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Infinite Stratos Season 1 Episode 9: Favorites

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Infinite Stratos Season 1 Episode 9 – Quick Summary

In Infinite Stratos Season 1 episode 9, “Ocean’s Eleven,” Ichika faced his greatest challenge yet: how to remain oblivious while surrounded by Charlotte, Ren, Cecilia, and Laura – in swimwear, on the beach. Can even he remain completely unaware of their intentions under those conditions? And why isn’t Houki there? Has she given up?

Note: This post may include spoilers, so be cautious.

Favorite Quote from Infinite Stratos Season 1 Episode 9

Infinite Stratos Season 1 Episode 9: Laura might not fear Houki; but Ichika does

Laura’s all, “Do you mind?” While Ichika is trying not to imagine the horrible beating Houki is going to deliver. I think Houki’s just upset she didn’t think of this first. Capture from the Blu Ray.

I have to give Laura credit. She’s the type to analyze the theater of battle, adjust her tactics, and launch customized attacks. She’s likely seen that traditional paths to Ichika’s heart, like chatting and flirting, have been fruitless. She doubtless heard about Houki’s kick to the stomach in the previous episode, so she knows that violence didn’t work.

So what’s Laura do? She snuck into Ichika’s room and slept naked with him. 

That alone was hilarious. When Ichika tried to object and Laura pinned his arm, that was also hilarious. But Houki walking in and dropping her kendo sword at the sight of the two of them wrestling on the bed? Comedy perfection.

Though to be fair, Houki didn’t know they actually were wrestling…

Ichika knew he was doomed. But Laura just mildly said (03:31), “Such indecency, barging into a married couple’s bedroom!”

Well, it was worth a shot.

Favorite Moment from Infinite Stratos Season 1 Episode 9

Infinite Stratos Season 1 Episode 9: Charlotte could have undermined Laura's confidence, but she didn't

Charlotte could have undermined Laura’s self-confidence. She chose a better route! Capture from the Blu Ray.

Setup: More Dub Fun!

The dub distinguished itself again in this episode. I mean, seriously, this dub has consistently been incredibly enjoyable. I can’t think of one I enjoyed more. Here are some examples:

  • Around 05:13, when Cecilia and Ren were spying on Ichika and Charlotte as they walked hand in hand.
    • Sub: “I see, I thought I was seeing things, perhaps a daydream. Yes, I see.”
    • Dub: “I thought I was experiencing a waking nightmare. But if you see it…”
  • Around 10:43, in a moment that was nearly my favorite, when Chifuyu and Maya Yamada opened the curtain to find Charlotte and Ichika in the changing room.
    • Sub: “O.. O.. Orimura! And Dunois!”
    • Dub: “O.. O.. Orimura! And Dunois changing together?!”
    • Her astonished tone made me laugh in both cases.
Infinite Stratos Season 1 Episode 9: Maya almost had a coronary

Someone certainly looks scandalized! Capture from the Blu Ray.

  • Around 13:26, when Cecilia, much to Ren’s annoyance, asked Ichika to run suntan oil on her.
    • Sub:
      • Cecilia: “Now then, Ichika, if you please.” 
      • Ren: “What do you think you’re making him do?”
    • Dub:
      • Cecilia: “All right, then, Ichika. Please get on with it.” 
      • Ren: “And exactly what is he supposed to be getting on?”
    • In both cases, Ren’s peeved tone made it even funnier.
  • Around 13:26, when Ichika told Cecilia this was the first time he had ever applied suntan oil to someone else.
    • Sub:
      • Cecilia: “Your first time? Then, I suppose it’s to be expected.” 
      • Ren: “What are you lookin’ so happy about?”
    • Dub:
      • Cecilia: “You mean that I’m gong to be your first time? Well, then, it’s to be expected, I suppose.” 
      • Ren: “Said the hungry spider to the fly.”

In the last example, I think Ren hit the nail on the head!

Delivery: Charlotte’s Kindness Goes a Long Way

My favorite moment showed just how gracious a woman Charlotte is. She must also be pretty confident, or maybe she doesn’t see the situation with Ichika as a zero sum game. I mean, if Miia was willing to share Darling-kun… 

On the field of harem battles, it’s routine for the competitors to try to undermine each other. Ren did that with Cecilia, even though she later felt guilty about it. Cecilia returned the favor by trying to sequester Ren away from everyone.

But Charlotte showed she’s above all that by how she treated Laura. Laura’s trained for combat; she had to phone home to get help choosing a swimsuit. When she walked into the beach, she was so self-conscious that she wrapped herself in bandages. Laura even refused to unwrap for Ichika.

Charlotte gently encouraged her, and so did Ichika. Still, she felt too embarrassed. Then Charlotte teasingly said that if that’s the way Laura was going to be, she would just walk off with Ichika. Alone.

Infinite Stratos Season 1 Episode 9: Laura was not confidence in her swimsuit

Ichika didn’t quite know what he was looking at. The eyepatch should have clued him in! Capture from the Blu Ray.

Laura tore off the bandages. You could tell how self-conscious she felt when she said they could laugh at her if they wanted.

Did Charlotte laugh? Nope. Instead, she said (17:23), “It looks perfectly fine.” That alone gave her massive positive karma. But she didn’t stop there! She handed it off to Ichika by saying, “Don’t you think, Ichika?”

“Yeah!” he said. “You look cute!”

Charlotte’s kindness might have boosted a rival, but she did it anyway. And like I said: I have a feeling she might be the one most likely to embrace the harem route. Maybe she should compare notes with Momo!

What did you think of Ichika running into Ran Gotanda while shopping? What were your favorite moments in this episode? Feel free to share in the comments!

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