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Metallic Rouge Episode 12: Favorites

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Metallic Rouge Episode 12 – Quick Summary

In Metallic Rouge Episode 12, “Mask Graveyard,” Naomi and Rouge encountered Gene – at least, they thought it was Gene. But it talked a lot like someone else they knew. Someone who could mimic others. It might have helped his case had he acted like Gene! Will Naomi and Rouge see through the deceit? Or is the terrible act intentional? And what’s going on with Cyan?

Note: This post may include spoilers, so be cautious.

Favorite Quote from Metallic Rouge Episode 12

Metallic Rouge Episode 12: Rouge and Naomi saw through the facade

Neither Rouge nor Naomi had any doubt. Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

Giallon is an interesting character I would like to have gotten to know better. Okay, maybe for this show, I could have written that as “< insert any character here > is an interesting character I would like to have gotten to know better.” But, well, here we are. 

As Naomi and Rouge were looking for the reactor, they ran into Gene. At least, he looked like Gene. Rouge felt hugely relieved, until Gene started talking.

Now, we remember how astute Rouge can be, right? Good-hearted. Well-intentioned. But an a model of intellectual prowess? Not so much. The obviously fake Gene started going off about how the Alters were in the wrong. He got so enthusiastic that he was practically dancing. All very not-Gene-like.

Rouge turned to Naomi and said (03:27), “So… there’s no doubt, right?”

“No doubt at all,” Naomi said.

Rouge decked the fake Gene, who turned out to be Giallon in disguise. Man, I would have liked more time to get to know these characters!

Favorite Moment from Metallic Rouge Episode 12

Metallic Rouge Episode 12: Naomi finally figured out that Rouge was a priority for her

Naomi figured out where her loyalties were! Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

Setup: I’m Not Saying It’s Rushed… Am I?

There’s talk in the Reddit thread for this episode (see below for a link) that Metallic Rouge had been planned as a 24 episode series that got reduced to 13. I’m not saying it’s rushed… Okay, no. I am saying it’s rushed. Like I said in my favorite quote, I would have loved more time to get to know these characters. There were some moments in this episode that had seriously powerful emotional potential. 

Grauphon fighting Eden, after first restoring Eden’s id? Grauphon disclosing that he knew Silvia was on the wrong course – and that he was unable to stop following her out of love? Potentially tragic stuff! But it didn’t have time to brew, so I had to mentally fill in the blanks. Which is fine — having dedicated this site to celebrating anime, I’m used to doing that. But I haven’t had to do it this much since Angel Beats. Which is a series I adore, by the way – while still recognizing I could have adored it more, if it had had the time to spread its wings.

Metallic Rouge Episode 12: Eden and Grauphon's fight could have been more impactful

This moment could have packed an emotional punch. Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

Which makes sense if you know Angel, but I digress.

Well, this show managed, in my oh-so-not-humble opinion, to give one relationship enough time to become an effective emotional entanglement – and it’s the basis of my favorite moment.

Silvia had just punched Rouge’s id out through her back. As Silvia stalked off to do her thing, Rouge called out to Naomi for help. Just in time to see Naomi – reluctantly, it must be said – dash from the room.

Delivery: Naomi Accepts Her Priorities

The Visitors had given Naomi orders: if Rouge fell, if it appeared that Silvia achieved victory, Naomi was to detonate the black hole reactor. Of course, that would kill all of them. But it would stop the Silvia and the Nean uprising.

Naomi actually got to the reactor control room. She input the commands. The reactor’s OS pointed out that hey, if she kept that up, boom. She ignored the warnings, but you could see doubt overtaking her. Kudos to the animators – the scene pulled me in.

Naomi had almost finished. It looked like she only had a few sequences left to key in. But all while she was running to the control room, and even as she typed commands, she felt sick at abandoning Rouge. She paused and brought up a video feed of the spot where Rouge had fallen.

Rouge wasn’t there.

“Oh, damn it!” she screamed, overcome by concern (17:38). “I get it, okay?!”

Metallic Rouge Episode 12: It was hard for Naomi to disobey orders

Naomi figured it out. Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

The shot of her running through the corridors, tears streaming from her eyes, hit me with an acceptable level of emotion. Naomi has grown from being been cruel to Rouge (only to think better of it) to a friend. Watching their relationship develop has been at the heart of why I’ve enjoyed this series so far. Seeing Naomi finally realize that Rouge was more important than a commitment to the Visitors just felt good, in that context.

Now, if they could just give Opera some more screen time…

What did you think of Rouge’s fight with Silvia? What were your favorite moments? Feel free to let me know in the comments!

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2 thoughts on “Metallic Rouge Episode 12: Favorites

  1. They’ve condensed 24 episodes into 13? That sort of makes sense. There’s a story here that makes sense, but it’s all just too cluttered. Until the end, I couldn’t quite remember who was who. I mean, after a second or two I could usually figure it out, and I’d usually understand what’s going on. But all through the story I had no intuition at all for the factions or what they wanted. They through around the word freedom a lot (the irony of it being a “puppetmaster” saying so not lost on me), but I had no intuition what that even meant to anyone beyond the obvious broad strokes.

    The characters carried the show (but not easily – the setting had too much weight).

    From what I’ve seen so far, though, I’m not sure I actually wanted two seasons of this. I’m positive I’d have watched it to the end, though. And I’d probably have liked it better.

    By now I’ve seen the last episode, and while I understand what happened in broad strokes, I’m left somewhat befuddled what this was all about.

    1. I wish they had either taken the time or distilled the most important points. I sensed so much potential here!

      I, too, thought the characters carried the show — and I really like how you said the setting had too much weight! That’s a crisp and clear way to describe it.

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