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My Favorite Anime Community Posts from 2021 Week 10

Welcome to my favorite anime community posts from 2021 week 10!

Every week I look for posts that celebrate amazing moments in anime or otherwise blow me away with their wit and charm. I check hundreds of sites, and I can tell you that the ani-blogging community constantly produces a ton of amazing posts. I hope this list helps you find some of them!

Here’s the list of the sites I check!

My Favorite Anime Community Posts from 2021 Week 10

Anteiku Anime Reviews

Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun

Have you ever tried to write comedy? I’ve read that writing comedy is hard, and based on my experience, I have to agree. Writing a single joke is easy, if the conditions are right. But writing an entire episode, or even worse, a series of comedy? That’s tough. So when I find a comedy that makes me laugh consistently, it’s not only fun, it’s impressive! I’ve written a few posts about funny and light-hearted anime, and among the comedies I’ve watched, there’s one that stands out: Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun. I could tell you why, but instead, I’d prefer to celebrate this post by Blue Hawk on the site Anteiku Anime Reviews. It not only describes what makes the show so charmingly funny, but it also identified the most beautiful character — at least in my opinion! See if you agree!

Check out the post here!

Beneath the Tangles

Isabella, Emma & the Radicality of Love

One of the traits of a well-constructed, well-executed series is how many deep and interesting posts it generates, especially years after the series ends. Consider: How often do you see people still writing about Neon Genesis Evangelion? Quite often! It’s a bonus if the series includes complex characters with realistic ambiguities. A perfect example is Isabella from The Promised Neverland. The character’s motives and actions kept me riveted to the screen during the first season. Even now, I find new articles analyzing Isabella from season 1, like this post by cajk2 on the site Beneath the Tangles. The post is an insightful psychological portrait of a woman caught in a terrible situation, who’s forced to do even more terrible things. Is she a willing participant and therefore a villain? Is she a tragic figure and therefore a victim? Or is she something more? See if you agree with where this article goes!

Check out the post here!

Fortress William


Are you watching Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation? I am. In fact, I’m reviewing it. From my perspective, I’m seeing not only a powerful narrative with intriguing characters. I’m seeing a series that made me see magic as something amazing twice — and let me tell you, that’s not easy to pull off. But oh boy, has the reaction been mixed. What’s driving the opposition? Well, interestingly, I’ve seen very little criticism of the art, the story, or the world-building. Instead, the criticism comes from a different angle. This post by GEATSXSHOGUN on the site Fortress William tackles the issue head on. In fact, it’s right there in the title! The post also does a fantastic job of saying why the show is so compelling. See if the article gives you a reason to watch.

Check out the post here!


Gleipnir Review

Gleipnir reminds me a little bit of Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation in terms of the reaction it provoked. Specifically, the show wasn’t in the least bit shy about portraying atypical sexuality. That added spice to the show, but it would have fallen flat if the characters hand’t been up the task of carrying the narrative. Fortunately, they were. Clair Aoki in particular stood out as a broken character who nevertheless had the courage to pursue something she needed to get done. And she wasn’t particular about how she did it. In fact, in a world like the one portrayed in Gleipnir, if I had to choose one character to fight by my side, it would have been Clair. She was just that resourceful and capable — and ruthless. But her character wasn’t the only good thing about the show, as this review by YUMDEKU on the site MyAnime2Go so capably demonstrates. After reading this review, I’m strongly tempted to binge the series. See if you feel the same way!

Check out the post here!

Two Happy Cats

Demon Slayer the Movie: Mugen Train Review – What A Ride!

Demon Slayer seemed to have been pitched right at my strike zone. Everything from its humor to its characters, and from its pacing to its world, just clicked. You can probably tell if you read the collaboration reviews I wrote with Irina from I Drink and Watch Anime. The series ended with Tanjiro (who I still maintain is the combat form of Tohru Honda) and his friends at a train station. That’s just where the movie Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Movie – Mugen Train starts. At least, that’s what I’ve heard. I haven’t been lucky enough to see the movie yet! Fortunately, I can live vicariously through posts like this one by TwoHappyCats on the site Two Happy Cats. Is the movie a worth successor to the series? Is it even worth watching? This article answers those questions, and more. Now I just have to wait for the Blu Ray…

Check out the post here!

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8 thoughts on “My Favorite Anime Community Posts from 2021 Week 10

  1. Thank you for including my review, I hope you get a chance to watch the movie soon! Also oh my gosh I don’t think I’ve seen a better description of Tanjiro than being a ‘combat form of Tohru Honda’ – perfect 😂😂

    1. “Thank you for including my review”

      You’re welcome!

      “I hope you get a chance to watch the movie soon!”

      Me, too! I’m seriously considering buying the Blu Ray. At least, I hope they release it on Blu Ray!

      Glad you liked my description of Tanjiro! I was reviewing both series around the same time, and it just hit me how similar they were! Especially at the end of episode 16, when Tanjiro used Fifth Form, Blessed Rain After the Drought. That still gives me chills…

  2. Oh Wow! Thank you so much for your kind words and linking my post! I absolutely agree, riveting is the word for Isabella. What a rich character she is!

    1. You’re welcome!

      I really enjoyed the theological perspective you brought to the discussion. The fact that Isabella’s character can withstand that kind of analysis is just testament to how well she had been written!

    1. In a series full of interesting and attractive characters, she still stood out!

      And you’re welcome! I enjoyed reading your perspective on the show, and I thought my readers would, too!

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