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Not Anime, But My Second Book is Almost Here!

I’m gearing up to publish my second novel, Evolution’s Hand Book 2: Dying Breath. You should be able to get your hands on it on December 1, 2022! I’ll post here to let you know when it’s available!

I’m about to reveal the cover to my newsletter group. If you’d like to see the new cover, you can subscribe to the newsletter group here. You’ll also receive a free, exclusive short story called Code Blue set in the Evolution’s Hand universe. I’ll never offer that short story anywhere else, so this is the only way you can get it!

You can also buy the first novel, Evolution’s Hand Book 1: Executive Action, by clicking on one of these links:

  • Amazon: Ebook and paperback
  • Draft2Digital: Choose from a variety of distributors like Apple, Barnes & Noble, and more!

Evolution’s Hand Book 1: Executive Action is available from a variety of sources.

I’ve gotten some great feedback on the first book. I think the second book is even more enjoyable, and the beta readers think so, too! I hope you’ll come along for the ride. And if you don’t, that’s cool! You can still get a free short story.

Happy reading!

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10 thoughts on “Not Anime, But My Second Book is Almost Here!

    1. Thanks! It feels like trying to move a planetary mass! The whole mindset behind marketing is so different from where I usually operate! I really respect folks who can make that stuff work.

      1. That’s the real obstacle. You can write the best book in the world but if you can’t market it it won’t matter. I hope you work it out… I’ll be back with questions when I get there again.

  1. What?! You write novels? That’s so cool! Wow, the cover for your first novel looks so good. I’m very impressed. Signed up for newsletter, done! I can’t wait to read the short story!

    1. I found Jesh Art Studio on Fiverr, and I’m glad to hear you like the cover! I really like their work, too. And thanks for signing up for the newsletter! I hope you enjoy the short story!

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