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My Favorite Anime Community Posts – 2020 Week 32 Edition

Welcome to my favorite anime community posts, Other Posts to Crow About, for 2020 Week 32!

I look for posts that celebrate amazing moments in anime or otherwise blow me away with their wit and charm. By checking hundreds of sites every week, I can tell you that the ani-blogging community’s post quality and quantity are amazing. I hope this list helps you find some of them!

Here’s the list of the sites I check!

Review Order

This week, I reviewed the sites in reverse alphabetical order (Z to A).

My Favorite Anime Posts from 2020 Week 32

Starting Life from Zero

Re:Zero S2E5 – White-Haired Witches and Creepy Clowns

I have to admit that I’m struggling a bit with Re:ZERO this season. It’s a good kind of struggle, though. The first 25 episodes were so powerful and had such an impact that they’ve created a golden haze of myth. The very mention of some scenes can evoke strong emotions. So what’s the problem? Well, first I didn’t think anything could live up to my expectations. Now that we’ve seen the first several episodes, I see that season 2 is picking up right where the first left off. There’s a continuity of goodness. What’s the second problem? The new episodes are packed with so many details and implications that I’m having a heck of a time catching and internalizing all of them! Good thing that I came across this review by Mari on Starting Life from Zero. In a rare back to back appearance in Other Posts to Crow About, Mari demonstrates a deep level of insight that’s consistent through all of her Re:ZERO reviews. What a better handle on what happened in Season 2 Episode 5? Or just want to see if you caught the same details? Then you know what to do!

Check out the post here!

Shallow Dives in Anime

Schrodinger’s Harem: Kirito and the Girls of Sword Art Online

Anime is no stranger to bitterly fought arguments. Some of them are philosophical, like “What does the original ending of Neon Genesis Evangelion mean?” Some are whimsical thoughts, like “Where did Magane Chikujouin from Re:CREATORS go?” It seems like some genres even accumulate their own questions. Take harem anime, for example. Just what do the girls in Rosario and Vampire see in Tsukune Aono? Or why does Kirito attract all the women-folk in Sword Art Online? Ah, but that last one is a trick question! SAO doesn’t have any harems! At least, that was my reaction after watching all of it (at least what’s been out so far). Then I read this post from Dewbond on the site Shallow Dives in Anime. While I had dismissed the harem idea out of hand, Dewbond takes a more nuanced, balanced approach. Regardless of where you stand in the Kirito vs Harem debate, it’s worth your while to see this perspective.

Check out the post here!


Top 15 Best Ecchi Romance Anime of All Time

Sometimes I come across an article that helps me learn something about myself. I kinda feel like I’m watching a 1980s sitcom just by saying that (“and they all learned a valuable lesson”)! This week, what I learned is that I like ecchi series way more than I thought. How’d I come to that conclusion? I read this post by YumDeku on the site MyAnime2Go. It lists the 15 best ecchi romances of all time. Sounds ambitious, doesn’t it? Especially when you consider the lists also contains 8 honorable mentions! It slowly dawned on me that not only had I seen the vast majority of these titles, but I could also place the episode and scene from the screen caps. I can practically quote whole episodes of #12, #11, and #10. #8 has one of the best casts of any harem series. #6… Well, before I further incriminate myself, I think I’ll just encourage you to head over to MyAnime2Go and see how many of the screen caps you can remember!

Check out the post here!

A Certain Dazed Producer


Characters are so important to me that a well-constructed character can make a bad series enjoyable and a poorly-constructed character can make a great series a burden to watch. Some characters are so well-realized that from time to time, I’ll forget I’m watching a show. I’ll begin experiencing the world through their eyes. Those are magic moments; moments when I forget myself completely. Interestingly enough, one of those characters was from The Ancient Magus’ Bride, a series that dealt with the wonders and horrors of magic. I even reviewed the series! If you watched it, then you’ve probably guessed that I’m talking about the character Chise Hatori. I loved that character and series so much that even now, I’m on the lookout for insightful posts about them. This week, I was lucky enough to find one! Written by Daze3x on the site A Certain Dazed Producer, the post gives us a fascinating look at Chise’s character journey. I was happy to see that it covered almost everything I liked about Chise — and then some! See what you think.

Check out the post here!

Anime Evo

The Misfit of Demon King Academy – 05

Sometimes I joke about feeling alone in enjoying a series like The Misfit of Demon King Academy. In reality, I don’t really feel alone, because I like what I like. The entire world could hate Monster Musume, but I’d still enjoy it every bit as much. All joking aside, there are two downsides to liking an unpopular series that honestly worry me. First, if no one else enjoys a show, I can’t share my enjoyment with anyone, even if that sharing is just reading other posts about the show. Second, it probably means that people are missing a show that they might really like! That’s why I so enjoy posts like this one by FlareKnight on Anime Evo. I’ve really enjoyed watching the adventures of Anos, Misha, and Sasha, and it’s good to see that other bloggers get the show. Not only that, but FlareKnight always offers fascinating insights, and this article is no exception. Take a look to see what I mean!

Check out the post here!

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