Let’s Blog Award!

Let’s Blog Award!

Three anime bloggers recently made my day! No, they didn’t send me enough money to retire early. While that would absolutely have made my day, it wasn’t in the cards. Instead, they nominated me for the Let’s Blog Award!

I’d like to thank:

Thanks for thinking of me!

Da Rules

Apparently there are rules. I’ll follow them because I’m basically a law-abiding citizen, unless… Well, that would be telling!

Here are the rules:

1. Mention the creator of the award and the blogger who nominated you.

Done! So far, so good.

2. Copy paste the rules.

3. Answer the 10 questions sent by the nominator.

4. Write your 10 questions for the nominees.

5. Nominate 5 bloggers for this award and let them know via comment on one of their posts. (Actually, I’ll probably link to one of their posts so they get a notification)

6. Keep the thumbnail as the thumbnail of this post.

7. Answer your own questions.

Gotta respect number 7! Talk about keeping us honest! I don’t dare ask anything embarrassing or compromising now!

Or do I…?

Nah. I don’t.

Incoming Questions

I’m supposed to answer all 10 of the nominator’s questions. But I have three nominations! I’m pretty sure neither you nor I want to sit through 30 questions and my answers. And that’s before I throw in my 10 questions! So I’ll pick four from Foovay’s Cauldron (since she nominated me first) and three from The Otaku Author and Jonah’s Daily Rants

It’s almost like I planned it that way…

I didn’t. I actually feel bad for taking so long to respond these nominations!

Questions from Foovay’s Cauldron

If you could live on a different planet which one, and why? Any planet is eligible, real, fictional, or imaginary.

Foovay’s answer was Pern, so I can’t go with it. Though it’d be cool to have a Fire Lizard! Not Arrakis. Too much political intrigue. Not Middle Earth; not nearly enough technology. Yes, I’m stalling… I’m going to with an answer I think is in the spirit of the question, but seems like a non-answer. I’d like to live in a starship. One on the order of the Enterprise-D that’s capable and comfortable. I don’t want to be tied to a single planet. I want to visit all the planets. 

What’s your favorite monster?

Miia’s range of emotions made her a lot of fun to watch. Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

Would it be cheating to say Miia from Monster Musume? I don’t think so. The show’s called Monster Musume, after all! So I’m going to say Miia. She’s beautiful, she’s affectionate, she’s powerful, and she’s not in the least bit afraid to speak her mind. I respect that in a monster.

What would you do if you suspected someone you knew was a serial killer?

Well, I know what I would not do. I would not confront them! Nor would I rig any kind of elaborate logic trap to expose them. Such folks don’t react well to being found out! I’d probably do the boring thing and hand the evidence I had over to the police. Anonymously. Through the mail. From another city. Wearing a disguise. 

Would you use natural healing; supplements, reiki, acupuncture, etc.

It would depend on whether or not it had passed clinical tests. I have no problem with any kind of treatments, including dietary supplements, synthesized drugs, or even acupuncture. The questions is whether or not it’s been proven safe and effective. 

As far as I know, I’m not Subaru. I don’t want to take the chance!

Questions from The Otaku Author

Who is your favourite fictional robot?

There was a wistfulness to Ikaros’ character that appealed to me. Capture from the Funimation stream.

The Otaku Author picked Astraea from Heaven’s Lost Property: Forte. That’s inspirational! So I’ll pick Ikaros from the same series. She’s ridiculously powerful, and I like that in a robotic character. She’s also stunningly attractive. What, you think I’m shallow? I prefer to think of it as being a man of culture. But I’m not saying you’re wrong!

If you could have a superpower, what would it be?

The Otaku Author’s answer was immortality, and I’m going to borrow that. “Borrow” sounds so much better than “steal”! I hear philosophers saying that immortality would be bad because we would eventually weary of the world. I’m not so sure. I know that there’s not nearly enough time in the day to get done what I want to get done — and that’s with the current technology and information I have. I could spend a hundred years just looking at the stars. And by the time we can actually travel to said stars? I can’t imagine getting bored. 

What is the one fictional world you would be terrified to visit?

The kingdom of Lugunica. No, let me expand that. Anywhere in the world of Re:ZERO. The White Whale was bad enough. Satella is plenty alarming. But those damned bunnies…

Questions from Jonah’s Daily Rants

Aside from blogging, what do you do to unwind?

What is this “unwind” of which you speak? I won’t say I’m a workaholic… Oh, who am I kidding. Yes, I’m a workaholic. My ideal day is writing my butt off, playing video games over lunch, then writing more of my butt off. Though after working from home since March, maybe I should practice writing my gut off…

Would you rather live in a sci-fi world (with spaceships and aliens, stuff like that) or a fantasy world (with magic and fantasy creatures, stuff like that)?

