8 thoughts on “Other Posts to Crow About – 2018 Week 33 Edition

  1. I appreciate the shares 🙂

    Rolling through the posts here, I enjoyed Ka-Chan‘s presentation on Amagi Brilliant Park; I personally enjoyed the show for its setup and how the events of working at reviving a derelict amusement park humbled Seiya, making him a better person in the process. The comedy was a bonus, being well-chosen for the show

    As for #moe404 and Non Non Biyori, the anime is a breath of fresh air. Urban folks are especially susceptible to not slowing down and smelling the roses, so seeing seemingly mundane aspects of everyday life depicted in detail was to remind us that there is wonder and joy in everything.

    1. Glad I could share it!

      Good points about Seiya’s development. His intertwined story with the Princess was a lot of fun to watch unfold!

      In my intro to #moe404.’s post, I hinted that I’ve become a little jaded about rural life. There’s been so much support for the post that it’s helped me re-evaluate that position through the show. Thinking back, there were so many less hectic moments that were every bit enjoyable as what I have now. I wouldn’t go back, but I’m glad I was there to experience it!

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