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Infinite Stratos Season 1 Episode 7: Favorites

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Infinite Stratos Season 1 Episode 7 – Quick Summary

In Infinite Stratos Season 1 episode 7, “Blue Days, Red Switch,” Houki’s attempt to force Ichika to date her if she won the tournament turned into a rumor that Ichika would date anyone who won. Houki, of course, was displeased. And Ichika? Actually, true to form, he had no idea what was going on. Can Houki win? Will Laura Bodewig even let them get to the tournament? Because she seems to have a tendency to get violent with zero provocation. Guess how Cecilia and Rin found that out!

Note: This post may include spoilers, so be cautious.

Favorite Quote from Infinite Stratos Season 1 Episode 7

Infinite Stratos Season 1 Episode 7: Cecilia asked the right question

Cecilia gets points for asking an astute question. Capture from the Blu Ray.

This week gave us a quote that so completely summed up Ichika, I had to declare it my favorite.

You know how Houki loudly demanded that if she won the tournament, Ichika had to date her? Well, some other girls heard that, and they passed it on, and it morphed, and by the time it had gotten all around the school, it was very different.

As one young woman explained before class started, the rumor was now that Ichika would date whoever won the tournament. Of course, Rin and Cecilia were seriously pissed off to hear that. Houki, sitting nearby, could only fume. She didn’t want any of them to know she had started this, even if it was an accident.

Cecilia, ever one quick to cut to the heart of a matter, asked the young woman what Ichika thought about all this.

“Confidentially,” the young woman said (00:31), “it seems he doesn’t know much about it.”

Doesn’t that just perfectly sum up Ichika?

Favorite Moment from Infinite Stratos Season 1 Episode 7

Infinite Stratos Season 1 Episode 7: Chifuyu stopped Laura and her IS -- in a business suit

Chifuyu put her business suit and sword skills against Laura and her IS. Guess who won? Capture from the Blu Ray.

Setup: The Delightful Dub

Half of the fun of reviewing this series is comparing the sub and the dub. As I’ve said before, I usually prefer to watch subs, but this dub is just fantastic. Here are some examples:

  • 02:56: Houki, lamenting that the rumor about dating Ichika is out of control:
    • Sub: “It’s just me who will get to date Ichika by winning the tournament!”
    • Dub: “The winner of the tournament only gets to date Ichika if it’s me!”
  • 04:53: Rin arrived on the practice field early to get a head start; Cecilia found her and spoke first.
    • Sub: Cecilia: “You’re early. I thought I was the first one.” Rin replied, “I was going to train to win the tournament.”
    • Dub: Cecilia: “Up at the crack of dawn, I see. And here I was thinking I was going to be the first one to arrive.” Rin replied, “I’m here for a little extra training so I beat losers like you in the tournament.”
Infinite Stratos Season 1 Episode 7: The dub continues to be dlightful

I’m pretty sure that’s not the crack of dawn that Cecilia saw. Capture from the Blu Ray.

  • 05:25: Cecilia zinged Rin about her insults.
    • Sub: “Isn’t it true what they say about a weak dog barks more?”
    • Dub: “You know, I’ve always heard that a little dog’s bark is much worse than its bite.”
  • 13:23: Ichika, upon witnessing my favorite moment (see below):
    • Sub: “Big sister Chifuyu?”
    • Dub: “Man, sis has still got it.”
  • 16:17: Most of Ichika and Charlotte’s class, after learning the two of them would team up for the tournament:
    • Sub: It’s kind of cool that two men pair up, too!”
    • Dub: “Actually, I think it’s hot.”

Again, I’m not disrespecting the writer or voice actors for the sub. I’m only saying in this case, I strongly prefer the dub.

Delivery: How Badass is Chifuyu?

Laura made quite an impression in this episode, didn’t she? And by “impression,” I mean “quite a large number of enemies.” The way she manhandled Rin and Cecilia would have been a convincing display of her prowess. But she lost any respect she might have gained by displaying her brutality.

The IS Academy isn’t training them for war, after all. Though, come to think of it, I’m not sure how else their training could be applied in the real world…

That aside, Laura got to the point where she was on the verge of strangling Rin and Cecilia to death when Ichika and Charlotte intervened. Even then, Laura was able to keep them at arm’s length. She was about to deliver a devastating blow to Charlotte when Chifuyu showed up. In her business suit. With a sword.

Seemingly with little effort (13:15), she blocked Laura’s attack, much to Laura’s shock and Charlotte’s relief.

Infinite Stratos Season 1 Episode 7: Laura knew she'd messed up

Laura seemed a bit chagrined that Chifuyu stopped her. Capture from the Blu Ray.

“Honestly,” Chifuyu said (13:19), “This is why dealing with children is so damned tiring.”

We’ve heard stories about how strong she was. We know the respect the class affords her. But seeing her standing there in business attire, going toe to toe with Laura in her third generation IS, just showed how badass Chifuyu is. Which is to say, very.

What did you think of Cecilia firing a missile point blank at Laura? What were your favorite moments in this episode? Feel free to let me know in the comments!

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