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Mieruko-Chan Episode Guide

Episode 1: Can You See Them?

Mieruko-Chan Episode 1 Review – Best In Show

In Mieruko-chan Episode 1, “Can You See Them?”, Miko Yotsuya seemed like a typical young woman in high school. She mostly listened to her mom. She ignored her dad. Plus, she had a good friend at school. But Miko’s life wasn’t completely ordinary. First, she had a seemingly innocuous interest in occult merchandise. So did her friend, Hana Yurikawa. Second, she had experienced typical high school students don’t have. One day when coming home from school, her phone seemed to misbehave. And then she saw… something. Can she maintain her hold on a normal high life? Or will the somethings take her life in a different direction?

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Episode 2: She Can Totally See Them

Mieruko-Chan Episode 2 Review – Best In Show

In Mieruko-chan Episode 2, “She Can Totally See Them,” any hope Miko Yotsuya might have had that her day at school would be normal were dashed almost immediately. Not only could she see the dead. Now, the dead seemed to interact with her friends. A particularly terrifying ghost came out of Hana Yurikawa’s desk and wrapped itself around her. Could Miko get her friend away from the ghost? Or would it follow her to the nurse’s office? Was there anywhere she could go to get away from the ghosts?

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Episode 3: She Still Sees Them

Mieruko-Chan Episode 3 Review – Best In Show

In Mieruko-chan Episode 3, “She Still Sees Them,” Miko Yotsuya takes what should be an uneventful bus ride to meet her friend Hana Yurikawa for coffee. But even that turns into an ordeal when a three-headed ghost tries to trick her into admitting she can see it. When she finally arrives at the coffee house, Miko finds Hana is running late. Even there, in public, Miko is not safe. A philandering man tries to hit on her, and the jealous ghost of one of his ex-girlfriends takes exception. Can Miko find peace anywhere? Will prayer beads help? Or is she doomed to live in constant terror?

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Episode 4: Yep, She Sees Them

Mieruko-Chan Episode 4 Review – Best In Show

In Mieruko-chan Episode 4, “Yep, She Sees Them,” Miko Yotsuya simply cannot get away from the increasingly terrifying ghosts. Not at the convenience store. Not under the vending machine. And certainly not in the dark alleys! It got so bad at one point she cried with gratitude when a crow swooped in and stole a coin she had dropped — and that a ghost hovered over. But there had been once place where Miko had been relatively free. And now the ghosts were intruding there, too! Is there anything the poor woman can do to free herself of these apparitions?

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Episode 5: She Sees Them, Too

Mieruko-Chan Episode 5 Review – Best In Show

In Mieruko-chan Episode 5, “She Sees Them, Too,” Julia Niguredou was dead-set on becoming Mitsue Takeda’s apprentice. In fact, Julia badgered the old woman about it so much that in and effort to get rid of Julia, the old woman gave her some cheap prayer beads. But Julia, being Julia, thought the gift mean she was now the older woman’s apprentice! So it was with disbelief that Julia tried to visit again and saw the “closed” sign on Mitsue’s old booth. Even worse, a worker nearby said Mitsue had retired to the countryside. There could be only one explanation: Miko Yotsuya and Hana Yurikawa, the last two people to visit, must have done something. But what? And is it true that Miko can see ghosts — the same ghosts that Julia sees?

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Episode 6: She Sees Real Crazy Ones

Mieruko-Chan Episode 6 Review – Best In Show

In Mieruko-chan Episode 6, “She Sees Real Crazy Ones,” Miko Yotsuya and Hana Yurikawa were walking home from school in broad daylight. Should be a safe activity, right? Well, not for Miko! In front of them, Miko saw a ghost more hideous than any she had seen before. And it seemed to be attracted to Hana! As usual, Miko was faced with the problem of trying to evade the hideous apparition while not letting it know she can see it. What will she do this time? And how much more of this can Miko take?

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Episode 7: Did You See That?

Mieruko-Chan Episode 7 Review – Best In Show

In Mieruko-chan Episode 7, “Did You See That?,” Yulia Niguredou ruminated on the humiliation she received at the hands of the arch mage Miko Yotsuya. At least, that’s how Yulia saw it. So, when she saw that Hana Yurikawa suspected a hidden talent for photography, Yulia used that as an excuse for a trip to the scenic (haunted) mountains. Surely, Miko would have to let on that she could see the ghosts that Yulia planned to exorcise! Then, seeing Yulia’s skills, Miko would have to acknowledge her! But Yulia did not count on Miko’s awesome display of power — which is to say, Yulia completely misunderstood what happened next! Which was probably good for her sanity…

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Episode 8: The Things She Sees

Mieruko-Chan Episode 8 Review – Best In Show

In Mieruko-chan Episode 8, “The Things She Sees,” Miko Yotsuya and her brother Kyousuke went shopping for a gift to their mother. Nothing could be more wholesome, right? Well, first there was a long-necked ghost in the changing room. To that ghost’s credit, she thought Miko looked good in the dress she tried on. But that was nothing compared the what Miko saw on the train ride home…

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Episode 9: Things She’s Seen Before

Mieruko-Chan Episode 9 Review – Best In Show

In Mieruko-chan Episode 9, “Things She’s Seen Before,” Miko Yotsuya is horrified to see that her substitute teacher is Zen Touno, who she had met before. Most of Miko’s female classmates think of him as a young, hot teacher. Miko, though, sees that he is surrounded by the ferocious spirits of dead cats. Can Miko protect Hana Yurikawa and Yulia Niguredou from this new, physical threat? Or is the situation even more complicated than that?

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Episode 10: Don’t Look

Mieruko-Chan Episode 10 Review – Best In Show

In Mieruko-chan Episode 10, “Don’t Look,” the crows gathered thick around the apartment of Zen Touno as his neighbor tired to give him some leftovers. She noticed some blood on his hands, but he explained it away saying he had broken a glass. Then he thanked her for the leftovers and closed the door. So, why all the crows? At school, Miko Yotsuya noticed something very concerning: Hana Yurikawa was getting weaker and weaker. Does it have something to do with the teacher? Does Miko dare consult with Yulia Niguredou? And if Miko concludes that the apparitions are actually draining Hana, then what? Does that mean Miko will have to stop ignoring them?

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Episode 11: She Looks

Mieruko-Chan Episode 11 Review – Best In Show

In Mieruko-chan Episode 11, “She Looks,” Miko began to feel desperate. The presence of Zen Touno, the teacher surrounded by angry cat spirits, was taking an ever greater toll on Hana. In fact, it had gotten to the point that Hana had to constantly snack during class, or she might pass out. So Miko came up with a plan: Follow Zen until he threatened a cat, then call the police. But Miko being Miko, she did not want to put Hana at risk, so Miko followed Zen alone. Was that wise? What will Miko do if he discovers her? And will the spirit that seems to follow Zen object to Miko’s presence?

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Episode 12: The Girl Who Sees

Mieruko-Chan Episode 12 Review – Best In Show

In Mieruko-chan Episode 12, “The Girl Who Sees, Mieruko-Chan,” it looked like Miko had triumphed over Zen’s mother, with the help of the two Sankai. But Yulia’s observation that spirits sometimes haunt those who sympathized with them just drove home an important fact: Miko really didn’t understand her power at all. Why did she have it? What did it really tell her? How could she learn more? And someone sent a photograph of a faceless Miko and Hana to Mitsue Takeda mean. What did that mean?

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