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Other Posts to Crow About – 2018 Week 4 Edition

Third week of 2018 edition!

This is a Crow’s eye view of the posts that caught my attention this week​. Typically, they’ll be posts that celebrate some aspect of anime, in particular strong characters, intricate plots, or amazing worlds.

There are only two rules:

  • I have to find the site to read it. So, if you never see your site mentioned, it might be that I don’t know it’s there! Please feel free to mention your site in the comments. 
  • The post had to have been during this week

There’re a lot of good posts in the anime space. I hope this post helps you find some of them!


DARLING in the FRANKXX Episode 3

Of all the new shows this season, DARLING in the FRANXX has me the most conflicted. On one hand, the animation’s gorgeous. The action’s thrilling, and characters like Zero Two are mesmerizing. On the other hand, insights from posts like Mage in a Barrel’s post on sexual agency bring up points that honestly concern me — and degrade my ability to engage with the show.

That being said, this post from AngryAnimeBitches highlights one of the show’s strong points: the nuanced interaction between characters.

Check out the post here!

Floating into Bliss

[Script] Aria: The Greatest Anime Ever Made

If you’ve read many of my reviews, it may have dawned on you that I try to stay away from hyperbole. Getting all breathless about a series, especially as it’s running, diminishes the value of language over time. I mean, if I say this or that is the “best” or “greatest” or “the pinnacle of anime” too many times, it loses its meaning.

So when I came across Floating into Bliss‘ post whose title comes out and says Aria was the “greatest” anime ever made, I was dubious. I mean, I’ve watched it. I even participated in the recent Kickstarter to fund a Blu Ray edition, so I acknowledged that I enjoyed it. But you know how years go by and the new season dominates your thoughts? I just hadn’t given Aria as a series much thought. Much less considered where it stood in the canon of all anime.

After reading this post, I have to admit I’m convinced that if Aria isn’t the greatest, it’s right up there. 

And you want to know something? Because of the reasons in this post, I concede, based on what I know about the craft, that it’s even a better story than Cowboy Bebop. That’s no small achievement!

Check out the post here!

Railgunfan75’s Geek Blog

Anime in 2017 – Railgunfan75’s 2017 Anime Awards

I don’t know about you, but I think making an interesting and engaging list is hard. You may notice that I’ve stopped making lists of the shows I’m going to watch in a new season. I just couldn’t figure out a way to make the list distinctive and worth your time! So when I find an interesting list, I like to share it.

Railgunfan75’s Geek Blog put together a “best of” list that I had a blast reading. First, it recognizes Re:CREATORS, which automatically wins it points in my book. You’ll need to read the article to see which categories that series dominated! What really caught my attention, though, are some of the categories, like:

  • Best Series that No One Talks About
  • Girl Which Should be the Supreme Leader of the Universe (hard to argue with their choice!)
  • Male Character Which Didn’t Suck (I’m not convinced about their choice here!)
  • Series with the Most Kick Ass Premise

It’s the most fun I’ve had reading a list for a long time! 

Check out the post here!

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