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Jobless Reincarnation II Episode 11: Favorites

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Jobless Reincarnation II Episode 11 – Quick Summary

In Jobless Reincarnation II episode 11, “To You,” Princess Ariel has come to the end of her patience. After she somehow found out that Rudy discovered Fitz’ gender, Ariel knew Fitz had to make her move. Even though Rudy has assured Luke that he won’t tell anyone else, Ariel has had enough. Fitz must tell Rudy who she really is – or else. Ariel even has a plan. What’s Ariel’s plan? Will – or can – Fitz go along with it? And will Rudy ever notice who Ftiz really is? 

Note: This post may include spoilers, so be cautious.

Favorite Quote from Jobless Reincarnation II Episode 11

Jobless Reincarnation II Episode 11: Ariel realized she had to help Sylphie, or the elf would never confess

Ariel had to bring out the big guns to help Sylphie across the finish line. Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

Princess Ariel went up in my estimation during this episode. I’ve always had a solid opinion of her, insofar as I can have a positive opinion about royalty at all. Being someone who buys into that “liberty and justice for all” stuff, the very concept of an aristocracy annoys me. So you can imagine my opinion of celebrity executives in the world right now.

Before I get off topic: Ariel seems to have Slyphie’s best interests at heart. It doesn’t hurt that Ariel wants Rudy on her side. It’d be like having a carrier battle group at your disposal – so I think that’s a smart goal on her part. Overall, though, I think she cares for Sylphie.

Ariel also understands her friend. Sylphie felt terrified that Rudy might not remember her. So much so that she had dithered for months. Ariel saw that as much as Sylphie wanted to confess her feelings, she would probably chicken out at the last moment. So, Ariel took action.

“Failure of nerve will not be tolerated,” Ariel said in her best Princess in Charge voice (08:40). “If you lose heart at the crucial moment and can’t bring yourself to tell him, then by my authority as the second princess of Asura, I shall forbid you any further contact with Rudeus Greyrat.”

Honestly? I think that’s the best thing Ariel could have done for Slyphie. And it seemed to work, too!

Favorite Moment from Jobless Reincarnation II Episode 11

Jobless Reincarnation II Episode 11: Sylphie's description of what she wanted from Rudy was way more than Ariel expected.

I’m pretty sure Ariel wasn’t the only one wearing that expression! Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

Setup: An Honest, Heartfelt (and Body-Felt) Confession

I’m going to spend the next week trying to forgive the writer and director. Why? For not letting us hear Rudy’s response to what might be the most heart-felt confession of blind love that I’ve ever heard. And I’ve heard a lot.

But that confession wasn’t my favorite moment. Does that surprise you? Because to tell you the truth, even after watching the episode, I thought it was my favorite moment. Then the writer part of my brain made an observation that completely changed my favorite moment. Let me give you the moment, first, then explain why it’s my favorite.

Ariel worked hard this episode to get Sylphie to open up to Rudy. One of the things she tried was the direct approach. “Sylphie,” she said in a long-suffering, patient voice (07:44), “you said the other day that you want to be with Rudeus, but precisely what sort of relationship do you want with him?”

I thought maybe Sylphie would say a romantic relationship. Maybe an intimate relationship. Something demure, something Sylphie-like. Well, we got something Sylphie-like. Just not the Sylphie I expected!

She reached deep and said (08:02), “We’ll share a bed.”

Jobless Reincarnation II Episode 11: The longer she went, the more excited and relaxed Sylphie became

She started out a little more bold than I expected. Clearly, she’s put some thought into the subject! Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

Okay, I thought. She’s a little more forward than I expect Sylphie to be. Ariel was surprised; Luke maintained his compose. He’s in the Greyrat family, after all. Dude’s heard and seen a lot. But Sylphie didn’t stop there.

“And Rudy can be crude sometimes, so he might ask, ‘How many kids do you want?’ Then I”ll be crude, too, and say, ‘Oh, Rudy, how many do you want to put in me?’”

Delivery: A World Packaged into a Single Confession

By now, Ariel’s hands had dropped to the table. Her jaw had dropped, too. The best part, though, was Sylphie’s voice. It was like she had been holding back a torrent of emotions, and they just flooded out. These weren’t the demure musings I had expected; these were the words and feelings of a woman utterly, completely, hopelessly… you pick the adverb — in love! She was gone. She was lost. 

