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Other Posts to Crow About – 2018 Week 21 Edition

Twenty-first week of 2018 edition!

This is a Crow’s eye view of the posts that caught my attention this week. Typically, they’ll be posts that celebrate some aspect of anime, like strong characters, intricate plots, or amazing worlds.

There are only two rules:

  • I have to find the site to read it. I publish a list of the sites I review every week, so please do look for your site! If you don’t see it, I’d love for you to mention your site in the comments. 
  • ​Your post had to have been published during the last seven days (or so)

Remember, you can find a list of the sites I check every week here

There’re a lot of good posts in the anime space. I hope this post helps you find some of them!

Bloom Reviews

Waxing Philosophical: The Benefits of Negative Reviews

With this site’s focus on celebrating anime, you might be surprised that I’d point out a post that talks about the pros of negative reviews. I’ve chosen to highlight this post from Bloom Reviews for two very good reasons. First, “celebration” doesn’t mean ignoring what’s not worthy of celebration. If means focusing on anime that I can celebrate. There’s a difference! Just look at my review of Taboo Tattoo (or save yourself some heartache and don’t!). Secondly, and more importantly, the post has some solid insights on why negative reviews can be a good thing.

Check out the post here!

The Bugblog

Steins;Gate and the Trolley Problem

I adore philosophical problems. The last time I studied philosophy was in ancient times (the 1980s — no, I never had big hair). Well, not counting a recent (and amazing!) discussion in the comments of the site Curiously Dead Cat. I haven’t had to stretch my mind like that for awhile! Anyway, The Bugblog presents a philosophical question that’s interesting all by itself: Let’s say you control a train track switch that would send the trolley/train on one of two tracks. One track has one friend tied to it; another track has six. Which would you choose? To that choice, this post adds unique twists based on the series Steins; Gate! It’s a fun read.

Check out the post here!

Floating into Bliss

[Script] How Comic Girls Nails its Genre

Have you watched Comic Girls this season? Based solely on the pre-season releases, I didn’t think it’d be for me. To be candid, I was an idiot. Now it’s one of the shows I most look forward to watching. There’s so much to it that I find relatable. If you’d asked me yesterday what I liked most about the show, I would have answered that it was the spirit of the main character, Kaoruko Moeta. She keeps pitching manga serial ideas, and she keeps getting shot down. And she never, ever gives up. She has no confidence. She hates her own work. She diminishes herself at every turn. And yet. she keeps following her muse. That’s about the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen! And then I read this post from Floating into Bliss. It gave me a whole new vocabulary for saying why I love this series. But I have the emotional sensitivity of a block of cement. Want to know why the series is so amazing? You’ll need to read someone who’s way more articulate than me!

Check out the post here!

Mechanical Anime Reviews

Dragon Dentist Collab with Iridium Eye Reviews

Dragon Dentist was a two episode “series” that blew me away with its potential, its main characters, and its depiction of dragons. It’s not a perfect show, but I really wish  it would get a series. I thought this review from Mechanical Anime Reviews was a great depiction of the show’s strengths and a fair assessment of its weaker points. If you haven’t seen the series, I think this post might inspire you. If you have seen it, see if you agree with the writers’ assessment!

Check out the post here!

Therefore It Is

Log Horizon: Game Mechanics and Human Rights

Log Horizon is one of my favorite all time series. It’s a serious contender for the next Caw of Fame Award. Yes, I think it’s that good. So I was all excited when I found this post on Therefore It Is. There are a ton of attributes I could site that would, each considered on its own, eventually add up to an explanation of why I revere this series. But you know what? This post just lays it out. Clearly. With no pretense. It’s no exaggeration to say that I felt my faith in humanity was stronger when I read this article. And no. I’m not kidding.

Check out the post here!

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