Made in Abyss Episode Guide

Made in Abyss Episode Guide

Episode 1: The City of the Great Pit

Made in Abyss Episode 1: A Breathtaking World and a Girl with Drive

Episode 2: Resurrection Festival

Made in Abyss Episode 2: Hiding in Plain Sight and a Mother’s Choice

Episode 3: Departure

Made in Abyss Episode 3: Preparing to Take the Plunge

Episode 4: The Edge of the Abyss

Made in Abyss Episode 4: The Tricky Leader and the Looming Black Whistle

Episode 5: Incinerator

Made in Abyss Episode 5: The Purifying Flame and an Ominous Glint

Episode 6: Seeker Camp

Made in Abyss Episode 6: Lyza’s Fate and Riko’s Resolve

Episode 7: The Unmovable Sovereign

Made in Abyss Episode 7: A Failure of Restraint and Alone in the Dark

Episode 8: Survival Training


Made in Abyss Episode 8: Memory Lane and a Signature Mining Tool

Episode 9: The Great Fault

Made in Abyss Episode 9: Ouzen’s Warning and Riko’s Stand

Episode 10: Poison and the Curse

Made in Abyss Episode 10: The Piercing Spine and a Cutting Decision

Episode 11: Nanachi

Made in Abyss Episode 11: Regu’s Chores and a Distorted Voice from the Past

Episode 12: The True Nature of the Curse

Made in Abyss Episode 12: A Daring Rescue and a Terrible Request

Episode 13: The Challengers

Made in Abyss Episode 13: One Spirit Freed, Another Uncowed


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2 thoughts on “Made in Abyss Episode Guide


    (October 22, 2017 - 12:12 am)

    Sorry to post something off topic in this thread, I didn’t see where I could send you a message directly.

    Have you taken a look at Houseki no Kuni this season? It’s very good but I hardly see anyone talking about it. I’m sure some a turned off simply because it is mostly CG, but this is some of the best looking seasonal anime CGI I’ve seen. I binged the manga after episode 2, It’s an interesting but admittedly slow start however, it steadily becomes something very compelling. If you like character development this should be a good one.


      (October 22, 2017 - 9:43 am)

      Hi there!

      I came very close to reviewing Land of the Lustrous/Houseki no Kuni this season. I decided on The Ancient Magus’ Bride instead, not because I didn’t like Houseki no Kuni, but because the other show’s world seemed more wide and engrossing — but not by much!

      I agree with you — Houseki no Kuni’s beautiful! I enjoy good CGI — like BUBUKI/BURANKI or Arpeggio of Blue Steel. They’re putting it to good use here — not only with the gems, but with the Moon Dwellers and the battle scenes. Watching Cinnabar protect Pho was amazing!

      I’m really getting into the characters, too. Pho’s inability to engage, Cinnabar’s tragic situation, Diamond’s longing — all very cool stuff!

      No worries about posting your comment here. I’m glad you stopped by! I’m also on Twitter (@CrowsAnimeWorld), on Facebook (, and on Instagram (

      See you!

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