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High School of the Dead Episode Guide

Episode 1: Spring of the Dead

High School Of The Dead Episode 1 Review – Best In Show

In High School of the Dead Episode 1, “Spring of the Dead,” Saya Takagi found Takashi Komuro moping on the stairs. She acted furious with him for being so “stupid” because Rei Miyamoto had dumped him in favor of his best friend, Hisashi Igou. Saya was particularly angry because Takashi acted like it was the end of the world. Saya didn’t know one important detail: Takashi was right. It was the end of the world. It just wasn’t because of Rei. The shambling man trying to get into the school gate was about to make being dumped seem completely insignificant. Now the question became: Could Takashi survive it?

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Episode 2: Escape from the Dead

High School Of The Dead Episode 2 Review – Best In Show

In High School of the Dead Episode 2, “Escape from the Dead,” Saya Takagi managed to keep her wits about her, but it only helped so much. The ravenous dead still blocked her way out! Fortunately for her, Kouta Hirano decided Saya looked like she knew what she was doing, so he tagged along with her. Unfortunately for her, he still saw a world where the teachers, police, of JSDF would come and save them. How could she get across to him that they were way past that? Meanwhile, the dead converged on the infirmary where one lone student, Kazu Ishi, armed only with an IV stand, was all that stood between a zombie death and the doctor, Shizuka Marikawa. With her arms full of supplies she felt she needed, did she stand any chance of escaping with her life — much less Kazu’s life?

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Episode 3: Democracy under the Dead

High School Of The Dead Episode 3 Review – Best In Show

In High School of the Dead Episode 3, “Democracy under the Dead,” Takashi Komuro, Saeko Busujima, Rei Miyamoto, and the rest learn a terrible fact: Not only have zombies overrun the school and most of Japan. The zombies have overrun most of the world. Knowing no help would come from the outside, they resolve to look for their families in the city. But there’s a horde of zombies between them and the school minibus. Can they make it through the hungry mob? And if they can, is there any guarantee that there isn’t something worse waiting for them outside?

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Episode 4: Running in the Dead

High School Of The Dead Episode 4 Review – Best In Show

In High School of the Dead Episode 4, “Running in the Dead,” Takashi Komuro and Rei Miyamoto rode a “borrowed” motorcycle through mostly empty streets. This part of the city had already fallen to the dead, and Takashi and Rei saw no survivors. Their hopes momentarily soared when they saw a police car. The two dead officers dashed those hopes. Rei surprised Takashi by harvesting the single operational pistol and ammunition. After what she’s seen, a little blood was no problem. However, they underestimated the danger at a gas station when Takashi entered the store to turn on the pumps. It seems the dead were the only threats waiting for them. Can Rei hold her own? Can Takashi make it back in time? And what about our other heroes trapped in the bus with a raving demagogue?

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Episode 5: Streets of the Dead

High School Of The Dead Episode 5 Review – Best In Show

In High School of the Dead Episode 5, “Streets of the Dead,” Saya Takagi and Kouta Hirano considered their next move. As they did, the teacher-turned-demagogue Koichi Shidou tightened his hold on the other students in the bus. The situation was quickly becoming intolerable, but what are our heroes’ options? If they take Saeko Busujima and Shizuka Marikawa off the bus, where will they go? Meanwhile, Takashi Komuro and Rei Miyamoto ran into more trouble. A gang got their hands on shotguns, and they were shooting at anything that moved — including Takashi and Rei! Can they survive the attack long enough to try to meet their friends at the police station?

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Episode 6: In the DEAD of the Night

High School Of The Dead Episode 6 Review – Best In Show

In High School of the Dead Episode 6, “In the DEAD of the Night,” our heroes retreat to the apartment of Shizuka Marikawa’s friend Rika Minami. As the news reports there is no known cure, our heroes try to enjoy one last night of comfort. Yet even within this relatively safe space, they can’t escape the knowledge that the world around them is falling apart. Conspiracy theorists confront the police as they try to maintain order. As our heroes watch the melt down on television, their own emotions, pushed aside in the rush to get to safety, begin to resurface. Can they keep themselves together and have a hope of surviving? Or will the events of the day get to them, too?

