DanMachi III Episode 6: Hestia and Lili can't think of how to help Bell

Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? III Episode 6 – A Man Named Modaka

In DanMachi III/IIWTTTPUGIAD III episode 6, “Knossos | Man-Made Labyrinth,” Bell is determined to find Lyd and get the truth about Xenos’ involvement in the attack on the human village. Was Xenos really behind it? Was it as bad as Bell had heard? Will Lyd even talk to him?

DanMachi III Episode 6: Lyd is not in the least bit happy to see Bell

Well, Lyd did talk to Bell. But what he said did not fill Bell’s heart with hope. Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

Meanwhile, the Ganesha Familia continued their hunt with the goal of capturing all of Xenos. Their hunting party was huge and skilled, but there seemed to be a little confusion. They couldn’t seem to get Modaka’s name fight, for starters…

Finally, Bell and Fels learn a startling truth about Dix, his squad, and his lair. There’s not history there than anyone had guess. Ancient history, in fact. And now Bell has to make a difficult and dangerous choice. Hanging in the balance is more than his new friend’s safety…

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