with inner events. Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

Setup: Gabimaru and the Human Condition

It’s not that I believe in the innate Goodness in the Heart of Humanity. Experience rather killed that idea, at least as far as I’m concerned. In fact, I thought it was long dead and buried. I seem to remember visiting its grave once or twice before I decided to move on.

But damn it, I want to see Gabimaru succeed. I want to see him reunited with his wife. And I want to see Sagiri help him do it. I want to see them fight side-by-side not because they’re sexually attracted to each other, but because they share a common goal and have decided to support one another.

You know, like friends.

Hell's Paradise Episode 4: Gabimaru and Sagiri didn't buy Genji's version of events

Gabimaru and Sagiri already share the same perspective on Genji Yamada Asaemon’s version of events. Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

The best way I can articulate it is to say I might not believe in a universal goodness in the heart of humans. But I believe in the innate goodness of Gabimaru. And I think his wife resuscitated it. That’s one of the many reasons I want to see him reunited with her. She deserves to hear from him that her ideas formed the bedrock of his success. That her vision of the world was the correct one. That brutality is not strength.

That’s why I liked my favorite moment in this episode so much. It’s a step in that direction.

The tall creatures (Titans? Goliaths? Big Ass Creatures?) surrounded them. Gabimaru even considered retreating in the face of this unknown enemy. That’s what his training suggested he do! But the creatures denied him that option.

In response, Gabimaru switched for full combat mode. “For now, don’t think,” he told himself (07:31). “Just kill.”

Delivery: Gabimaru is More Than He Realizes

And kill he did. He brought several of the monsters down. But then, out of the corner of his eye, he caught sight of one of the behemoths about to crush Sagiri.

Gabimaru told himself to stay focused on the enemy in front of him. His wife’s voice argued with him. Closing his eyes, he forced himself to resume his attack – only to realize that he’s actually gone up against Sagiri’s attacker.

Hell's Paradise Episode 4: Sagiri is in over her head

Sagiri clearly wasn’t getting out of that situation on her own. Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

He looked way more shocked than she did (08:51).

Maybe I’m unrealistic. Maybe I’m too optimistic. But I really want to believe in Yui’s vision of the world in general and Gabimaru in particular. And I’m really greedy. I want Gabimaru to believe in that, too. This moment helped me understand that watching him discover that part of himself, piece by piece by piece, is a big part of this show’s attraction for me.

I hope you’re enjoying it, too!

What did you think of the introduction of Choubei Aza and Touma Yamada Asaemon? What were your favorite parts of this episode? Feel free to let me know in the comments!

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2 thoughts on “Hell’s Paradise Episode 4: Favorites

  1. I’m not convinced Yuzuriha expected her flirtation to work. The first time *maybe*; she’d have to be an idiot to try it as often as she did, and she’s not. I believe that’s just her default act, and if she switched to something other, she’d give away a method for later, or something. Or maybe she wanted Gabimaru to feel like he has the upper hand?

    The key point in the conversation was, IMO, when Gabimaru asked why he should trust her and she said she never said anything about trust; they should just use each other. Gabimaru feels like a rather straightforward loner who does everything by himself. He felt genuine when he asked why he should trust Yuzuriha, for example. Yuzuriha didn’t even feel genuine in the moments I thought she told the truth.

    I’d have been impressed with the show had Gabimaru replied to her taunt that – no – in a game of using each other, she obviously has the upper hand, so the obvious path is to decline. And then walk away.

    1. “Or maybe she wanted Gabimaru to feel like he has the upper hand?”

      That makes a lot of sense. It feels like something she would do.

      “Yuzuriha didn’t even feel genuine in the moments I thought she told the truth.”

      That’s for sure!

      Maybe Gabimaru realized what she was doing and also decided to play the long game — let her think she had the upper hand? Or maybe not. I don’t have a handle on the writer’s vision for plot, but I’m gaining confidence in the character writing. There are a number of relationships to watch here.

Please let me know what you think!

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