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Episode 7: Dead Night and the Dead Ruck

High School Of The Dead Episode 7 Review – Best In Show

In High School of the Dead Episode 7, “Dead Night and the Dead Ruck,” Kouta Hirano and Takashi Komuro stood on the balcony of Rika Minami’s apartment and could only watch as the world died. At one point, Takashi could not take anymore and moved to try to rescue even a few people. Saeko Busujima intercepted him and asked just what he intended to do. The world had become a “place where being manly is no longer good enough to survive,” she told him. He knew she was right, but he still fumed. Then Kouta saw that a father and his child were trapped. With the zombies closing in and a little girl in danger, what would Takashi do? Could he live with the consequences?

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Episode 8: The Dead Way Home

High School Of The Dead Episode 8 Review – Best In Show

In High School of the Dead Episode 8, “The Dead Way Home,” Shizuka Marikawa took advantage of the Humvee’s versatility to “drive” it across the river. When they got to the other side, they discovered that there was no one there, dead or alive. However, their good luck didn’t last, and they soon encountered an increasing number of zombies. Trying to drive through them, they discovered that someone had strung a powerful wire border across the road. Trapped against the barrier, the Humvee refusing to restart, they realized that Rei Miyamoto had been thrown clear of the vehicle. Takashi Komuro made it to her side, and Kouta Hirano tried to offer cover fire. But the zombies were endless, and their ammunition was not. Can they find a way out? Or will Alice Maresato’s worst nightmare of being left alone become real?

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Episode 9: The Sword and the Dead

High School Of The Dead Episode 9 Review – Best In Show

In High School of the Dead Episode 9, “The Sword and the Dead,” Saeko Busujima and Takashi Komuro had been gotten separated from the rest of their friends during Saya Takagi’s mother’s Yuriko Takagi rescue. As Saeko and Takashi fought the zombies in a park near Saya’s house, dread overcame Saeko, and she froze. Takashi was barely able to rescue her and get the two of them to safety. What had caused the powerful Saeko to freeze? Is there anything Takashi can do to help? And if he can’t, what does that mean for their chances for survival?

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Episode 10: The Dead’s House Rules

High School Of The Dead Episode 10 Review – Best In Show

In High School of the Dead Episode 10, “The Dead’s House rules,” Saeko BusujimaTakashi KomuroSaya Takagi, and their friends are finally safe in Saya’s palatial home. At least, they’re safe from the zombies. There’s general agreement among the staff that Takashi and friends are “kids.” Saeko suggested they not take offense, which was sound advice. That is, until several of the staff cornered Kouta Hirano and tried to take away his weapons, saying such rifles weren’t for kids. How will Takashi and Saya react? And what will Souichiro Takagi, Saya’s father and lord of the manor, do when he discovers the conflict?

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Episode 11: Dead Storm Rising

High School Of The Dead Episode 11 Review – Best In Show

In High School of the Dead Episode 11, “Dead Storm Rising,” our heroes all sense that their time of peace is coming to an end. Saya Takagi led a quick trip to one of the refugee camps that her father setup for retainers and their families. With Takashi Komuro and Kouta Hirano by her side, she tried to explain her father’s actions. However, the adults in the camp derided her and accused her of being high on an inflated sense of self-importance. Is there anything Saya can do to convince them that the threat the zombies represent is real? Meanwhile, an old enemy of Rei Miyamoto, with his bus full of cult adherents, tricks their way into the Takagi compound. What will Rei do when she discovers that Koichi Shidou is within her grasp — especially now that her rifle has a bayonet?

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Episode 12: All Dead’s Attack

High School of the Dead Episode 12 Review – Quick Summary

In High School of the Dead Episode 12, “All Dead’s Attack,” our hero’s situation took a turn for the worse when a nuclear missile detonated high in the atmosphere, blanketing Japan with an electromagnetic pulse. All electronic devices immediately became inoperative. With the estate’s outer barrier stuck open and the dead streaming towards the iron gate to the mansion, what can Takashi KomuroSouichiro Takagi, and the rest do to keep their hopes — and themselves — alive?

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