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Jobless Reincarnation Episode 13 Review – Quick Summary

In Jobless Reincarnation Episode 13, “Missed Connections”, we learn why Roxy Migurdia seemed so terrified when she happened to see Ruijerd Superdia and Eris Boreas Greyrat sparring. Given Eris’ speed and ferocity, Roxy had thought both she and Ruijerd were Superds! Meanwhile, Rudeus Greyrat and Ruijerd go on a mission as Eris recovers from sea-sickness. Can they trust who hired them? Is the job even possible? Or will it all end in disaster?

Note: This post may include spoilers, so be cautious.

Favorite Quote from Jobless Reincarnation Episode 13

Well, at least Rudy isn’t completely self-unaware! Capture from the Funimation stream.

At the end of my quick summary, I asked if everything would end in disaster. In this episode, it kind of did. Rudy stupidly asked Ruijerd to take the beast children to the nearest city while he went back (alone!) to rescue the magical dog. The beast kids didn’t want the creature left behind. 

Rudy freed the beast easily enough, but then he got so engrossed in the creature’s soft fur that he neglected to see the adult beast people enter the cell. They had come to retrieve their children and sacred beast. They immobilized Rudy with some kind of sonic attack.

All the adults knew is that they found the children were missing, and only Rudy remained. They mistook him for one the smugglers, in fact! He was so small that the elder wondered if he was really a smuggler. The hotter-tempered warrior argued that of course he was a smuggler — he had been handling the sacred beast with a lewd expression on his face!

“You’re wrong,” Rudy protested internally, unable to speak (21:19). “I was born with a lewd expression!”

I have to admire Rudy’s honesty in this situation.

Best in Show Moment for Jobless Reincarnation Episode 13

Ruijerd let Rudy off the hook — yet, he understood what Rudy wanted to do for him. Capture from the Funimation stream.

Setup: The Crucible of Personal Morality

The tragedy pervading Ruijerd’s life has to be a crippling burden. Or, it would be for someone less strong. He has an intense, instinctive need to protect children, yet he had been forced to kill his own son. He has this powerful drive to put an end to anyone who harms kids. Yet, he has live with the memory of what he has done.

In this episode, he and Rudy had agreed to free six beast children from a den of smugglers. The idea was to let the smugglers think they had captured Ruijerd so they would bring him into their hideout. Rudy was to go in as if he were purchasing him. At least, I think that was the plan. It was a little vague there towards the end.

One of the smugglers brought Rudy to the cell, but not until Rudy had seen the beast children. One of the guards was mistreating one them. She begged Rudy to help her as he walked by. Rudy looked stricken that he couldn’t help. Stricken and sickened. 

As tough as Rudy thinks he is, he’s still just a kid. Despite his mental age, he never really mature. Capture from the Funimation stream.

The smuggler let Rudy into the cell, and he moved as if he were freeing Ruijerd. Quietly, Ruijerd explained that he could sense five beast children. There had been six, he whispered to Rudy, but the guards killed one for crying too loudly. Rudy asked for confirmation that that the five were the ones they were to liberate.

“Probably. I don’t see any other prisoners here,” Ruijerd said quietly. 

The message was both loud and clear: The smugglers were reprehensible. They murdered children. No one would mourn their passing.

Delivery: Rudy Tries, But Draws Back

In the act of untying Ruijerd, Rudy paused. Something ate at his conscience. Despite the smuggler getting impatient with Rudy, he told Ruijerd that there were lots of smugglers. He asked the Superd what they should do.

“Kill them all. They murder children.”

That was all Ruijerd needed to know. As soon as the smugglers murdered a child for crying too loud, they became targets of his wrath. Rudy, though, still hesitated. He found himself caught between two things that he found unacceptable. On one hand, he did not personally want to slaughter all of the smugglers. As big as he talks, he’s still a kid, despite his mental age. Killing does not come easy to him.

On the other hand, he wanted to rehabilitate the reputation of the Superds. Rudy knew that if Ruijerd cut loose, somehow, word would get out. And the reputation of the Superd as supernaturally powerful killers would only get worse. He paused, almost in moral agony. 

Rudy tried. He tried to talk himself into killing all of them for the sake of Ruijerd. Despite his attempts, he could only remain frozen. This is Rudy we’re talking about! Seeing him in such agony is an amazing change of pace.

Rudy tried. The task was just too much for him. Capture from the Funimation stream.

Ruijerd let him off the hook, saying (15:58), “Rudeus. Relax. You won’t have to get your hands dirty.” Still in agony, Rudy tried once more to convince both him and Ruijerd that he’d do it. Ruijerd said no, that “Your hands are for keeping Eris safe.” 

I watch anime week in and week out looking for moments like this. The character growth, the well-earned concern for one another, both within a well-constructed, brutal world… Once again, I’m glad I’m reviewing this show.

What did you think of Roxy and company deciding to move on? What were your favorite moments in the episode? Feel free to let me know in the comments!

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8 thoughts on “Jobless Reincarnation Episode 13 Review – Best in Show

  1. I really like the character arc Rudy is going thru. He starts out as an uncontrolled pervy kid and by now he’s still pervy but has a solid moral compass. (Note that he did NOT try to take advantage of Eris.) This is despite his father’s bad example. I think it is because that NEET, shut-in, hikikomori that he used to be also had fundamentally good values that got twisted by fate. IMHO, that’s why his dream “god” picked him for reincarnation and is helping him out along the way, to give him a chance to redeem himself.

    1. I like your theory! I’d like to think there’s some reason behind the Man God’s actions. It’d be disappointing if they were purely random!

    2. I’m not convinced that Man-God picked him for reincarnation as he only said he’s observing Rudeus for fun. The show has not made it clear how reincarnation even works in this world either, so I feel it’s premature to credit Rudeus’s reincarnation to him.

      1. I agree the evidence is inconclusive. Still, the idea’s attractive!

        I’m curious how of the world’s mythology and theology the series will share with us. I’d like to know more!

  2. I love the show, but I’m curious how come Rudy didn’t see that one coming. Is there some kind of condition to that eye? Or does he still not have access to its full power? Or am I missing something?
    I’m proud of Rudy for showing restraint with Eris. His old world self would have leapt at that. THIS Rudy knows self control- PROGRESSION!!

    1. I might have misheard in the previous episode, but I think Rudy has to carefully pour mana into the eye to get it to see ahead. He only managed a handful of seconds. Since he wasn’t trying, it makes sense he didn’t see.

      Though you’re right. He does have that power now, and as time goes on, we’re going to expect him to use it. Maybe he’s just not in the habit yet?

      I’m starting to feel a bit proud of Rudy for his restraint, too! The progression is great to watch.

        1. If Rudy could pull that off, he’d be seriously tough in a fight! Might even put Paul in his place, assuming they are ever reunited!

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