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My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 119 Review – Best In Show

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My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 119 – Quick Summary

In My Hero Academia Season 6 episode 119, “The Encounter, Part 2,” Moe Kamiji/Burnin could not communicate with Enji Todoroki/Endeavor or any of the pro heroes. She and the rest of the rescue crew in the city knew only one thing: a seemingly unstoppable wave of Decay was sweeping over the land. Are any of pro heroes still alive? What’s Tomura Shigaraki’s plan? Where’s Gigantomachia? And what can Izuku Midoriya/Deku to help the surviving townspeople – assuming he can survive himself?

Note: This post may include spoilers, so be cautious.

Favorite Quote from My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 119

My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 119: Katsuki doesn't know who the main character is

Katsuki doesn’t accept gratitude well. Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

The scene where Midoriya realized that Tomura was coming for him very effectively conveyed his sense of dread. But also his sense of determination. He’s naturally inclined to help folks, and his education and training have only reinforced that.

And now he gets to prove it.

He propelled himself away from his friends. His goal? Lure Tomura away from the other heroes and townspeople. But he wasn’t going to have to go alone. Katsuki Bakugou joined him. They verbally sparred until Midoriya finally understood. Katsuki had come along to join in the fight against Tomura. So Midoriya thanked him profusely.

However, Katsuki did not respond well to the gratitude. He got all scornful and stuff, saying (13:26), “What, you think you’re the main character or something?”

Given Katsuki’s temper, I’m not surprised even the writer hasn’t broken the news to him.

Best in Show Moment for My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 119

My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 119: Gran Torino saved both Midoriya and Katsuki

Gran Torino happened by at just the right time. Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

Setup: It Could Be Worse

Did you notice the title? It’s Encounter, Part 2. Encounter Part 1 was back at the very end of season 2 (episode 38). If I had more time and energy, I’d watch that older episode, then re-watch this one to get an idea of how they fit together.

So if you had the time and did that, or if your memory is better than mine and you remember what happened back then, I’d love to hear your thoughts!

As far as my favorite moment goes: I don’t expect a wise head on young shoulders. Which is probably stereotyping, but it seems to hold true. So Midoriya deciding to strike out on his own to lure Tomura away from the other heroes and civilians made perfect sense. I’d even call his decision brave. But I don’t think he thought it through.

My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 119: Midoriya was grateful for Katsuki's help

Midoriya seemed really grateful that Katsuki had come along. Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

Brave also applies to Katsuki’s decision to follow him. Though I do believe him when he says he has a score to settle, I also think he’s there to backup his rival, Midoriya. Be that as it may, there’s another characteristic both of their decisions shared.

They were batshit insane.

They just witnessed a sample of the reborn Tomura’s power. That was power on a scale that I don’t think many of them have seen. Yet, the two of them seemed confident they could take it on. That’s the kind of confidence I rarely see outside of the truly powerful or the truly young.

Delivery: It’s Worse

Then they came face to face with Tomura. Well, a dust veil hid the villain. But his deadly fingertips had almost touched Deku. Suddenly, from left to right, Sorahiko Torino/Gran Torino sped through, grabbing the two students and flying them to safety.

Just as Tomura’s fingertips were about to touch Midoriya.

As soon as Gran Torino had heard Tomura say he was after One for All, he knew what was up. He knew the villain would target Deku. So Gran Torino put himself into position to save the student. 

My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 119: Tomura had almost touched Midoriya

Talk about cutting it close! Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

Even as he flew them to (relative) safety, he expressed shock that they would even consider trying to fight Tomura alone. Saying that Decay was even more deadly than before, he added (17:03), “You’d die just from touching any piece of that downpour of debris! He’s not someone the two of you could take on!”

That was my favorite moment in the episode. A hero of Gran Torino’s caliber, still trying to teach the younger heroes even within the contact of this fight, spoke to me of a long, socially beneficial tradition. 

Of course, I found it stirring how he talked about the surviving heroes regrouping. Seeing Endeavor, Ryuuko Tatsuma/Dragoon Hero, and the others regroup to continue the fight showed a very positive side of the heroes. They might enjoy accolades and perks in peacetime, but in battles like this, they certainly earn it!

But Gran Torino still taking the time to teach was my favorite moment.

What did you think of Endeavor deciding to listen to Midoriya’s warning? What were your favorite moments in this episode? Feel free to share in the comments!

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