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Jobless Reincarnation II Episode 12: Favorites

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Jobless Reincarnation II Episode 12 – Quick Summary

In Jobless Reincarnation II episode 12, “I Want to Tell You,” Fitz had just revealed her identity to Rudy. The two of them were alone, in a cave, far from any other human being. Will all of Ariel’s careful planning pay off? How will Rudy react to this revelation? And will all of Rudy react in the same way?

Note: This post may include spoilers, so be cautious.

Favorite Quote from Jobless Reincarnation II Episode 12

Jobless Reincarnation II Episode 12: Hard to imagine Sylphie just attacking Paul!

I wonder what happened in the scene she mentioned? Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

I’m on favorite-quote-overload here. So I’m resorting to my default fall-back method: I’m picking the first quote I see in my notes. 

Turns out, it’s a Sylphie quote! Kinda appropriate, too. Not only is the quote itself pretty cool. It makes me really, really wish I had seen the scene it referred to.

In the cave, Rudy and Sylphie spent some time catching up. Rudy apologized to Sylphie, because he feared he had embarrassed her with his body’s reaction to her offered intimacy. Can you imagine the old Rudy even understanding that her feelings were a thing – much less apologizing? Dude’s come a long way since he lived in Paul’s household. 

In fact, that’s the time period Sylphie brought up. She said she remembered when Paul had shipped Rudy off with Ghislaine. I hadn’t even thought about how that situation would look to little Sylphie. It had to have been hard on her.

According to her, it was. “I was so shocked that I attacked Paul,” she said (04:45).

I would have paid good money to see that!

Favorite Moment from Jobless Reincarnation II Episode 12

Jobless Reincarnation II Episode 12: Sylphie wasn't going anywhere

They really look good together. Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

Setup: So… Many… Cool… Moments!

So many plot seeds bore fruit in this episode. So many threads came together. And no, I’m not making any kind of sexual innuendo there – though in retrospect, I wish I had been! That might have been funny. No, I’m reacting to the sheer number of cool things that happened in this episode. 

How do I pick among moments like: 

  • Luke immediately defending Rudy against Ariel’s dismissive comments
  • Juliette cheering on Zanoba as he practiced incantation-less magic – loudly (in the background as Luke went to fetch the special “medicine”)
  • Sylphie steeling herself before entering Rudy’s room
  • Luke explaining the Greyrat males’ approach to feminine appreciation 
  • Rudy asking if the aphrodisiac was safe to take with alcohol
  • Sylphie’s reaction to Ariel calling her Sylphie Greyrat
Jobless Reincarnation II Episode 12: Sylphie seemed to like the idea of becoming Sylphie Greyrat

I think Sylphie likes the idea of becoming a Greyrat. Either that, or she just saw a terrifying ghost. Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

Well, as it turns out, that was just an excuse for me to list some awesome moments, because my favorite was obvious as soon as it happened. It was a powerful emotional moment, and it capped the entire season – perfectly.

Luke’s “medicine” worked. Very well, it appears, because the scene faded to black with Sylphie on her back in Rudy’s bed. But what happened next worried me – a lot.

Rudy woke up alone.

In my notes, as soon as I saw him awake and alone, I wrote, “Uh, oh. Sylphie wasn’t there when he woke up. I hope that doesn’t trigger a response.” After resuming playback, about three seconds laters, I had to pause it again to write, “It did.”

Remember Eris? The tsundere redhead who was deadline with blades? Yeah. He woke up alone after being physically intimate with her, too. Now, Rudy woke up to find he was in his personal nightmare. Sylphie had left him alone, just like Eris had.

Delivery: Sylphie Takes Her Place Beside Rudy

Now, sitting here in my office, watching the show on my desktop, I knew there was no way Sylphie would leave him. She attacked an S-Class adventurer who separated them. She just won the battle to get back to him. I think her only fear was that Rudy would not love her back. She wasn’t going to leave him if she had anything to say about it.