I’d much prefer a science fiction world. I’ve had enough of primitive living! Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

That’s too easy. Science fiction. In a high-tech world, I could create a VR recreation of a fantasy world if I really wanted it. But I want to know everything. From every time. From the Big Bang to whatever is the eventual fate of this space/time. And then? Well, if there are actually an infinite number of universes, I’d like to get busy exploring!

How much time do you spend exploring your imagination?

Every waking moment. People at work think I’m in a meeting with them. Nah. My mind’s light years away. I don’t write programs; instead, I write novels in code form. I don’t work on computer security. I add themes to a musical. Well, I would if I had any musical talent. As it is, I just hum a lot. But the spirit’s the same!

Outgoing Questions: My 10 Questions

Dang. I have to answer these, too, don’t I? This is a hard tag… I’ll try to keep them more or less focused on anime. Let’s see what I can come up with!

Who’s Your Favorite Idol from Zombieland Saga?

I’d pick Yuugiri. You might be smiling smugly to yourself, remembering that I picked Miia and Ikaros in part because both were beautiful. But all of the zombie idols were beautiful, so why Yuugiri? In this case, I choose Yuugiri because of her poise. Remember in Zombieland Saga, episode 6, when Yuugiri was so chill about new technology? She loved learning about it it! It’s didn’t scare her. I really liked that.

What’s Your Favorite Zombie-Themed Anime?

My favorite zombie series, bar none. After watching the USA’s reaction to COVID, a lot of this series feels a ton more realistic. Capture from the Hulu stream.

Hands down, High School of the Dead. It might be the most realistic depiction of the zombie fall that I’ve ever seen. I actually prefer it to the Romero classics. I’m not saying that to disparate Romero — his movies were fantastic. I just think that highly of HOTD.

Assuming You Were Moderately Powerful, Which School-Based Battle Series Would You Like to Visit?

I’d probably go with The Asterisk War. I like the level of technology. The political intrigue is at an interesting level. And though it’s doubtful, I might get to hang out with Saya

What’s Your Favorite Anime Blog — Excluding This One?

What’s your favorite anime blog, and why? I’m excluding my site (it looks like I’m being magnanimous, but I’m actually preserving my fragile feelings!). And if you need to cheat, please feel free to use the Massive List of Anime Sites to help you choose!

Oh, I have to answer, don’t I? Every paint yourself into a corner? Okay, based on the amazing scope of the posts, the consistent quality, the quantity, and the great selection of images, I’m going to vote for I Drink and Watch Anime.

Which Anime Recharges Your Batteries?

Re:CREATORS was right in my strike zone. Capture from the Amazon Prime stream.

Let’s face it. Things are more tough than usual, and they weren’t a breeze before. What anime series helps you recharge? For me, it’s Re:CREATORS. The creators in it were amazing, in part, because of their mundanity. They could have been real people! Shunma Suruga and Marine in particular impressed me with their level of achievement, because both pursued their craft in very different ways. They really speak to the part of me who, even after almost six decades of not publishing a novel, still holds out hope. Though I supposed I shouldn’t hold it against myself for not being published before I was 10…

What’s Your Favorite Anime Soundtrack?

This is a hard one for me because of the quality of the field. I’m going to go with Hiroyuki Sawano’s work from Re:CREATORS. Though it could be any of his words. I used the Re:CREATORS’ soundtrack as the background music when I wrote the beats for the prequel to the trilogy I continue not to finish! If that’s not a ringing endorsement, I don’t know what is.

What’s Your Favorite Sport’s Anime?

I have to throw in an easy question every once in a while! I would say Harukana Receive, and it’s not for the reasons you might imagine. Assuming you imagine I choose it for its deep insights into the human condition. Because it didn’t have those. Not many, at least. But it had a ton of beach volley ball. And it had Marissa Thomas. She was a wonderful example of athleticism. 

Favorite Anime List/Information Site

I flirted with Anime Planet (figuratively, of course). I dated AniList for a while (again, figuratively). But I keep going back to My Anime List (MAL). All of these site have their merits, and I actually use all of them. But MAL keeps bringing me back because, on average, it has the most complete coverage for the series I review.

Who’s Your Favorite Witch from Re:ZERO Season 2?

There’s something really interesting about a character who has healing fists of fury. Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

Did you think I was going to answer Echidna? Because I sure did! But though we only saw her for a few seconds, I’m actually going with Minerva! There’s something endearing about a character who “threatens” to heal everyone in sight.

As a Blogger, What Series Did You Most Enjoy Reviewing?

Or if you don’t write reviews, what series did you otherwise enjoy writing about? I’m tempted to say Re:CREATORS, because it would be almost the right answer. But I’d actually have to say Saga of Tanya the Evil. I thought the series was a scathing look at divinity tropes. At the same time, I loved how Tanya saw the world and reacted to it. Lots of people saw her as fascist or otherwise evil. I saw her simply as a human struggling to survive in an insane world — a world that had an insane god. 


