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Infinite Stratos Season 1 Episode 3: Favorites

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Infinite Stratos Season 1 Episode 3 – Quick Summary

In Infinite Stratos Season 1 episode 3, “The Transfer Student is the Second Childhood Friend,” Chifuyu Orimura asked Cecilia Alcott and Ichika Orimura to demonstrate some flight techniques to the class. As expected, Cecilia performed flawlessly, up to and including the soft landing after a power dive. Also as expected, Ichika did well on the power dive. The soft landing? Not so much. At least the the resulting crater looked impressive. Will Ichika ever master the basics of IS flight? And what’s this about a transfer student?

Note: This post may include spoilers, so be cautious.

Favorite Quote from Infinite Stratos Season 1 Episode 3

Infinite Stratos Season 1 Episode 3: Chifuyu doesn't like frivolity.

Chifuyu has very little patience with frivolity. Capture from the Blu Ray.

My favorite quote this week is another example of why I prefer this dub to this sub, even though it’s usually the other way around for me. Whoever wrote the script for the English dub did a stellar job making the humor feel natural to an English-speaking audience. Whoever it was also brought out the characters traits and idiosyncrasies. 

Lingyin Huang had shown up out of the blue to announce herself to Ichika and his class. Cecilia and Houki seemed taken aback. Neither had ever heard Ichika mention this young woman. She proceeded to brag about having a personal IS unit. Wanting to make a serious impression, she was not pleased when Ichika teased her for trying to sound so impressive.

She would have argued the point but Chifuyu chose that moment to come up behind her and smack her in the head.

“Consider that your homeroom bell being run,” she said in her non-nonsense voice (10:01). The tone was perfect!

In the sub, she said, “It’s almost time for a short homeroom.”

Even the voice actors sounded more natural in the dub!

Favorite Moment from Infinite Stratos Season 1 Episode 3

Infinite Stratos Season 1 Episode 3: Houki felt embarrassed for losing her temper.

Check out how bummed Houki looks! Appropriate remorse is cool. Capture from the Blu Ray.

Setup: Just a Stellar Dub

I’d almost forgotten how much I appreciate this show’s look. The colors are bight and decisive – no half-heartedness evident here! There are even some shots that look like they made use of the Bokeh effect (around 13:24)! 8bit, the studio behind Infinite Stratos, can be proud of this show.

Here’re two more examples of the dub being more enjoyable than the sub:

  • 04:46: After Cecilia says it’s only natural for her to care for others (when she really just wants alone time with Ichika in the nurse’s office):
    • Dub: “Oh, yeah, because your bosom overflows with human kindness.”
    • Sub: “Coming from you? You’re such a put on.”
  • 12:18: Ichika tried to explain to LingyinRin how he ended up in the IS school as the only male:
    • Dub: “Well, a whole lot of crap happened after that.”
    • Sub: “Things happened after that and they put me in this school.”

The script writer really knew these characters!

Infinite Stratos Season 1 Episode 3: Even side conversations sound better in this dub

Even side conversations sound better in this dub! Capture from the Blu Ray.

You know how in comedic moments, one character will do something violent and stupid? And how most of the time, they don’t get called out about it? Infinite Stratos did something unusual in this episode. It bucked that trend. And it impressed me enough to be my favorite moment!

Now that Lingyin (I’m going to call her Rin, because a) that’s what I hear and b) the HIDIVE sub calls her something close, which is Rinin) has joined the cast, we get more opportunities for conflict between the leading ladies. Especially because Rin wasted no time in asserting herself.

Ichika let slip that he was rooming with Houki. Rin found that entirely unacceptable and visited their room to suggest that Ichika room with her. Because, of course, she wanted to make things more comfortable with Houki. 

Houki say through that trick. She tried to get Rin to leave, but Rin started talking to Ichika and completely ignored her.

Delivery: Consequences Rock

“Stop ignoring me, you trollop!” Houki said in the dub (18:45). In the sub, she said, “D…Don’t ignore me!”

Another case of me preferring the dub!

Regardless of the translation, Houki grabbed her bamboo kendo sword and took a swing at Rin.

Rin’s a representative contender from China. She easily pulled off a partial deployment of her IS until and just as easily blocked the strike.

Infinite Stratos Season 1 Episode 3: Rin has some serious skills

Rin is not someone to be trifled with. Capture from the Blu Ray.

“You know,” she said, her tone a mixture of amusement and judgment (18:58), “a normal person would have been seriously injured by that.”

Most shows would have left it at that. But take a look at Houki’s expression! She knew she’d behaved badly. And she felt ashamed!

How cool is that? A character did something stupid in a comedic moment and had the decency to look ashamed!

Little details like that are part of why I like rewatching this show so often!

What did you think of Rin’s introduction to Cecilia and Houki? What were your favorite moments in this episode? Feel free to let me know in the comments!

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