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Other Posts to Crow About – 2018 Week 52 Edition

Fifty-second week of 2018 edition!

This is a Crow’s eye view of the posts that caught my attention this week. Typically, they’ll be posts that celebrate some aspect of anime, like strong characters, moments of beauty, or amazing worlds.

There are only two rules:

  1. I have to find the site to read it. I publish a list of the sites I review every week, so please do look for your site! If you don’t see it, I’d love for you to mention your site in the comments so I can add it to the list!
  2. Your post had to have been published during the last seven days (or so)

Remember, you can find a list of the sites I check every week here

There’re a lot of good posts in the anime blogsphere. I hope this article helps you find some of them!

Anime Paladine

Chain Chronicle: Heacceitas no Hikari

Have you ever had the experience of eagerly anticipating a new anime series, only to get three or four episodes in and wonder what you were thinking? Or should I ask: How often has that happened? In my case, I had that feeling with Chain Chronicle: Haecceitas no Hikari about a year ago. I thought the animation looked strong, I enjoyed some of the character introductions, and I even found the initial world-building to be interesting. Then, a few episodes later, I found I was quickly losing interest. By the time the season had ended, I wondered why I ever thought it would be a good idea to watch it! I often thought about exactly what went wrong, and now I have to wonder no more: this post from Anime Paladine gives a blow-by-blow description. I feel like a dangling plot thread has been tied up!

Check out the post here!

Anime Q and A


It’s important for a leader to let his team members demonstrate their worth. Rimuru, the title-character from That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime, seems to understand that, based on Anime Q and A’s review of episode 11. Quite a lot of interesting things happened in that episode, in fact, and this review has a great overview of the important parts. Most especially, the article understands the importance of Shion’s contribution! We certainly can’t overlook that!

Check out the post here!

Another Anime Review

Goblin Slayer: A Contrarian Overview

I decided to review Goblin Slayer because I wanted to see a more realistic portrayal of combat than I usually get, even in anime. By and large, I’ve been happy with what the show’s given us, but there are some in the reviewer community who detest the show. I don’t necessarily have a problem with that, but I will say that I enjoy reading posts like this one from Another Anime Review — not because it reinforces my view, but because it presents a perspective and supporting evidence that I hadn’t considered before. That always makes a fun read! In fact, the only “complaint” I have about the article is its title — it’s certainly not “A Contrarian” view from my perspective!

Check out the post here!

Down the Otaku Rabbit Hole

Aggretsuko: A Retrospective anime review

It’s sometimes a struggle to get my wife to watch anime. In fact, the last time we watched a whole series together was Soul Eater! Fortunately, my daughter sometimes makes time to watch anime, so I’m not completely alone in my family! She introduced me to the series called Aggretsuko. It has absolutely adorable characters, like Retsuko, who’s a red panda. And yet, it’s a scathing indictment of the modern office environment. In fact, it makes something like Dilbert seem naive! This post from Down the Otaku Rabbit Hole will give you a clear idea of just how funny and insightful the series is. Hopefully, you subscribe to Netflix so you can binge the first season!

Check out the post here!

OOCentral | The Anime Review

Outbreak Company | Worth Watching?

I haven’t talked about Outbreak Company very much except to say that I thought it was a kinder, gentler Gate. That’s not a bad thing, but it’s certainly not a very complete description. Well, I have good news! OOCentral | The Anime Review has stepped in to provide a much more robust description of the show! The review talks about many of the shows finer (and some less fine) points. After reading this article, I want to revisit the series with characters like the elven maid Mycuel and the otaku army officer Minori. Especially the army officer Minori.

Check out the post here!

Random Curiosity

Winter 2019 Preview!

At the risk of sounding like a broken record (which is a primitive analog recording technology that’s making a comeback for some inexplicable reason), I look forward to Random Curiosity’s seasonal previews. I follow some of the major anime sites, like MyAnimeList and Anime Planet, and honest to goodness, I think Random Curiosity’s seasonal previews are superior. Everything I want to know about a new series is right there! You should go check it out. I mean, like right now. Go! Unless you already know exactly what you’re going to watch next season. No, you know what? Go anyway so you can double check! All kidding aside, it’s my favorite seasonal preview.

Check out the post here!

Season 1 Episode 1

My Favorite Anime of the Year – 2018 (Part 1)

Sometimes, when I’m caught up in the weekly review grind, I forget something. I forget to stop, look around, and appreciate what I have. Take the anime we got to watch in 2018. This year brought us some absolutely mesmerizing titles. Which titles qualify for that description will vary depending on who you ask, but this post from Season 1 Episode 1 made me stop in my tracks. This article mentions three titles in particular completely blew me away. I wonder if you can guess which! And even if you can’t, maybe the article can help you remember what a great year we had!

Check out the post here!

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  1. Thank you for the kind mention! I appreciate that you, too, recognize this series’ unique contribution to the overall portrayal of combat in anime; a small dose of realism can be very sobering.

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