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Hell’s Paradise Episode Guide

Episode 1: Criminal and Executioner

Hell’s Paradise Episode 1: Favorites

In Hell’s Paradise Episode 1, “Criminal and Executioner,” Gabimaru found himself condemned to death. The magistrate attempted to have him beheaded. That did not work as intended; the executioner’s sword broke against Gabimaru’s neck. An observer from the shogunate, Sagiri Yamada Asaemon, watched impassively and took copious notes. Why can’t the magistrate manage to execute Gabimaru? Why does he say he wants to die? And how many more times will the magistrate try?

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Episode 2: Screening and Choosing

Hell’s Paradise Episode 2: Favorites

In Hell’s Paradise Episode 2, “Screening and Choosing,” Gabimaru found himself on a beach surrounded by the other criminals recruited to go to Paradise. Sagiri, it turned out, was only one of many executioners to search for recruits. The shogun laid out the terms, which were voluntary. Of course, turning them down means instant beheading. One criminal found that out the hard way. But then things got really serious – because the shogun had forgotten to mention one teeny tiny detail. What was this detail? How did Gabimaru react to it? And what part of Sagiri’s past continued to haunt her, even as she monitors Gabimaru?

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Episode 3: Weakness and Strength

Hell’s Paradise Episode 3: Favorites

In Hell’s Paradise Episode 3, “Weakness and Strength,” Sagiri insists that Gabimaru keep his wrists tied. After all, that’s what the shogun demanded, and Gabimaru was a criminal. They were still arguing when the gigantic steel ball crashed into Gabimaru’s head. Who or what attacked Gabimaru? Was it a denizen of that crazy island, or was it one of the criminals? And how can someplace so beautiful be so deadly?

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Episode 4: Hell and Paradise

Hell’s Paradise Episode 4: Favorites

In Hell’s Paradise Episode 4, “Hell and Paradise,” Gabimaru and Sagiri found themselves surrounded by creatures they really didn’t have names for. Gabimaru had the beginnings of a plan, but the creatures attacked before he could finish it. The creatures hemmed them in, which blocked his second plan – run for their lives. With the monsters closing in, and with the lethal insects looking for an opportunity to sting, will Gabimaru and Sagiri find their newfound partnership ending before it really began?

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Episode 5: The Samurai and the Woman

Hell’s Paradise Episode 5: Favorites

In Hell’s Paradise Episode 5, “The Samurai and the Woman,” Sagiri regained consciousness and learned that even the butterfly’s scales are dangerous – they had poisoned her. Now, they have to decide their next move. And all the while, Genji kept urging Sagiri to leave. Senta wasn’t sure that was a good idea. Senta had seen Sagiri’s effect on Gabimaru. Whose advice will prevail? Does Gabimaru have a say? And what’s going on with the other guards and prisoners?

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Episode 6: Heart and Reason

Hell’s Paradise Episode 6: Favorites

In Hell’s Paradise Episode 6, “Heart and Reason,” Sagiri faced a problem. A big problem. A problem named Rokurouta. That giant of a man had just torn away most of Genji’s left side.The force of the blow was so great that Genji flew several meters away to crash into a tree. Now, Rokurouta moved to do the same to Sagiri. In shock, she could only gaze at the criminal as his hand swung towards her. Can she recover in time?

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Episode 7: Flowers and Offerings

Hell’s Paradise Episode 7: Favorites

In Hell’s Paradise Episode 7, “Flowers and Offerings,” Choubei Aza and Touma Yamada came upon an astonishing sight: two nearly naked women engaged in foreplay. What was even more surprising was their reaction to the two men. Will they survive the encounter? Meanwhile, GabimaruSagiriYuzuriha, and Senta experienced their own astonishing encounter: an apparently abandoned village. That’s when Gabimaru spotted what looked like a human child observing them. He gave chase – which might not have been the smartest thing to do. Who was the girl? More importantly, who was her friend? And where is the Elixir in all of this?

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Episode 8: Student and Master

Hell’s Paradise Episode 8: Favorites

In Hell’s Paradise Episode 8, “Student and Master,” Tenza and Nurugai continued their search for a way off the island. Nurugai reasonably pointed out that there were just tiring themselves out. Tenza argued that the island’s interior was crowded with murderous bugs, giants, and other dangerous creatures. That’s why he wanted to stay on the coast. But then a mysterious woman dropped out of the sky to stand between them and the water. — actually, on the water. Does this woman mean them harm? Should they approach her? And where did the woman come from, anyway?

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Episode 9: Gods and People

Hell’s Paradise Episode 9: Favorites

In Hell’s Paradise Episode 9, “Gods and People,” after learning what they could from HoukoSenta had a great idea: don’t be hasty. They knew they would have to enter Horai to find the elixir. But they had barely survived so far – and whatever guarded Horai was said to be way more powerful than anything they had yet seen. But Gabimaru was not a patient sort, and he decided to strike out on his own. What did he find in the grove of praying trees? Did he reach Horai? And just what kind of beings of these Tensen we keep hearing about?

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Episode 10: Yin and Yang

Hell’s Paradise Episode 10: Favorites

In Hell’s Paradise Episode 10, “Yin and Yang,” Gabimaru came back to consciousness to find Fuchi and Gantetsusai Tamiya approaching. It was clear neither intended to make friends or drinking buddies. Gantetsusai said as much. With Gabimaru in such obvious physical distress, does he dare to try to take them on? What option does he have, especially with an unconscious Mei behind him – with Fuchi and Gantetsusai intent on gathering all the information they can. Does Gabimaru have enough strength even to come up with options?

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Episode 11: Weak and Strong

Hell’s Paradise Episode 11: Favorites

In Hell’s Paradise Episode 11, “Weak and Strong,” it seemed that one of the doshi had killed Choubei. Even his brother Touma thought so. But something in Choubei had changed. Something the doshi found terrifying — and it was more than just not being dead. It was something that Touma could not identify. What was this change? Did it threaten even Touma? And is that change confined to Choubei?

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Episode 12: Umbrella and Ink

Hell’s Paradise Episode 12: Favorites

In Hell’s Paradise Episode 12, “Umbrella and Ink,” SagiriYuzuriha, and Senta looked on in astonishment as Mu Dan snapped his fingers – and instantly severed Houko’s. This was all before any of them could even react. When Yuzuriha tried to escape by sprinting in the opposite direction, Sagiri and Senta didn’t even see Mu Dan move. But he caught up to Yuzuriha in an instant. How can the three fight this being if they can’t even see him move? And how are Gabimaru and Mei doing?

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Episode 13: Dreams and Reality

Hell’s Paradise Episode 13: Favorites

In Hell’s Paradise Episode 13, “Dreams and Reality,” Shion might have prevented Mu Dan from slaughtering SagiriSenta, and Yuzuriha, but the reprieve was only temporary. Mu Dan still seemed to be at full strength, and the humans were decidedly not. Shion did his best with his newly acquired tao skills, but it wasn’t enough. With Sagiri and Yuzuriha exhausted, and with Senta out of the fight due to being infected with the narcotic flowers, what chance do they have? And has Gabimaru regained his wits yet?

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