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Other Posts to Crow About – 2020 Week 14 Edition

Welcome to a Crow’s eye view of the posts that caught my attention this week! How does a post catch my eye? They have to celebrate amazing moments in anime or otherwise blow me away with their wit and charm. I check hundreds of sites, and I can tell you that the ani-blogging community’s quality and quantity of posts is amazing. I hope this helps you find some of them!

Here’s the list of the sites I check!

Review Order

This week, I reviewed the sites in reverse alphabetical order (Z to A).

Shallow Dives in Anime

Sword Art Online Episodes 1-14: The Aincrad Arc

I don’t have any scientific evidence for this, but it’s my observation that at least some of people who hate Sword Art Online do so to advance their own careers. SAO is a huge target. It’s extremely well known. It has very vocal fans. If you bad mouth it loudly enough, you’re bound to general controversy, and to some ani-bloggers or ani-tubers, that translates into traffic. But here’s the problem, at least for me: I don’t care what you think will drive traffic to your site. I want to know what you think. I want to know why you think that way. Short-term click-bait is wildly uninteresting to me. Don’t tell me how terrible SAO is if you don’t really believe it. Tell me what you honestly think, and why. That’s what brings me to your site. In terms of honesty in reviews, you’ll have to look hard to find a better example than Dewbond’s post from Shallow Dives in Anime. Dewbond watched SAO’s first arc, and he tells us what he thought. Clearly and honestly. You want to know how to write a review of a “controversial” show? This is a great example.

Check out the post here!

Never Argue with a Fish

Anime Corner: Fate/Grand Order- Absolute Demonic Front: Babylonia Review

There are some anime series whose mythology is so deep and broad that, at least from where I sit, they rival the great historical mythologies. That the anime versions borrow liberally from the historical versions is only an indication of how art begets art. We constantly cannibalize our previous works to create new art. Or we did until copyright was extended and trademarks froze our culture so that only a certain few could extend it… But I digress. The Fate franchise is a wondrous and complex thing. I’ve watched both Fate/Stay Night and Fate/Zero. The mythology was part of my enjoyment. That, and the shows were gorgeous. The characters were a blast. Saber/Arturia was one of my favorites, followed closely — and by that I mean very closely — by Rin Toosaka. When Fate/Grand Order – Absolute Demonic Front: Babylonia debuted, I wondered how good it would be, but my schedule was too full to watch it. I think I made a mistake. This post by neverarguewithafish on the site Never Argue with a Fish convinced me. How? Well, it’ll make perfect sense if you read the article. So, please, go read the article!

Check out the post here!

Mechanical Anime Reviews

Teasing Master Takagi-san Season 2: A Growing Relationship

I like a good romance. If it’s mixed with a grandiose science fiction premise that involves galactic empires and intrigue, so much the better, but even more down-to-Earth romances are fine. They just have to have a few specific characteristics — like interesting characters and a lack of contrived coincidences. One of my favorite romantic series was Toradora. It was pretty much everything I want in a romance, and I’ve been looking for something I’d enjoy as much ever since. Have you seen Teasing Master Takagi-san? I missed it and its second season, Teasing Master Takagi-san Season 2, and I wondered if it might be something I’d want to watch. Well, Scott from Mechanical Reviews didn’t miss it. In fact, he has an insightful, absorbing take on the series. It answers my question of whether I’d like the series. What’s the answer? You know what you have to do!

Check out the post here!


Hikigaya Hachiman (Oregairu) – A Tragic Introspective on lies and Isolation, or an Unyielding Edgelord?

Did you watch My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU? I liked it. I think. I put it that way because it did something that few other shows have done, at least on such a scale: it made me feel profoundly uncomfortable. I think that was the point. You had this adorable young woman named Yui Uuigahama who kept reaching out to Hachiman Jikigaya. Rejection’s one thing. But the way he repulsed her seemed to infringe on the existential. I felt terrible for Uuigahama, and then I realized I also felt bad for Jikigaya. New anime seasons came and went, and those thoughts got lost in the noise. Until I read this post by Inskidee on Inskime. After reading this post, I am now more clearly than ever certain that I’m not certain. That doesn’t seem to make any sense? It will if you read this article!

Check out the post here!


Net-juu no Susume, Not SAO, but Romance Online

From romance (Teasing Master Takagi-san) to almost anti-romance (SNAFU), and now back to romance. I really enjoy themes! I love how they spontaneously arise as I scour the ani-blogging landscape for Other Posts to Crow About. This time, I found a great post about Recovery of an MMO Junkie. It’s a series (I feel like I’m saying this pretty often nowadays!) that I haven’t been able to finish, but I want to. And this post by Tanteikid94 from BlazTavern makes me want to even more. Why’s that? Could it have something to do with the insights of things anime sometimes does better than real life? The enjoyable way the series presented the romance between Moriko Morioka and Yuuta Sakurai? You’ll have to read the article to find out!

Check out the post here!

9 Tailed kitsune

Accelerator: The Secret Formula of the Perfect Villainy

I’m trying to think of an anime series that has as broad or well-known as world as the #RailDex series like A Certain Scientific Railgun or A Certain Magical Index. Not only is the world of Academy City vividly fleshed out, so are its characters. I’ve always thought it was the mark of a series worth celebrating when it presents us with a profoundly complex villain. #RailDex gives us a great example: Accelerator (who was so interesting he got his own spin-off series, A Certain Scientific Accelerator). What makes him such a good villain? Misaka from 9 Tailed Kitsune published a post about that very topic this week. It is the most comprehensive and insightful work I’ve read about Accelerator. I’ve been a fan of the series since day one. I’ve literally watched every episode. And I still had fun learning stuff from this article! See if you have a similar experience!

Check out the post here!

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5 thoughts on “Other Posts to Crow About – 2020 Week 14 Edition

    1. “Thank you a lot for including my analysis of our boi Accelerator there! ♥”

      You’re welcome! Honestly, it’s best most interesting write-up I’ve seen about Accelerator. I really enjoyed it, and I my readers will, too.

      “Toaru series are simply amazing!”

      They really are. Even Index III, which confused the daylights out of me, had some really interesting stuff! And it’s so much fun to root for Touma!

  1. Thanks so much for the shout out! I hope you do find it somewhere 😁 and enjoy it.

    The first season is on Funimation and the second is on Netflix so if you watch the dub, there is no continuity of voice actors.

    1. “Thanks so much for the shout out! ”

      You’re welcome!

      “The first season is on Funimation and the second is on Netflix so if you watch the dub, there is no continuity of voice actors.”

      Bummer! And with a series so character-focused, too! Well, maybe if I pretend they just grew up a little over their summer break…

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