But Rudy didn’t know that. Rudy had spent the entire season trying to recover from his misunderstanding of the gift Eris had given him, before she left – before she left to better herself so she could be good enough for him. He didn’t get that. In fact, he had no idea, and Eris was too Eris to tell him.

He had started to emotionally unravel when he heard footsteps. The art here conveyed his disbelieving hope. He looked up just in time to see Sylphie, dressed again as Fitz, walk around his bedpost.

“Good morning, Rudy,” she said brightly (18:40).

Jobless Reincarnation II Episode 12: Sylphie had no idea the impact her brief absence would have

Sylphie had no idea what impact her brief absence would make. Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

She had no idea what he’d been through. She had no idea how he would interpret her absence, so from her perspective, she was just happy to see him. She was utterly unprepared for him, as she explained that she had gone to Ariel and Luke to thank them, to stand up, collapse against her, and begin sobbing.

When she asked him what was wrong, he could only say her name over and over. Somehow, she understood. Maybe not exactly, but she understood enough to say (19:23), “Silly Rudy. There, there. I’m right here.”

With those words, she put his fears and insecurities into context. Even better, she reaffirmed that she was, literally, right there. And if there’s anything I’m certain of, it’s this: she’s not going anywhere.

What did you think of pretty much anything in this episode? What were your favorite moments? Feel free to let me know in the comments!

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8 thoughts on “Jobless Reincarnation II Episode 12: Favorites

  1. Rudy was definitely channeling his experience with Sara when he immediately apologized for “embarrassing” Sylphie. Sara got offended at the moment when Rudy was very, very confused and vulnerable, so he quickly tried to head off a similar disaster with Sylphie. Fortunately, he need not have worried.

    Luke was all around great in this episode. Like, really, just great.

    It was a bit surprising that Rudy’s condition was cured for longer than a moment. I mean, I could see the aphrodisiac working for the short term, but I suppose Rudy’s psychological block was dealt with as well.

    It was very cute seeing Sylphie’s reactions, but I wonder at the strength of Rudy’s dedication. I mean, he fell for “Fitz,” found Sylphie, bedded her and cured his condition, immediately calls her beloved and pretty much decided on the spot to marry her, and woe to anyone who threatens anyone dear to her. I have no qualms whatsoever with the idea in general, but the pace seems extremely fast, which worries me some.

    Of course, I was also half-expecting Eris to suddenly make a tumultuous return and proclaim her love for him. I still fear this happening fairly soon in the next part. So it might just be a general trepidation for whatever is coming up.

    And I am still anticipating some sort of thing going on with Rudy and Roxy.

    1. “Fortunately, he need not have worried.”

      That’s a great summary, not only for that moment, but for this season — from Rudy and Sylphie’s perspectives!

      ” I mean, I could see the aphrodisiac working for the short term, but I suppose Rudy’s psychological block was dealt with as well.”

      I think the aphrodisiac was just a catalyst. Sylphie being there helped him get past the block. But only because she came back the next morning! Man, I was worried for a moment. Not that she had intentionally left — but that she’d been called away and wouldn’t be back in time to put Rudy’s fears to rest.

      “but the pace seems extremely fast, which worries me some.”

      I felt better about it after remembering that Rudy had every intention of marrying Sylphie before Paul sent him away. She’s been dear to him forever — before Eris, too. Eris was the first in his bed; Sylphie, his heart.

      Which is a lot more endearing that I ever expected this series to be!

      “So it might just be a general trepidation for whatever is coming up.”

      I’m right there with you. Eris is not a gentle soul. She’ll react explosively.

      And then, as you said, there’s Roxy.

      I’d say Rudy’s lucky to be surrounded by such people, but sometimes, I wonder if he’ll survive it!

  2. For the best of her knowledge, Sylphie probably related Rudy’s sudden desperate clinginess to the mass teleportation event. There’s no way she could know the truth, and if she ever learns the truth… well, let me just say she probably has the emotional intelligence to see that she’s some sort of stop gap. It’s Rudy X Eris for this show; that or a true harem (which could be a possibility here, too).

