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Metallic Rouge Episode 9: Favorites

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Metallic Rouge Episode 9 – Quick Summary

In Metallic Rouge Episode 9, “The Ones Who Visited,” Rouge hoped that Aes had come to her aid. Unfortunately, it was Alice, and Alice had no intention of helping Rouge. That wasn’t Rouge’s only problem. Grauphon closed in on Gene with the intent of taking Rouge’s brother hostage. And all the while, Cyan watched from a distanced and hummed, waiting for her turn. Can Rouge fight her way out of this situation? Can Ash Stahl accomplish anything with his measly pistol? And what’s Naomi up to?

Note: This post may include spoilers, so be cautious.

Favorite Quote from Metallic Rouge Episode 9

Metallic Rouge Episode 9: The banter between Naomi and Rouge is worth the price of admission

I really missed the banter between these two. Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

Not seeing much of Naomi in the last couple of episodes really drove home how much she’s a part of why I like this series. It’s not that I don’t like Rouge. In fact, I find her endearing. It’s that their interactions are much greater than the sum of their individual roles.

My favorite quote is a perfect example. Rouge and Naomi were on the way to meet Naomi’s overlords (the X Noah). Rouge strode along without the need for a spacesuit in the corridor that was obviously filled with gasses that would be lethal to humans. So she was shocked when Naomi stopped and pulled off her helmet. When Rouge gave voice to her freaked-outness, Naomi intentionally misunderstood and said (11:14), “If I don’t wear this, they’ll realize I’m not human.”

The “they” here are the other humans who had brought them to the orbital station. When Rouge made it clear that’s not what freaked her out, Naomi feigned confusion and said (11:30), “I never told you?”

I missed the snarky/sarcastic banter between those two. If sounds so natural and it immensely fun to watch.

Favorite Moment from Metallic Rouge Episode 9

Metallic Rouge Episode 9: Naomi declared that she wanted a day off

Naomi declared her solidarity with Rouge – and got the show back on track! Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

Setup: Naomi and Rouge, Back in Sync

Continuing the theme of the whole being great than the sum of its parts (thanks, Aristotle!), my favorite moment is the culmination of Naomi and Rouge getting back together. To be honest, I never doubted that Naomi remained concerned about Rouge’s well-being. That’s not the same as thinking that Naomi was on the same side as Rouge. In fact, it wasn’t until my favorite moment that I became convinced they’re actually on the same side.

I’m still not sure it’s the right side, but that’s another conversation.

Naomi took Rouge to meet the X Noah. I liked their design – something akin to humans, but adapted for deep space flight. I’ve read where some writers think cephalopods might make great space explorers – and that they might need just a bit of tweaking to be intelligent enough to do so. The X Noah reminded me of cephalopods, even if I was disappointed the resemblance didn’t go farther. And yes, that’s a nit.

Metallic Rouge Episode 9: The X Noah were passable aliens

Not bad, as far as anime aliens go! Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

The X Noah wanted Rouge to stay in the orbital city – for her own safety. I suspect they were earnest in their desire to keep her safe. At least, I’m convinced they didn’t want to detain her under false pretense. Certainly, they didn’t threaten to keep her against her will. Rouge made it clear she intended to leave.

Remember in the previous episode how Rouge declared her determination to free the Nean? Well, the X Noah didn’t seem to be onboard. They saw Neans as warriors to fight their enemy. That just reinforced Rouge’s desire to leave. And her desire to get answers from Naomi – like why Naomi seemed to betray her. Why did Naomi hand her over to the authorities?

“You would’ve been dismantled right away if I hadn’t,” Naomi said (18:08).

Rouge responded, “Talk to me before you make decisions like that!”

Delivery: Naomi Wants a Vacation — with Her Friend!

I love exchanges like that! But even though Rouge accepted Naomi’s explanation, she was still angry. I’d be, too. So Rouge demanded Naomi accept a single punch. Now, keeping in mind that Rouge’s a combat model and she’s willing to punch puppies, I was a little apprehensive for Naomi’s face. Her glasses, too. But Rouge clearly pulled her punch and even helped Naomi to her feet. The only thing she still asked of Naomi (18:44)?

“You’re gonna stay with me, right?” 

At this point, all looked well! They were friends again. My favorite dynamic in the show was back in operation! However, the X Noah decided to test it right away. They admitted they weren’t going to stop Rouge from going to Venus. But they had plans for Naomi – in essence, she couldn’t get off work. So, they said she couldn’t go with Rouge.

Metallic Rouge Episode 9: Rouge had an adorable pout

Some day, pouts like this will lose their appeal. Today is not that day. Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

Naomi said (20:19), “I hereby request a day off,” even before I could get worried they’d be split up again. Since the X Noah pride themselves on making logical decisions, Naomi had to defend her request, saying, “Since the day I was born, I’ve never had a single holiday. It’s been academically proven that taking a day off improves one’s work efficiency. I have the data right here.”

And just like that, just in time for the final episodes (I think – MAL says it has 13 episodes in this season), Naomi and Rouge are back to adventuring together. High time, too. They’re fine on their own. But together, there’s a charismatic magic that makes me want to see more. I’m going to study how the writers achieved that – I want the folks who read my books to feel the same way about some of my characters!

What did you think of Rouge’s pout? What  were your favorite moments? Feel free to let me know in the comments!

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4 thoughts on “Metallic Rouge Episode 9: Favorites

  1. I did like that the original duo is back together, but I also liked that Rouge didn’t just let Naomi get away with all her antics without repercussions. Naomi totally deserved that punch, and I’m glad that Rouge didn’t completely trust Naomi right away. It really makes their friendship seem more realistic.

    1. You make a great point. Naomi absolutely deserved that punch. And it was thoroughly cool that Rouge pulled her punch.

      But not too much!

      It looks to me like Rouge has become a little more assertive, which I think’s great. You’re right — their friendship feels more realistic right now!

  2. So, there were four Immortals with the Alters, including Aes, who we may reasonably think is going undercover. There are four Immortals whom Rouge has killed, and whose ids are now in the Alters’ hands. And there is the black one who sided with Rouge, whose id has also been taken but remains alive for the moment. That makes all nine. Which leaves Rouge as the tenth and Cyan as the eleventh. I suppose we could call Naomi Nean Number Zero, for a total of a dozen. And now we know why she’s called the Divine Intermediary, acting as a go-between for humans and Visitors.

    The theory of the Usurpers aiding the Nean rebellion has certainly proven true. I somehow doubt they’ll honor any deals they may have made with Silvia and company, but at least we now have a concrete idea of their plan, and it boils down fairly simply: divide and conquer. Upend and invade at the same time. And since the Alters have all nine of the Immortal ids, now they only need Rouge’s tenth id to unleash the Neans, it would seem.

    1. I can’t decide of Aes/Alice is going undercover — or if Alice is firmly on the site of the Alters and Aes is undercover. Or just along for the ride.

      It’s an interesting political situation in this story, isn’t it? I think you’re right about “divide and conquer.” It’s an old trick, and it works.

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