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Metallic Rouge Episode 4: Favorites

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Metallic Rouge Episode 4 – Quick Summary

In Metallic Rouge Episode 4, “Freedom and Phantoms,” Rouge had been captured. As security forces stormed the Nean city, three Neans interrogated Rouge. One seemed particularly unhinged. Was he the member of the Immortal Nine that Rouge was looking for? Was he a red herring? If so, who is the Nean who Rouge is looking for? And will Naomi go into the city after Rouge? Or will she watch from afar?

Note: This post may include spoilers, so be cautious.

Favorite Quote from Metallic Rouge Episode 4

Metallic Rouge Episode 4: The bird's animation contributed to the humor

The show’s comedic timing is right in my strike zone. For example, the way my favorite quote combined the tone of voice, timing, and animation made me literally laugh out loud. 

Remember when we first saw Rogue in this episode – how she was manacled and sitting alone? That’s how Naomi’s sparrow found her. Naomi caught Rouge up on current events, like how the police had started a full-scale invasion of Marginal City. Naomi said she should get out while she could.

“I won’t run,” Rouge said.

The bird froze. An instant later, it cocked its head to one side and said (02:57), “What?”

Both Tomoyo Kurosawa, the Japanese voice actor, and Cassie Ewulu, the English voice actor, nailed the shocked tone and inflection. Even the little bird’s motion added to the humor. Yeah, it’s a small thing, but it hit me just right.

Favorite Moment from Metallic Rouge Episode 4

Metallic Rouge Episode 4: Naomi's words reassured Rouge

Naomi’s words had a freeing impact on Rouge. Me, too! Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

Setup: Delightful Misdirection

Did the misdirection in this episode work for you? Specifically, I mean the way the plot strongly hinted that Rian or the character who turned out to be Jaron Fate was the Immortal Nine member that Rouge and Naomi were looking for. But it was really Afdal Bashal. That worked for me. 

I particularly liked Rian’s motivations. He thought he had been helping Bashal. He thought he had helped the doctor keep his hands clean of the killing and dirty work. Turned out Rian was wrong. He made a fatal mistake, as it turned out. Poor kid. But I like how this episode’s plot played out.

The fight scene at the end? I felt terribly sorry for Rouge. The way Bashal played on her fears, the way he twisted the idea of freedom, felt deeply disturbing. Rouge having to overcome those fears is a trope I enjoy. I have to say that Rouge’s victory felt satisfying, but it felt like it lacked dramatic punch. I’m not sure why; I’m still thinking about that. So it’s not my favorite moment.

Metallic Rouge Episode 4: Rouge had a tough fight

Rouge had a rough fight at the end – mentally as well as physically. Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

In episode 4, I was kinda worried about Naomi. The way she went off on Rouge bugged me. Bugged Rouge, too! Yes, Naomi seemed to be remorseful, but I would never have guessed Naomi would say those things. So I couldn’t be certain my hope that she would actually try to repair their relationship. 

My favorite moment gave me Naomi’s answer.

It happened shortly after my favorite quote. Rouge dug in her heels. She expressed her determination to continue their mission to find Phantom Verde. Rouge reasoned that if she stayed put, the target would come to her.

Delivery: Rouge and Naomi’s Dynamic

Rouge’s resolve sounded so shocking that Naomi asked if it was really her. Rouge didn’t catch the humor, so she simply said that she was, in fact, Rouge. Giving me my first glimmer that Noami had seen the error of her ways, she said (03:37), “Boy, you really have grown up this time.”

That embarrassed Rouge in a good way. But I suspect Rouge was still angry about how Naomi had spoken to her, because when Naomi said she was coming in, Rouge said she didn’t have to. Maybe she felt like Naomi was acting out of a sense of obligation? A sense of superiority that made her think Rouge couldn’t do it on her own?

Fortunately,it was Naomi’s turn to dig in her heels. She said (03:45), “I want to. I want to go there and help you.”

Metallic Rouge Episode 4: Naomi honestly wanted to help Rouge

Naomi really wanted to help Rouge. Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

Just in case Rouge thought Naomi was being condescending, Naomi added, “Let me help you! This is my own free will talking. Because ’m not some tool for Aletheia, and neither are you!”

Okay – Naomi put her cards on the table. I still worried that Rouge might reject the overture. I need not have worried.

“Oh, fine,” she said, smiling (04:01). “I’ll wait for you, then.”

In a show that has solid, well choreographed fights, I find myself drawn to these character moments. Maybe I’m reading too much into them; maybe the characters aren’t as sympathetic as I think. But whatever the reason, I like the dynamic between Naomi and Rouge, and in this episode at least, that dynamic gave me my favorite moment.

What did you think of what happened to Rian? What were your favorite moments? Feel free to let me know in the comments!

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2 thoughts on “Metallic Rouge Episode 4: Favorites

  1. I was suspicious of Afdal when he happened to have some spare nectar on the bus. They explained that, but I was still suspicious. Not quite suspicious enough though, it still took me by surprise when it turned out that *he* was Verde, and that they had ridden with him on the bus towards his would-be hiding spot. Did not see that one coming.

    Interesting detail, knowing that Jaron Fate, aka the Shape-Shifting Psychopath, probably intend to kill Naomi, but didn’t. Like he somehow couldn’t quite do it for some unexplained reason. He mentioned she will be a problem, but how? How was it that he couldn’t kill her?

    I have to say, while I fear what the approaching circus may do, somehow I do not feel the slightest bit sorry for the troops they will be doing it to. I mean, how sad and pathetic do they have to be to go in and shoot unarmed civilians who literally *cannot* fight back? That was… vile. Difficult to watch.

    1. I noticed what he did on the bus, too — and I bought the explanation! I like the show’s subtleties. It seems to reward me for paying attention.

      Very good question — why didn’t, or couldn’t, he kill Naomi? I’m sure there’s a reason.

      You know, I’m glad you hear you say it was difficult to watch. That was brutal. It’s one of those things that makes me reflect on what we’re doing in the USA, and what lies at the end of the road if we don’t change course. Which makes things a little too real, and I start looking at other aspects of the show!

      There’s an awful lot of real life going on, after all. A little escape’s kinda nice!

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