Land of the Lustrous Episode 7: Amethyst regained consciousness
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Land of the Lustrous Episode 7 Review – Best In Show

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Land of the Lustrous Episode 7 Review – Quick Summary

In Land of the Lustrous episode 7, “Hibernation,” Rutile reassembles Amethyst after the disastrous encounter with the Lunarians in the previous episode. Phosphophyllite (Phos), who had been too terrified to even move during the fight, groveled at Amethysts’ feet, hoping for forgiveness. Before Phos could even speak, Amethyst apologized, saying they had been too focused on giving Phos a good example. Phos, however, felt trapped by the failure. Was there anything Phos could do assuage their conscience? Maybe help Antarcticite protect the other gems as they hibernated for the winter? Or would that end just as Phos’ other efforts had ended — in failure and pain?

Note: This post may include spoilers, so be cautious.

Favorite Quote from Land of the Lustrous Episode 7

Land of the Lustrous Episode 7: Antarcticite was apprehensive even of Bort, even if Bort is sleep walking!

Bort doesn’t look scary! Sleepy, sure. But scary? No more so than usual, anyway. Capture from the Amazon stream.

Antarcticite had started showing Phos the ropes. They were a surprisingly good teacher, after they got used to the idea that Phos was no longer completely useless. Antarcticite didn’t seem to be afraid of anything. For example, they would without hesitation attack an ice floe and shatter it. Clearly, Phos had a lot to learn!

But when it came to sleep-walking gems, especially Bort, Antarcticite expressed some trepidation. So how did they handle the gems when they got restless during hibernation?

“Cover them in a sheet and they’ll go right to sleep,” Antarcticite said (16:40).

“But why?” Phos asked.

“Beats me.”

Succinct, to the point, and effective. I like Antarcticite!

Best in Show Moment for Land of the Lustrous Episode 7

Land of the Lustrous Episode 7: Antarcticite treasures their annual tradition with Kongou.

Antarcticite obviously cherishes those quiet moments with Kongou. And for just a moment, the world was a better place. Capture from the Amazon stream.

Setup: The Unexpected Emotion…

Can I just say how ridiculously beautiful the gems looked in their nightgowns? This show is so casually beautiful that it’s almost painful…

Land of the Lustrous Episode 7: The gems were adorable in their nightgowns

Look how pretty! And check out Diamond’s smile! Capture from the Amazon stream.

The gems were bedding down for the winter. There wasn’t enough light to keep them fed, so most of them hibernated. There were only about 10 days of sunlight in a typical winter, but the problem was, on each of those 10 days, the Lunarians were almost guaranteed to show up. So, who was going to protect the sleeping gems?

Turns out there’s a gem even softer than Phos, and that gem was named Antarcticite. As the temperature dropped, their body turned from liquid to crystal. The colder it got, the stronger Antarcticite’s body became. Since Antarcticite was the only gem awake during the winter, it was their job to protect the other gems.

Delivery: …Can be the Most Piercing

After the other gems had bedded down, in an almost military fashion, Antarcticite presented themself to Sensei Kongou. Kongou asked how they were.

“Flawless as always, of course,” Antarcticite answered (08:06). Their cool demeanor showed a few cracks when Kongou remarked that they must feel lonely working through the winter all alone. Protesting that they weren’t lonely or anything, they asked if they would do their yearly tradition.

Land of the Lustrous Episode 7: Antarcticite was almost bashful with Sensei.

Antarcticite looked forward to their annual tradition with Sensei. Is that a blush I see on Antarcticite’s cheeks? Capture from the Amazon stream.

Kongou nodded and spread his arms. Antarcticite ran forward and leaped into Kongou’s arms. It wasn’t a hesitant move; Antarcticite clearly relished the simple contact.

It was such a simple, heart-felt show of affection that it took my breath away. That sounds over-stated, doesn’t it? Well, all I can tell you is how I reacted. I could almost feel my heart mending because of the beauty of that simple gesture.

I’m beginning to think this show is magic or something. It’s better at those little moment than even Fruits Basket, and that’s saying a lot!

What did you think of Cinnabar’s winter isolation? What was your Best in Show moment? Let me know in the comments!

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3 thoughts on “Land of the Lustrous Episode 7 Review – Best In Show

  1. It’s interesting to compare Antarcticite’s isolation, and her acceptance… with Cinnabar’s and her rejection. I think a huge part of that is that Antarcticite has an actual job with actual value, while Cinnabar knows her ‘job’ is a sham.

    I’m working from memory here, so I don’t actually remember Cinnabar’s role or actions in this ep. This is a crazy week, so I’ll have to see if I can get the time to rewatch this ep.

    1. I hadn’t even thought of comparing Antarcticite and Cinnabar — so now I’m torn between feeling like a blithering idiot and being glad you brought it up to give me something to think about.

      I’ll think I’ll go with the second.

      I like that insight!

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