Gesturing as if she were putting on a Shakespearean play (well, whatever their equivalent would be), she said (08:19), “He’ll chuckle and say, ‘How about lots?’ and start undressing me. Then I’ll chuckle, too, and say, ‘Lots it is, then.’ Or something like that!”

By the time she was done, she had embraced a table and its lamp to give physical expression to her speech. 

Her unbridled affection for Rudy blew me away. It was innocent and animal and beautiful and carnal all at once. It made me appreciate the abstract concept of “woman” in new and complex ways. And in retrospect, it became my favorite moment because of what it helped me realize.

Remember how Rudy planned to marry Sylphie before Paul kicked him out? More importantly, do you remember how Rudy was? Rudy was not the thoughtful, considerate, responsible man that he’s become, that’s for damn sure. He needed someone like Eris to pound even the most basic levels of decency into him.

Jobless Reincarnation II Episode 11: By the end of her soliloquy, Sylphie had gotten her point across

I think maybe right there would have been a good stopping point! But, well, Ariel and Luke got the point. Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

When I say Sylphie was hopelessly in love with Rudy, I meant it literally. She loved him when he was at his worst, at least as far as this world is concerned. She loved him “as is.” There’s zero chance that she would have “encouraged” him to change at all.

That exactly why he had to learn under Eris’ tutelage. That’s why he had to learn from everyone he’s learned from so far. It was so he could become a more responsible, thoughtful, and considerate adult. It’s so he could become something much closer to a real man, as opposed to an impulsive, lustful child in an adult male’s body. And yet again, I found another reason to respect and appreciate Rifujin na Magonote’s writing skills. He packed so much into Sylphie’s honest confession of adoration that it completely changed how I saw the entire narrative structure.

That’s a lot of work for a little scene!

What did you think of Ariel seizing control? What were your favorite moments? Feel free to let me know in the comments!

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4 thoughts on “Jobless Reincarnation II Episode 11: Favorites

  1. Ariel has mostly been in the background, so we haven’t gotten that much time with her, but I’ve had a generally positive impression of her. But for this, for giving Sylphie a good, solid kick to get moving and end this freaking nonsense, I could kiss her! And her first proposed plan – simply TELL HIM – was exactly what I would have gone with and what I’ve been mentally urging Sylphie to do this entire time. With that taken off the table, she mined Sylphie’s past a bit, as well as her desires… got a little bit more than she bargained for in that effort, a’la Sylphie’s erotic fantasy… and put together a plan that was simple enough to work, with a minimum of moving parts to it. I can appreciate that. And finally, to not only corner Sylphie with the ultimatum – either take the risk do it or give up and move on – topped off with assuring her friend that it was all right even if Sylphie’s love took her away – and, really, what kind of person would want to sacrifice their friend’s happiness just to maybe stay alive another day? – put Ariel over the top. That’s a good woman, right there.

    Of course Rudy had to be completely dense about what was going on when Sylphie was inviting him to come with her, but it was much more hilarious when he didn’t realize Sylphie was making it rain despite his efforts at clearing up the sky. Of course when he tried to be decent and considerate – wow, he really has grown – it was exactly not what Sylphie was after, LOL! And the undressing… the fact that it actually worked, and reminded Rudy of the experience when they were kids, kind of blew my mind.

    1. …and then I go to google looking for a good image of Ariel, and come across spoilers the likes of which… well, let’s just say it’s still better to not have monarchies.

    2. Rudy’s emotional density up to this point has been truly impressive. More so than his magic skills, in fact.

      I’ve been impressed with both Ariel and Luke. I figured Luke might try to talk Rudy down to Sylphie, but nope. And like you said, Ariel was right there for her!

      In the back of my mind, I keep wondering: is this part of Ariel’s calculus to return to power? Sylphie is powerful. She’s been a boon to the princess. But Rudy? That’d be like having a carrier battle group at your beck and call. Being nice to Sylphie is great way to endear Rudy to Ariel.

      It could be a little of one, a little of the other. Still, I appreciate what Ariel did for Sylphie and Rudy.

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