According to Da Rules, I should now inflict my questions on five people. I hope you have time, because I’d love to see your answers! But if you don’t, I completely understand:

  1. Jiraiyan from Otaku Orbit
  2. Ang from Couch and Chill
  3. LitaKino from Lita Kino Anime Corner
  4. TsubakiKuro666 from KAWAIIPAPERPANDAS
  5. Lumi from Lumi Reviews Things

Thanks for Reading

Thanks for spending time reading my answers! I’m glad you could stop by.

Copyright 2022 Terrance A. Crow. All rights reserved.

10 thoughts on “Let’s Blog Award!

  1. Thank you for answering my questions . I totally approve of the spaceship world – that’s delicious and I would totally go for that myself. I do live in an RV we have dubbed Firefly… Oh geez, now that you chose a Monster Musume girl, now I’m thinking of Ms. Kobayashi’s Maid girls for favorite monsters! Very interesting post and I really like how you handled being tagged several times. It really worked.

    1. You named your RV Firefly? It must be the most awesome RV in the ‘verse!

      “now I’m thinking of Ms. Kobayashi’s Maid girls for favorite monsters!”

      I’m partial to Elma myself. I’d almost feel like I was intruding if I thought about Tooru! She and Kobayashi are so obviously right for each other.

      “I really like how you handled being tagged several times. It really worked.”


      1. Firefly is the most awesome RV in the ‘verse to me and hubby anyway 😉 Gosh, now I feel kind of bad for crushing on Tooru… but you are so right. I couldn’t get between that.

  2. I’d likely react exactly like you did to the serial killer question. Depends on the person, though, and on the circumstances. I’ve been known to lose my nerves and good judgement and just charge ahead to release the inner tension, so if, for example, I catch them in the act, I might just put myself into harms way, not out of heroics, but because the muddle inside of me is so intolerable that death isn’t scary. Generally, though, I’d probably react exactly like you do.

    I have a little time on my hands right now, so I’ll try answering the nine non-blog question of yours:

    Favourite Zombieland Saga Idol: I concur, it’s Yuugiri, hands down. I hope she finally gets her episode next season.

    Favourite Zombie-themed anime: Probably School Live. I’m not generally hot on Zombie shows, but I’m still waiting for the anime equivalent of 8 Days Later.

    School-based Battle series: None. No matter how powerful I am, I’m not interested in fighting. If it’s a turnament, dropping out in the first round is a blessing.

    Favourite Anime Blog: Too hard a question. I get different things out of different blogs, so comparing them is nigh impossible. If I reply there at all it’s definitely part of my favourites. If I don’t reply… it might still be part of my favourites.

    Recharging Batteries: I’m an anime gypsy, and I rarely re-watch series, so it differs based on what I’ve last seen and when, but examples would be Rolling Girls, Ichigo Marshmellow, Engaged to the Unidentified, Flying Witch, Yotsuiro Biyori… Either calm and fun shows, or distracting strangeness.

    Favourite Anime Soundtrack: Yuki Kajiura’s Noir works awesomely with the show. It’s, IMO, even better than her Madoka soundtrack. A use of the distorted and chaotic version of a character theme to display inner turmoil of the character (and how a throbbing rhythm comes in when she settles into depression) comes to mind. That’s musical storytelling at its best. If Kajiura is cheating (she’s just that much of a master), I’d probably go with Hasegawa’s soundtrack for Nazo no Kaojo X, which had this surreal feeling to it that was just perfect for the show.

    Favourite Sports anime: Oh, this is actually hard. I’m probably going with Basquash. It’s street basket ball. With Giant Robots. There are wearable pets. And at some point the anime gets weird.

    Favourite Anime List/Information site: It depends. For general information and overview, I use the encyclopedia at Animenewsnetwork. But if I want to look up characters, I use MAL.

    Re:Zero Witch: Echidna hands down. Her greed for knowledge is relatable. And I adore her character design.

    1. “Probably School Live. ”

      I remember first watching that show. The accumulating sense of dread and its explanation at the end of the episode one were simply fantastic.

      “Engaged to the Unidentified”

      I’m not sure how many times I’ve rewatched it. Great OP/ED, too.

      “There are wearable pets. And at some point the anime gets weird.”

      Giant robots playing street basketball, and _then_ it gets weird? I’ll have to check that out.

      “And I adore her character design.”

      She’s distinctive, that’s for sure. I’m still surprised I answered Minerva.

    1. That’s a good point! I’m reading Peter F. Hamilton’s The Night’s Dawn Trilogy, and there’s a character in it that comes out of a zero-tau capsule, a kind of time stopping capsule, every 250 years. He travels for a couple decades, then goes back in. Kinda like 250 year naps!

      I can think of worse ways to see the universe.

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