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Mieruko-chan Episode 10 Review – Quick Summary

In Mieruko-chan Episode 10, “Don’t Look,” the crows gathered thick around the apartment of Zen Touno as his neighbor tired to give him some leftovers. She noticed some blood on his hands, but he explained it away saying he had broken a glass. Then he thanked her for the leftovers and closed the door. So, why all the crows? At school, Miko Yotsuya noticed something very concerning: Hana Yurikawa was getting weaker and weaker. Does it have something to do with the teacher? Does Miko dare consult with Yulia Niguredou? And if Miko concludes that the apparitions are actually draining Hana, then what? Does that mean Miko will have to stop ignoring them?

Note: This post may include spoilers, so be cautious.

Favorite Quote from Mieruko-chan Episode 10

Mieruko-chan Episode 10: Miko felt very, very grateful for Hana's hunger.

Miko’s relief was so great she almost confessed to Hana! Capture from the Funimation stream.

Things got a little more interesting in this episode. The more Zen Touno is near Hana, the more hungry Hana becomes. We know that Hana has a robust appetite because of her amazingly bright aura. Now we know something else: Either proximity to Zen Touno or some other property of his is draining her. And it’s getting worse.

It got so bad, in fact, that Hana needed to go to the nurse’s office to lie down. Miko helped her. She had been in a tight spot between an apparition and Zen Touno, so she felt especially grateful to Hana for giving her a reason to leave. So intense was Miko’s relief that she tearfully expressed herself to Hana.

 “I love you,” she said, wearing an expression that would be very easy for Hana to misinterpret.

To which Hana replied (11:25), “Wait. Am I dying?”

As long as Hana’s around, I think Miko’s going to be okay!

Best in Show Moment for Mieruko-chan Episode 10

Mieruko-chan Episode 10: Yulia misunderstood Miko's expression. Again.

Miko didn’t like the direction her thoughts were leading. But it was an important direction! Capture from the Funimation stream.

Setup: The Status Is Not Quo

Can the ghost/apparitions/whatever hurt Miko? We still don’t know for sure, though the evidence for them being able to affect Hana suggests that there’s not a clear demarcation between our world and theirs. If the spirits around Zen Touno can drain Hana, then they can likely affect other living creatures as well. Though it’s not even clear if it’s the spirits or Zen Touno himself that’s the cause.

My favorite scene involves Miko coming to the understanding that she can’t just ignore these apparitions anymore. Yulia helped her see why. Yulia had seen Miko helping Hana to the nurse’s office. Worried about her friend, Yulia stopped by to check on Hana. She found Hana healthy but weak from what seemed to be starvation, despite her having eaten more than enough. Yulia offered Hana some candy, which Hana unwrapped expertly and swallowed. Her aura brightened considerably, and that was something Yulia could see. Then Hana mentioned something about Zen Touno thinking she was so weird for leaving class over hunger.

“Even your life aura would get drained being around him and those spirits,” Yulia said, clearly without thinking (13:27).

Mieruko-chan Episode 10: Miko was shocked that Yulia spilled the beans

Miko was aghast that Yulia would blurt out something about Hana’s aura to Hana! Capture from the Funimation stream

“My life what?” Hana answered.

It was cute seeing Yulia freeze in panic. It was also funny seeing how shocked Miko was. Yulia tried to recover and actually came up with a rewording that put Hana at ease. But it really got Miko thinking. She thought so hard that she looked hostile. Hostile enough, in fact, to prompt Hana to remark on it. And hostile enough to send Yulia into a panic!

Delivery: Miko Understood Yulia’s Implication

What Miko was thinking so hard about was Yulia’s implication that whatever was going on, it was draining Hana’s aura. 

“…Is that what’s making her hungry?” Miko wondered (14:24). 

Mieruko-chan Episode 10: Hana enjoyed Yulia's candy

As Hana happily munched on Yulia’s candy, Miko came to an uncomfortable realization. Capture from the Funimation stream.

That seemed to be the moment when Miko knew that the status quo wasn’t working. Certainly with no small reluctance, she knew she would have to do something other than ignore the ghosts. The scene ended with some comedy. Namely, Miko wondered if there were things Yulia could see that she couldn’t. So she asked Yulia if they could talk privately. Yulia, of course, misinterpreted the request as springing from Miko’s imaginary fury that Yulia had spilled the beans. So Yulia fled!

But the key point is that Miko knows things have to change. That’s going to be fun to watch!

What did you think of the two school girls accidentally saving the kitten at the end? What were your favorite moments? Please feel free to let me know in the comments!

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6 thoughts on “Mieruko-chan Episode 10 Review – Best In Show

  1. I figured out the connection between Hana’s hunger before the show revealed it, but I’d never made the connection in past episodes. It made sense, though. The show’s been pretty good at setting it up (I think me figuring this out the exact episode of the reveal is prove of that).

    1. I saw hints that something was up, but I hadn’t put the pieces completely together, either! I really enjoy a show that can hide something like that in plain sight, but that’s still perfectly logical in retrospect.

  2. This was an important episode in finally clarifying that the apparitions can pose real risks to ordinary people. Yulia and Miko need to share notes. I think having Yulia run off in fear was silly way to further delay what should have happened a couple of episode ago.

    1. Yeah — it does feel like a plot device, doesn’t it?

      I do feel sorry for Yulia, though. She’s never had anyone she can trust, so she has absolutely no idea how to interpret Miko’s actions! I really do hope they compare notes soon.

      I’m beginning to think Hana’s health depends on it!

      1. Given that we know for a fact that prayer beads can frighten off at least the weaker apparitions and that friendly creatures are found at religious shrines, I don’t understand why she wouldn’t have explored the religious aspect much more closely. I’d be hitting up priests and shamans for advice/protection and dropping money at shrines and temples.

        Maybe get some prayer beads held together by more than fishing line. Maybe do some prayers herself.

        Nine episodes in and she’s still much too passive. Can’t believe she still hasn’t figured out that teach is a cat killer. Does that make him a Neko-mancer?

        1. I remember at least part of my time in high school. My hobbies were astronomy and theology. For the former, I got some strange looks, but no outright teasing. For theology, though? Kids had no idea what to make of it.

          She went to the shrine in the first place, and it really seemed like beyond some basic prayer forms (that she seems to have gotten wrong), she didn’t know what she was doing.

          Now, if she ever actually talks to Yulia, and if they then team up with the older woman, that could set some interesting plots in motion. Especially when they have the Copper Top Battery that is Hana with them! All they need to do is keep a couple of bags of sweets on hand, and they’d be formidable!

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