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My Dress-Up Darling Episode Guide

Episode 1: Someone Who Lives in the Exact Opposite World as Me

My Dress-Up Darling Episode 1 Review – Best In Show

In My Dress-Up Darling Episode 1, “Someone Who Lives in the Exact Opposite World as Me”, Wakana Gojou dearly loved his grandpa’s profession, which was creating hina dolls. Wakana, blown away by the beauty and grace of the creations, wanted to follow in his grandfather’s footsteps. However, when one of his young friends discovered he liked dolls, she exploded in indignation. How dare he do something clearly meant for little girls? She screamed that she hated him and stormed off. He made no new friends after that. Years later, now in high school, he kept his passion secret. That is, until Marin Kitagawa, one of the popular girls in high school, walked in on him borrowing the home-ec classroom’s sewing machine because his sewing machine at home had broken. How will she react? Will she blow his cover? Will he need to find another school?

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Episode 2: Wanna Hurry Up, and Do It?

My Dress-Up Darling Episode 2 Review – Best In Show

In My Dress-Up Darling Episode 2, “Wanna Hurry Up, and Do It?,” Wakana Gojou accepted the grave responsibility of creating a cosplay outfit for Marin Kitagawa. Ever the diligent and responsible young man, he asked about the source material. He was completely unprepared for her description of the characters from Saint Slippery’s Academy for Girls. Actually, that’s an understatement. He had no idea even how to become prepared for something like that. Is he in over his head? Can he actually make a cosplay outfit for Marin? Or is she just messing with him?

Note: This post may include spoilers, so be cautious.

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Episode 3: Then Why Don’t We?

My Dress-Up Darling Episode 3 Review – Best In Show

In My Dress-Up Darling Episode 3, “Then Why Don’t We?”, Wakana Gojou had to endure one of the his most difficult challenges yet: He had to meet all three of Marin Kitagawa’s friends — at the same time! In public! Will he be able to get through the experience? And if he does, will he be able to survive the shopping trip that Marin has planned for him – including the completely embarrassing lingerie shop?

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Episode 4: Are These Your Girlfriend’s?

My Dress-Up Darling Episode 4 Review – Best In Show

In My Dress-Up Darling Episode 4, “Are These Your Girlfriend’s?”, Wakana Gojou has to come to grips with a terrifying realization: He’s never sewn an outfit for a full-sized human before, and he does not think he can have it done in time for Marin Kitagawa’s cosplay event! That was before his grandfather fell and hurt himself (not seriously!) and Wakana realized that midterms were next week! Does Wakana have any chance of finishing the cosplay outfit in time? Or will he leave Marin bitterly disappointed?

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Episode 5: It’s Probably Because This Is the Best Boob Bag Here

My Dress-Up Darling Episode 5 Review – Best In Show

In My Dress-Up Darling Episode 5, “It’s Probably Because This Is the Best Boob Bag Here,” Marin Kitagawa liked Wakana Gojou’s costume so much that she could not wait for him to take pictures. In fact, she was so happy with the costume that she could barely calm down enough to get into character! But she managed it. The pictures came out so well that she felt inspired to go to the cosplay event. She asked Wakana to go with her. Is that such a good idea, given how Wakana reacts to crowds? Is the costume really ready, or are there glitches? And how will the public react to Marin’s debut as Shizuku-tan?

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Episode 6: For Real?!

My Dress-Up Darling Episode 6 Review – Best In Show

In My Dress-Up Darling Episode 6, “For Real?!,” Marin Kitagawa tried to process Wakana Gojou calling her beautiful just before he fell asleep on the train. Did it mean what she thought it means? If it does, what does that mean? Does she have feelings for him, too? Would he even notice if she did? Later, a mysterious stranger happens to show up in front of the Gojou hina doll shop. Since she was alone and soaking wet, Kaoru Gojou invited her into the shop, then left as soon as Wakana got home, saying a friend was waiting for him. With a shock, Wakana realized he only had one friend, and Marin was at work! Had grandpa just let in a thief? Was their doll collection in danger? Just what did this young woman want from them?

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Episode 7: A Home Date with the Guy I Wuv Is the Best

My Dress-Up Darling Episode 7 Review – Best In Show

In My Dress-Up Darling Episode 7, “A Home Date with the Guy I Wuv Is the Best,” Marin Kitagawa desperately wants to go on a team photoshoot with her idol, Sajuna Inui, but Sajuna just as desperately does not want to share the spotlight. Marin, with the help of Wakana Gojou, make her an offer she might not be able to refuse. Later, to prepare for the next cosplay outfits, Marin offers to let Wakana borrow her boxed DVD set of the series. He will only have to watch 126 episodes! Does he have the stamina to get through them? Will watching it with Marin help – or hurt the effort?

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Episode 8: Backlighting is the Best

My Dress-Up Darling Episode 8 Review – Best In Show

In My Dress-Up Darling Episode 8, “Backlighting is the Best,” Sajuna Inui and her younger sister Shinju Inui take Marin Kitagawa and Wakana Gojou scouting for locations. They find an abandoned hospital that they think would be perfect. But there’s a catch. Meanwhile, Wakana is forced to remember something about an interaction his younger self had had with his grandfather. His reaction surprised him, but it shocked Sajuna even more. How will she react to the revelation?

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Episode 9: A Lot Happened After I Saw That Photo

My Dress-Up Darling Episode 9 Review – Best In Show

In My Dress-Up Darling Episode 9, “A Lot Happened After I Saw That Photo,” Wakana GojouMarin Kitagawa, and Sajuna Inui are deep into preparations for the cosplay photoshoot they have planned in the abandoned hospital. Marin is in awe of Sajuna’s ability to critique her outfit; so much so that she tries, and fails, to imitate her. But Marin and Sajuna both might be missing something important about the shoot – something that might make a big difference!

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Episode 10: We’ve All Got Struggles

My Dress-Up Darling Episode 10 Review – Best In Show

In My Dress-Up Darling Episode 10, “We’ve All Got Struggles,” Marin KitagawaSajuna Inui, and Shinju Inui conducted their photoshoot in the abandoned hospital. It seemed to go well until Marin and Sajuna tried to reenact a scene from the anime that inspired their characters. Can Sajuna handle power of Marin’s gaze? Later, Marin takes Wakana Gojou shopping. Can she find anything he’ll agree to wear? And what is the shocking confession he springs on her?

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Episode 11: I Am Currently at a Love Hotel

My Dress-Up Darling Episode 11 Review – Best In Show

In My Dress-Up Darling Episode 11, “I Am Currently at a Love Hotel,” Marin Kitagawa introduced Wakana Gojou to a new slice of life manga. He really enjoyed it, though he didn’t know what the term “succubus” meant. Marin was more than happy to explain it to him. Did the explanation change Wakana’s opinion of the manga? Will he be able to make a succubus cosplay for Marin? And if he does, where will they find a studio that resembles the manga’s scenes?

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Episode 12: My Dress-Up Darling

My Dress-Up Darling Episode 12 Review – Best In Show

In My Dress-Up Darling Episode 12, “My Dress-Up Darling,” Marin Kitagawa tells Wakana Gojou how she had learned so much money – and how she intends to learn even more. How did Wakana react to this startling revelation? Or was it not so startling after all? Also, can you guess who left their summer homework at school? Actually, that’s probably a pretty obvious question, given it’s not something Wakana would do. Is it too late to retrieve the homework? Or is Marin destined for a bad start to the school year?

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