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Other Posts to Crow About – 2018 Week 31 Edition

Thirty-first week of 2018 edition!

This is a Crow’s eye view of the posts that caught my attention this week. Typically, they’ll be posts that celebrate some aspect of anime, like strong characters, intricate plots, or amazing worlds.

There are only two rules:

  • I have to find the site to read it. I publish a list of the sites I review every week, so please do look for your site! If you don’t see it, I’d love for you to mention your site in the comments. 
  • ​Your post had to have been published during the last seven days (or so)

Remember, you can find a list of the sites I check every week here

There’re a lot of good posts in the anime space. I hope this article helps you find some of them!

100 Word Anime

Friday’s Feature: Appreciating the Transformative Journey of All Might’s Character

From my perspective, My Hero Academia Season 3 has been amazing for a bunch of reasons. The plot’s unfolding deliberately; characters like Tsuyu Asui continue to be powerful and vulnerable and endearing all at the same time; even the villains are captivating! But there’s something else in this series that is maybe the most impressive and affecting aspect: All Might. The character himself is a treat to watch, but what the character’s arc says about the world — and about the people who depend on him — makes the show powerfully unique. Don’t believe me? Check out this post from 100 Word Anime that describes in vivid and moving detail what makes All Might so interesting.

Check out the post here!

Mechanical Anime Reviews

Anime is Important to My Life Regardless of My Age

Peer pressure is a terrible thing. Of course, a strong person can use peer pressure as nothing more than an interesting data point that describes the dominant thinking in a social group; but more often than not, peer pressure prevents people from expressing their individuality. That’s tragic! So it was with great interest that I read this post from Mechanical Anime Reviews. At a certain point in life, if we’re lucky, we realize we are not only allowed to embrace what we love. We realize the world’s a better place if we do. This article states it way more clearly and personally than that!

Check out the post here!

The Nerdy Girl News

AOT Season 3 Attack on Titan Review

I’ve been a huge fan of Attack on Titan since its first episode. Its third season seems to carry on the legacy of the first two seasons! Not content with simply advancing the plot, the series seems compelled to heap obstacle upon obstacle on our heroes — in a way that is immensely fun to watch! But what is it about this season that makes it so enjoyable? This article from The Nerdy Girl News offers a perspective that on one hand taps into some widely acknowledged aspects of the show and on the other hand expresses a unique and interesting perspective.

Check out the post here!

A Piece of Anime

Overlord III Episode 3 Review

There’s always been something about Overlord that appealed to me. It was one of the first series that I reviewed (this being the week I’m celebrating this site’s 3rd anniversary!), and its characters and situations have captured my imagination. And how can you not love a show that has a group of characters called the Pleiades Battle Maids? But as always, I won’t ask you to take my word on it. Check out this article from A Piece of Anime to get some balanced reasons why you might enjoy this season of Overlord!

Check out the post here!

Plyasm’s wormhole

Island: Good animations and sound design can’t save a boring plot

I try to be optimistic about the start of a season, so after seeings its previews, I was hopeful I’d like Island. The characters looked intriguing; the plot sounded like it could be an engrossing mystery. The animation looked top notch. Then I watched the first episode. And the second. And the third. It never clicked. This article from Plyasm’s wormhole does a great job describing the reasons that the show’s just not clicking with me.

Check out the post here!

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