My Hero Academia s4 ep72 – They Got Me Again

Is it a case of another episode, another fight? Or is it more than that? My Hero Academia Season 4’s 72nd episode, Red Riot, gave Irina (from I Drink and Watch Anime) and me another fight to watch, this time staring Eijirou Kirishima. Want to jump right to the review? It’s Irina’s turn to host, and you can find it here.

As we saw in the previews for the previous episode, it’s Kirishima’s turn to be featured. How’d he do? There’s one way to find out! Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

How’d Kirishima do? Was he able to carry the episode? Did he have help? Let’s put it this way: We get to learn more about his back-story, which has strong parallels to another major character’s story (hint: Izuku!). It involves heroism. It involves sacrifice. And it involves breakdancing!

Yes, breakdancing. In a way that made sense!

You can read the review now over on I Drink and Watch Anime! Please enjoy!

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