Outbreak Company Ep 3: Shinichi better watch himself around Petralka
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Outbreak Company Ep 3 Review – Quick Summary

In Outbreak Company Ep 3, “Thou Art Invaders,” Shinichi Kanou continued to be amazed at how much interest Empress Petralka Anne Eldant the Third showed in the manga he brought from Earth. But Shinichi’s naiveté caused two huge problems. First, bringing up Myucel Folan in conversation with the Empress made her furious. And second, bringing anime and manga into Eldant attracted the attention of some people who were even more furious — and more willing to inflict harm. In fact, they took Shinichi, Myucel, Minori Koganuma, and even the Empress herself hostage. Given how emotional Shinichi seemed to make the Empress, how will she react? Is there any way they can come to an agreement that doesn’t end in bloodshed? And just what is that magical device the terrorist leader keeps handling?

Note: This post may include spoilers, so be cautious.

Best in Show Moment for Outbreak Company Ep 3

Outbreak Company Ep 3: Petralka keeps cool under pressure

Petralka calmly told the terrorist why his plan wouldn’t work. She saved Shinichi’s life in the process. Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

Setup: Shinichi’s Ignorance is Not Bliss

In my favorite moment in the previous episode, I liked seeing the rapport growing between Shinichi and Petralka. That moment was not without its challenges, both from a character and a narrative perspective (if you’re curious, take a look at the comments for my review; Dawnstorm brought up good points). I was interested to see that the show decided to address one of the issues, world building, in this episode. Specifically, I liked what it did with the implications of Shinichi’s goals.

There’s no school yet, so Petralka allowed Shinichi to setup a classroom in his mansion. The only students were children of nobility. Shinichi seemed to enjoy reading manga to them, and they seemed to enjoy listening. But in the background, you could see Koganuma leaning against the door, her arms crossed. She didn’t look happy (04:38).

Outbreak Company Ep 3: Koganuma worried about Shinichi.

Koganuma looked concerned. She explained why to Shinichi after class. Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

After class, she pulled him aside. She tried to lay it out as plainly as possible for him, saying (06:05), “This is a staunchly feudal society, you know. They’re not ready to accept freedom or equality.” She added that she suspected Petralka and others allowed him to move forward because they didn’t understand the implications — yet. “But you’re trying to establish an educational systems that rejects the very structure of the Eldant Empire.”

Shinichi said he knew. But like so many things we think we know, he only understood the concept. He didn’t understand the implications.

When terrorists stormed the school’s grand opening, killed Petralka’s body guards, and took her, Shinichi, Myucel, and Koganuma hostage, he began to understand those implications a little better.

Delivery: Petralka Shows Why She’s Empress

The terrorist leader had the captives bound. He was smart enough to remove the magic rings that allowed Koganuma and Shinichi to communicate with Myucel and Petralka. He was also smart enough to have a plan. The leader had Shinichi brought before him and ordered Shinichi be given one of the rings.

The villain then monologued. He explained that he and his people were infuriated over Shinichi’s values, the very values that underpinned the school they were in. They considered everything Shinichi was doing to be an affront to Eldant’s way of life.

The leader made one tactical mistake, though. He thought that Shinichi was the “ringleader” (12:56). He reasoned that getting rid of Shinichi would make the rest of Earth’s people think twice before pushing their cultural invasion. So he recited a list of the sins Shinichi had committed. Those included teaching kids of any race to read and invading their minds with manga. The leader was psyching himself up. Shinichi accidentally helped him by trying to argue. His arguments were clever, but he forgot who held the sword.

Outbreak Company Ep 3: The terrorist leader is not happy with Shinichi.

The terrorist leader was furious with Shinichi for, among other things, “destroying our historic values.” Wow, that sounds familiar… Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

The leader reminded him by drawing it. He Held it high, telling Petralka to watch as Myucel screamed.

“You fool,” Petralka said (15:03). Calmly, showing that she wasn’t just Empress in name, she explained that Shinichi and Koganuma were just pawns. Killing them wouldn’t hurt Japan. “In fact,” she said (15:25), “were it me, I would set them up as martyrs to incite my citizens.”

Her words had the intended effect: the leader turned his attention to her. She might let herself act emotional when it’s just her and Shinichi. But here she showed she’s still the Empress, with all of the diplomatic savvy that entails. I really liked how she took command of the situation and saved Shinichi’s life.

What did you think of the solution to the fire bomb? What was your Best in Show moment? Let me know in the comments!

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