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Metallic Rouge Episode 6: Favorites

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Metallic Rouge Episode 6 – Quick Summary

In Metallic Rouge Episode 6, “Guest with No Name,” Noami and Rouge board a luxury cruise spaceship to return to Earth. Unfortunately, a murderer has boarded with them – a murderer who can mimic the appearance of almost anyone. With video evidence showing Naomi committing a murder, Afdal Bashal arrested her. Will he listen to her protestations of innocence, especially after she promised to disclose the name of the Red Gladiator to him – and then skipped town? And how far will Rouge go to find the killer?

Note: This post may include spoilers, so be cautious.

Favorite Quote from Metallic Rouge Episode 6

Metallic Rouge Episode 6: Wow. Paper's old.

Naomi wasn’t sure what to make of their bonding. Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

This episode offered plenty of choices for favorite quote. I chose one that’s relatable, especially as I get older. And it starts with a question: do you remember paper books?

I am astonished to write this, but I can’t remember the last time I read a paper book. Or even a magazine. It’s been all digital or audio for years now. I didn’t even realize it had happened!

In this episode, Aes Machias was a passenger in a cabin right beside Naomi and Rouge. He was going to return some books – actual, paper books – to the ship’s library. Rouge, never having seen such things before, asked if those were the “‘paper books’ I’ve heard about.” Aes answered in the affirmative. He mentioned that he loved how they smelled.

Rouge leaned forward and inhaled. Making a face and recoiling, she said (04:13), “That reeks!”

Aes looked crestfallen. I think he felt guilty for suggesting something Rouge didn’t like. But she leaned in again, smiled, and said, “But I don’t hate it.”

Man, I can’t believe it’s been so long since I read a paper book. I really am living in the future!

Favorite Moment from Metallic Rouge Episode 6

Metallic Rouge Episode 6: Rouge's idea bold -- I'll give her that.

Naomi wasn’t convinced this was a good idea. Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

This show is all about the relationships. There’s a story going on in the background. I’m convinced of it. I’m diligently gathering evidence to support its existence every time I sit down to watch an episode. But consistently, I’m enjoying the characters.

Do you remember the scene where Naomi has to decide which Rouge is the real one? The real Rouge was grappling with a fake version who was really Jaron Fate (a.k.a. Hell Giallon). That was almost my favorite moment. Naomi rambled off a long math problem. The Rouge who answered first? She’s the one Naomi shot. 

Why did she shoot the one who answered first? “Rouge isn’t that smart,” Naomi said (16:12). That was harsh, even if it was true. But I laughed! I wonder if that makes me a mean person?

Metallic Rouge Episode 6: Naomi could easily tell the difference between the real and rake Rouge

Naomi had little trouble telling the Rouges apart. Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

That question is particularly applicable to my favorite moment. Time was running out. Naomi and Rouge had to identify the murderer. Too many people had already died! So, reasoning that Hell Giallon could change his appearance but not his weight, they gathered everyone who weighed what the first copy weighed when he boarded. 

How would they tell which was the fake? Intense questioning? Careful observation? No.

“I’m going to punch each one of you in turn,” Rouge declared (17:00). “… The one who can withstand my punch is Hell Giallon.”

That freaked out even Naomi. Fortunately for all involved, Rouge pulled her punch so she wouldn’t shatter the humans. And her ploy worked. But the shock of the moment struck me as hilarious. It’s moments like that that keep me coming back to this series. Yeah, I’m curious about the mystery of the dwindling number of the Nine Immortals and what Naomi and Rouge are really up to. But the characters are what’s really keeping me entertained.

What did you think of Rouge’s battle against Jaron? What were your favorite moments? Feel free to let me know in the comments!

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2 thoughts on “Metallic Rouge Episode 6: Favorites

  1. Using the math question to figure out who was the imposter: smart.
    Taking her eyes and especially her gun off of her verified quarry: STUPID.

    So the psycho fell to Earth, and hopefully burned up in the atmosphere. The fact that he took credit for killing Rouge’s “father” seemed a bit too convenient, and still doesn’t line up with the notion that the Nine, as a group, were at odds with him, since the crazy rogue is, after all, a crazy rogue.

    Aes seems to be fairly obviously another of the Nine, and one that has two personalities in the one body, him and his “sister” Alice.

    Rouge has definitely changed a bit in some way, and Naomi, acting partially as a watch dog, has noticed and reported it to their owners.

    1. Yeah, taking her eyes off the target was not her finest moment, was it?

      It did seem a bit convenient, didn’t it? I’m not sure if I believe the psycho killed Rouge’s dad or not. I supposed I’ll consider it likely until the next set of facts comes to light!

      If you’ve seen episode 7, then you know the answer to your conjecture about Aes/Alice!

      I’m still trying to figure out how Naomi sees Rouge. I really, really hope Naomi is a force for good. Otherwise I’m going to be bummed!

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