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Other Posts to Crow About – 2020 Week 16 Edition

Welcome to a Crow’s eye view of the posts that caught my attention this week! How do posts catch my eye? They celebrate amazing moments in anime or otherwise blow me away with their wit and charm. I check hundreds of sites, and I can tell you that the ani-blogging community’s quality and quantity of posts is amazing. I hope this helps you find some of them!

Here’s the list of the sites I check!

Review Order

This week, I reviewed the sites in reverse alphabetical order (Z to A).

Sakuga Blog


I haven’t talked about the arson attack on Kyoto Animation’s Studio 1. I don’t think I will, because I lack the vocabulary to describe my own reaction and because I lack the skill to speak well enough of those who lost their lives. Fortunately, there are others who have the knowledge, and the skill, to not only speak about this topic, but to put it into context. The catalyst for this discussion is Violet Evergarden Side Story: Eternity and the Auto Memory Doll, the author is KViN, and the site is Sakuga Blog. After highlighting the contribution of some of those who are no longer with us, KViN goes on to describe what this movie means for the future of KyoAni. Does the studio have the depth to recover? I’ll spoil just a bit: Yes. And it’s the why and the how that will interest you. See if you find this article as uplifting as I did.

Check out the post here!


K-On! Stay a While and have Some Tea!

Apparently it’s KyoAni week here on Other Posts to Crow About! And I have to say I’m thrilled about it! This time around, it’s about K-On, a series that is about as pleasant and a healing series as I’ve come across. Not to mention that it has more than its shares of memes! So, what’s the show’s hook? What’s its main dramatic impeller? Does it have an amazing villain? Those questions are tied together, actually, as this post by railgunfan75 on RAILGUNFAN75’S GEEK BLOG shows in fascinating detail. Even though I’ve seen the series, I came away from this post with a deeper appreciation for what KyoAni achieved — and how they achieved it.

Check out the post here!

The Infinite Zenith

A Violet Evergarden Side Story: A Review and Full Recommendation on Eternity and the Auto Memory Doll

It makes sense that we’re seeing reviews of Violet Evergarden Side Story: Eternity and the Auto Memory Doll, since it just recently opened in the West. Still, I like how the theme for this week is rolling so spontaneously. This time, we have an in-depth and thorough review of the movie from the perspective of someone who clearly understands the context and intent of the original series, Violet Evergarden. The series had a certain spirit, and I’ve found that how how I enjoy — and trust — a review depends on how well the reviewer gets that. Well, infinitezenith from The Infinite Zenith just wrote a review that I really, really enjoyed. Not only does it get the original series, it was able to brush aside some ill-advised reviews using a little known tool called facts. I know! What’s the world coming to? See what you think!

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Confessions of an Overage Otaku


Even though I look for amazing moments in anime, I sometimes miss the target. By a huge margin. Take Steins;Gate, for example. A few years ago, I got 8 episodes in and dropped it. Yeah, I know. It was merely good for the first episodes and started to get amazing in the 9th. But I’ve recently started rewatching it, and I’m up to episode 18 now. Better late than never, right? As a consequence of my decision, I started asking myself how I could have missed the signs of how good this show was. There were all there! I’d starting drawing some conclusions when I came across this post by The Overage Otaku on Confessions of an Overage Otaku. I’ve highlighted several posts from this site, and they’re often about the technical aspects of anime storytelling, and this post is a perfect illustration. It explains two key elements that made Steins;Gate so great. You can bet I won’t make the mistake of dropping a series too soon again!

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Coherent Cats

Fruits Basket Episode 27: The Evolution of Kyo

One series I did not make the mistake of dropping, either in its original form or its most current incarnation, was Fruits Basket. Now in season 2, the show continues to be a source of more than its share of moments of drama, engaging themes, and awesome characters. The show’s not in the least bit shy about tackling weighty and even dark topics, as episode 2 demonstrated with Kyo. But as is typical with this show, such topics were even more effectively presented through the interactions with the characters and themes. That’s pretty vague, isn’t it? Well, please let me introduce you to this post by Karleen from Coherent Cats. It does a much better job of describing what made this episode so interesting and — I’ll just come out and say it — special. I’m still trying to figure out the show’s magic, and reading posts like this one helps. See what you think!

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2 thoughts on “Other Posts to Crow About – 2020 Week 16 Edition

  1. As always thanks for featuring my post this week! It’s awesome to featured along side these other great posts and to be part of a wave of KyoAni content. Also excited to see so many talking about Violet Evergarden. It is an amazing film!

    1. “As always thanks for featuring my post this week!”

      You’re welcome! I thought your take on K-On was fresh and interesting.

      “Also excited to see so many talking about Violet Evergarden. It is an amazing film!”

      I’ve got to see it — I’ll keep an eye out for it.

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