6 thoughts on “Other Posts to Crow About – 2019 Week 18 Edition

    1. I think your review was great! And honestly, I should have watched watched A Silent Voice well before now.

      Over the years, I’ve watched lots of folks with different disabilities try to navigate the world. Once, I wore hearing aids in a store just to see how people would react. I wanted to see the world through my son’s eyes, even if it was only simulated. I was amazed — or maybe, it’s more accurate to say dismayed — by the looks I got. Some pitying, some almost annoyed. I still don’t understand the motivation behind those glances.

      But if a movie like A Silent Voice can help, then it’s long past time I got onboard! So thanks for your review.

      1. Oh thank you. I knew this was a sensitive topic and I didn’t want to barge into it like a bull in a China shop. A massive reason why I asked to give Irina a second opinion on it.

        Oh, that response is kind of frightening. While my older brother and some cousins have different levels and while I’ve seen how people react from the outside, I’ve never tried to live through all that myself.

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