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Jobless Reincarnation II Episode Guide

Episode 0: Guardian Fitz

Jobless Reincarnation II Episode 0: Favorites

In Jobless Reincarnation II episode 0, “Guardian Fitz,” Sylphiette regained consciousness after the great mana disaster. The good news was that she was still alive. The bad news is that she was several thousand feet above the ground – and falling fast. What can she do to arrest her fall? If she survives, how can she find her way home? Or is there even a home for her to find?

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Episode 1: Brokenhearted Mage

Jobless Reincarnation II Episode 1: Favorites

In Jobless Reincarnation II episode 1, “The Brokenhearted Mage,” Rudy headed north to look for his mother Zenith, who remained lost after the mana disaster. Lacking the emotional framework to deal with Eris’ departure, though, he merely went through the motions. Suzanne, the vice leader of a group called Counter Arrow, took pity on him and invited him to go on a raid with them. But with Rudy in his current state, was that the best idea? Especially when another member of the party, Sara, reminded him oh-so-much of Eris. Will any of them survive the excursion? Or will Rudy have something else to feel guilty about?

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Episode 2: The Forest in the Dead of Night

Jobless Reincarnation II Episode 2: Favorites

In Jobless Reincarnation II episode 2, “The Forest in the Dead of Night,” Rudeus continued building a name for himself. He hoped that with enough fame, Zenith might hear of him and come to inquire. But his approach alienated him from himself. Worse, it rubbed some others the wrong way. Can Rudeus keep this up long enough to find his mother? Or will circumstance force him to make a terrible choice – a choice that could cost lives?

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Episode 3: Abrupt Approach

Jobless Reincarnation II Episode 3: Favorites

In Jobless Reincarnation II episode 3, “Abrupt Approach,” Rudy seemed to be getting along well with Counter Arrow. Very, very well, in fact, with Sara. She had reacted warmly to Rudy rescuing her. She even asked him out on a date! It took him a moment to realize, but he tried to psych himself for the experience. Is he ready to move on from Eris? Is it even possible? And if he does, then what?

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Episode 4: Letter of Invitation

Jobless Reincarnation II Episode 4: Favorites

In Jobless Reincarnation II episode 4, “Letter of Invitation,” we see the story of Rudy and the 20 member party slaying the dragon – from the party’s perspective. It wasn’t quite what I expected! Later, drawn by the stories extolling Quagmire, Elinalise Dragonroad entered the bar where Rudy was eating. She attracted quite a lot of attention, including Rudy’s. She had been looking for Rudy. Her message, though, surprised him. What news did she have to give him? Will she try to seduce Rudy – like she has with almost everyone else? And how will Rudy react if she does?

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Episode 5: Ranoa University of Magic

Jobless Reincarnation II Episode 5: Favorites

In Jobless Reincarnation II episode 5, “Ranoa University of Magic,” Rudy and Elinalise finally arrived at the Ranoa University of Magic. A school official greeted him cordially enough. At least at first. Then he said Rudy would have to undergo a test – or more precisely, a duel. There’s another silent spell-caster at the university, and the official wants to see how well Rudy stacks up. Who is this spell-caster? How will Rudy compare? And why is Elinalise still hanging out with Rudy now that they’ve arrived?

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Episode 6: I Don’t Want to Die

Jobless Reincarnation II Episode 6: Favorites

In Jobless Reincarnation II episode 6, “I Don’t Want To Die,” Rudy found researching the teleportation event to be more difficult than he anticipated. Fortunately, Fitz recommended some texts and even offered to help – when the Princess’ schedule allowed it. Can they make headway together? Meanwhile, Zanoba convinced Rudy to train him to create figures. Does Rudy have the patience to teach the prince to create intricate figures? If not, will Zanoba have to live life unfulfilled?

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Episode 7: The Kidnapping and Confinement of Beast Girls

Jobless Reincarnation II Episode 7: Favorites

In Jobless Reincarnation II episode 7, “The Kidnapping and Confinement of Beast Girls,” Rudy and Zanoba continued to train Juliette in basic magic. She was a quick learner – far quicker than Zanoba expected! She became so good that Zanoba showed her the statue Rudy had made of Ruijerd Superdia. But when Rudy asked to see the figure he’d given Zanoba of Roxy, Rudy learned a shocking truth. A truth that provoked such a reaction that Juliette hid from his wrath. What did Rudy discover? Will Zanoba survive the results? And if Zanoba wasn’t at fault, who was?

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Episode 8: The Fiancé of Despair

Jobless Reincarnation II Episode 8: Favorites

In Jobless Reincarnation II episode 8, “The Fiancé of Despair,” Rudy had a problem. It was fall now, and the beast folk fought duels to decide who would be heads of household. Both Pursena Adoldia and Rinia Dedoldia and were highly sought after, and they didn’t want to deal with all of the challenges. So, they made it Rudy’s problem. Now, Rudy would have to fight duels to maintain his position as their leader and to prevent them from having to marry someone unsavory. Will Rudy step up? Will he find a convenient excuse? And what does Fitz think about all of this?

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Episode 9: The White Mask

Jobless Reincarnation II Episode 9: Favorites

In Jobless Reincarnation II episode 9, “The White Mask,” Fitz struggled to stay on task whenever Rudy walked by. Princess Ariel could not help but notice. Will the Princess discipline Fitz? Meanwhile, Rudy continued his research into the mass teleportation event. With Fitz’s help, he makes a discovery – a terrifying discovery. What did Rudy find out? How will he recover? And what will Fitz think?

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Episode 10: These Feelings

Jobless Reincarnation II Episode 10: Favorites

In Jobless Reincarnation II episode 10, “These Feelings,” Rudy goes through a normal day packed with activities. Now that he meets regularly with Shizuka Nanahoshi, he has little time to talk to Fitz – much to Fitz’ dismay. When Rudy seeings Fitz out and about with Luke Notos Greyrat, Fitz more or less ignores him. Did Rudy push Fitz too far? Has Fitz’ insecurities gotten the best of them? And what has Badigadi been up to?

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Episode 11: To You

Jobless Reincarnation II Episode 11: Favorites

In Jobless Reincarnation II episode 11, “To You,” Princess Ariel has come to the end of her patience. After she somehow found out that Rudy discovered Fitz’ gender, Ariel knew Fitz had to make her move. Even though Rudy has assured Luke that he won’t tell anyone else, Ariel has had enough. Fitz must tell Rudy who she really is – or else. Ariel even has a plan. What’s Ariel’s plan? Will – or can – Fitz go along with it? And will Rudy ever notice who Ftiz really is?

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Episode 12: I Want to Tell You

Jobless Reincarnation II Episode 12: Favorites

In Jobless Reincarnation II episode 12, “I Want to Tell You,” Fitz had just revealed her identity to Rudy. The two of them were alone, in a cave, far from any other human being. Will all of Ariel’s careful planning pay off? How will Rudy react to this revelation? And will all of Rudy react in the same way?

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