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My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 114 – Quick Summary

In My Hero Academia Season 6 episode 114, “A Quiet Beginning,” the pro heroes carefully planned their assault on Paranormal Liberation Front’s headquarter. The assault would be massive: Enji Todoroki/Endeavor would lead an attack on Kyudai Garaki’s testing facilities and Shinya Kamihara/Edgeshot would lead the attack on the Front’s headquarters proper. Even students like Izuku Midoriya/Deku would officially be involved! Finally, they launched the assault. What defenses have people like Kyudai put into place? Is Endeavor as ready as he thinks he is? As where are the nomu in all this?

Note: This post may include spoilers, so be cautious.

Favorite Quote from My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 114

My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 114: Denki Kaminari/Chargezuma was not pleased to be on the front lines

It’s best to get the jitters out of the way before the operation starts! Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

The season’s starting on an exciting note, isn’t it? Do you remember how the Hero Association and the hero schools tried to keep the students away from any kind of real danger? Things have certainly changed since then! We have Deku and friends providing logistical support, which is dangerous enough.

But two other students are going beyond even that. Denki Kaminari/Chargezuma and Fumikage Tokoyami/Tsukuyomi served on the front line! And it seemed to come as a shock to Denki.

Another student who had also been called up, Kinoko Komori/Shemage, had serious jitters. Nemuri Kayama/Midnight had to speak some soothing words to calm her down as the other professional heroes and a handful of students watched.

It seemed like that moment triggered a realization in Denki, because he said (12:51), “Wait, why am I at the very front?!”

It’s a bummer when events catch up to someone like that!

Best in Show Moment for My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 114

My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 114: Rumi Usagiyama/Mirko is my new favorite character

She’s my new favorite character! At least so far! Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

I have wanted to see Rumi Usagiyama/Mirko in action since she first showed up in a previous season’s ED. She looked like she’d be a fun character. Which is to say, she looked confident, she looked strong, and she looked like she enjoyed her job.

If my first impression was wrong, it was that I didn’t expect enough fro her. Seeing her in action was my favorite moment in the episode.

Endeavor and Shouta Aizawa/Eraser Head had just found out they had apprehended a Twice-version of Kyudai. The real Kyudai was busy in the deep basement, protected by a corridor full of nomu. He still felt confident. He still thought he had the upper hand. After all, the heroes had previously had trouble with his nomu. One gave Endeavor a serious run for his money.

At the same time as Kyudai began to put his plan into motion, Rumi decided it would be fun to take out the defending nomu. It looked as if there was nothing in the world she wanted to do more. Apparently, her strength is in her legs (and I think she had blades on her feet), because she kicked the first nomu’s head clear off (Yor Forger would have been proud!). A few more kicks later, she launched into a spin that would put a timber saw to shame.

My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 114: Umi had the situation under control

Well, she seems to have the situation under control! You can’t see it here, but that nomu’s head is already detached. Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

Those moves were cool enough. But my favorite was when the inertia from her spin move let her crash through the wall protecting Kyudai’s inner sanctum. She seemed a little surprised to find herself in the open. Then she caught sight of Kyudai and got this ecstatic grin on her face.

“Are you the real one?!” she asked (21:58).

Kyudai was so scared he turned monochromatic.

What a great entrance! I had looked forward to meeting Rumi, and the experience was more than I had hoped for. It’s saying something when episode 114 of a series can evoke that kind of reaction, isn’t it?

What did you think of Deku and his friends’ role in the assault? What were your favorite moments? Feel free to let me know in the comments!

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