    Rudy saying he will marry Sylphie in front of the princess without telling her first sent my heart down into my stomach to be slowly and painfully digested. This is Rudy speaking – overeager and thinking he’d been abandoned. And… well the show doesn’t pull emotional punches. This isn’t going to end well, and even if it *ends* well… it’s going to have a rather turbulent middle.

    See, if Eris finds Rudy married to Sylphie they’ll clash. They’re on a page at least on that. But Sylphie? She’ll likely eat her emotions and step back. And take herself back. And Rudy will likely grovel for forgiveness. And Slyphie will likely be both too hurt and too uncapable of anger to what to do with this sort of response.

    And once again there’s the social problem now; the marriage, if it makes Slyphie an official ex-Fitz, will make political waves, making it both more rumour-worthy and harder to… undo.

    I really, really wish Rudy hadn’t been so hasty. Though I also think the princess has some manipulating hand in this; remember their talk about noble quarrels? Rudy’s no politician, but the princess’s definitely been raised to be one, and it seems to suit her personality, too. And on a personal level, her priority is definitely Sylphie. The set-up here sends shivers down my spine. I’m quite afraid, to be honest.

    1. I suspect “turbulent middle” is going to be spot on! I think you’re right about Rudy acting partly out of desperation, partly out of wild relief. He’s always cherished Sylphie; he planned to marry her before Paul sent him away. But, yeah, Eris looms large in his emotional view.

      I wonder if Sylphie confiding in Rudy that she actually attacked Paul is an indication she’s capable of actively defending her relationship with Rudy? Though all this time of her holding back out of fear argues against that…

      But emotions don’t have to be rational!

      I’ve been thinking about the political waves, too. Even if Rudy and Sylphie don’t go public, it’s going to be hard hiding their affection. That itself could cause waves if Sylphie tries to remain Fitz.

      the more I think about it, the more convinced I am that Ariel wanted Rudy on her side. Her machinations were perfect — and they still were machinations, even if they benefited Rudy and Sylphie.

      I’m a big worried for Sylphie, too! Though I have to admit, as a viewer, I’m interested to see what lengths Rudy will go to to protect her — and her, him.

      1. > I wonder if Sylphie confiding in Rudy that she actually attacked Paul is an indication she’s capable of actively defending her relationship with Rudy? Though all this time of her holding back out of fear argues against that…

        I usually try not to give people who only watch anime skipped or changed content from the novels, but this is one of my few pet peeves about this adaptation, so I’ll complain about it a little. Just ignore the next paragraph it if you want to enjoy the story only how it’s told in anime format (delete this post or smth).

        In short, novel Sylphie was much more of a badass, fighting her way through her share of deadly encounters (the scene from ep.0 was far from the only assasination attempt, and Ariel initially had much larger retinue). She also provoked and defeated Linia and Pursena a few years back much in the same way Rudy did (minus the kidnapping), so it was just sad seeing her cave under the pressure on multiple occasions, especially when it was from people she already sucessfully dealt with. It’s also one of the very few changes that I can’t guess the reason for – Rudy could’ve stepped in for his buddy even if she wasn’t visibly afraid.

        1. Thanks for the warning! I went ahead and read the paragraph, but I appreciate the opportunity!

          What you described makes sense. In fact, I admit I wondered about some of that during the events. I’m not sure why the anime downplayed Sylphie’s abilities — I don’t think it would have taken any more time to allude to, for example, how Sylphie had defeated Linia and Pursena prior.

          In this case, I’m a little glad I didn’t read the other materials — that would have annoyed me, too!

  3. I loved Luke’s reaction to just about everything in this episode, however, his face when Rudeus said he would marry Sylphie was amazing.

    I too held my breath waiting for Rudeus to freak out because Sylphie wasn’t there when he woke. Not again, dammit. Not again!

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