Outbreak Company Ep 7: Myucel packed herself.
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Outbreak Company Ep 7 Review – Quick Summary

In Outbreak Company Ep 7, “Maid in Japan,” Shinichi Kanou had run out of patience Matoba Jinzaburou. Shinichi had specific anime and model requests for his students, and Matoba kept buying the wrong titles. For example, he bought an adult DVD spoof of an anime series instead of the series Shinichi wanted. Still, Shinichi kept the DVD because he had “other uses for it.” Shinichi demanded that Matoba send him back to Japan for a buying spree. Matoba was reluctant but finally agreed when Shinichi offered to be drugged unconscious at the time. The day of departure dawned, and Myucel was nowhere to be seen. Where did the maid disappear to? And why was one of Shinichi’s bags so heavy?

Note: This post may include spoilers, so be cautious.

Best in Show Moment for Outbreak Company Ep 7

Outbreak Company Ep 7: Shinichi decides to do the right thing and cover Myucel with a blanket.

I think Shinichi’s victory over his own hormones ranks up there with the great Shōnen battles. All joking aside, I’m glad he decided to treat Myucel well. Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

Setup: Shinichi Is Still a Teen…

According to the Outbreak Company Wiki, Shinichi was 19 years old during this series. Do you remember how you felt when you were 19 years old? I can barely remember that far back, except that I drive a 1975 Ford Maverick (a red one) and the ability to think clearly had a major impediment. There were a lot of women folk my age around me, and I thought all of them looked very attractive. The closer any of them were, the harder it was to remember things like my name. Yeah, I was one of those guys.

I don’t know if women experience the same thing in their late teens, but some of them have told me it’s no picnic for them, either. So I’m guessing this experience won’t be alien to anyone. But if I stretch my memory as far as it’ll go, I can remember going on dates, like Shinichi and Myucel did in Akihabara. If you look closely as Shinichi as they go to the arcade, the book store, and even the maid cafe, he’s almost always looking at Myucel. It’s almost he couldn’t believe someone like her would spend time with him, and he enjoyed every second of it.

Outbreak Company Ep 7: Shinichi has eyes only for Myucel.

Shinichi was back on Earth after an extended business trip. You’d think there’d be lots he wanted to do. But he seemed to be perfectly content just looking at Myucel. Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

Remember, he’s 19. So spending all day with someone you adore has an impact. Now that I’m much older, it’s hard to remember just how powerful those hormones had been, but powerful they were. For Shinichi, though, spending all day with Myucel was only the beginning — and he had a big choice to make.

Delivery: …And He Made the Right Call

Myucel, having decided to accompany Shinichi to Earth on the spur of the moment, did not bring a change of clothes. So, Shinichi, trying to be supportive, went to a convenience store to buy underwear for her. I’m not sure what age you stop caring about what people think of you based on what you buy, but 19 is way before that age. Shinichi not only had to deal with that, but the very idea of buying Myucel’s underwear was provocative.

On the way, home, still feeling sweaty and tired from the ordeal of the store, he walked past a contraceptive vending machine. He actually wondered if it was a sign from God (18:35). He tried to shrug it off, but he walked past a couple who talked about how much fun they’d had at dinner — and planned to have later that night.

Shinichi just couldn’t catch a break!

By the time he got home, Myucel had bathed. Wearing one of Shinichi’s t-shirts, she had fallen asleep sitting on the floor with her back against his bed.

Outbreak Company Ep 7: Shinichi came home to find Myucel alseep.

When Shinichi got back, he felt fired up, probably ready to put the moves on Myucel. When he got back, though, he found her asleep and helpless. Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

Remember: Shinichi is a 19 year old male. The freshly bathed woman he finds wildly attractive is asleep, right in front of him, in a t-shirt. He gets points for not taking advantage when he put her on the bed. Then he paused. He was alone, in his own room, with Myucel. Did I mention they were alone? The poor guy had never experienced temptation as strong as this. I don’t think he’d ever had the opportunity! He knew she wasn’t wearing panties. They were still in the bag from the convenience store.

For an instant, his hand started to wander. Then she murmured “Master…” in her sleep. That broke the spell. He covered her up and went to sleep on the floor. Push had come to shove, and he made the right call. He probably felt like he’d aged 30 years, but he put her feelings ahead of his hormones.

Ah, youth.

What did you think of Myucel smuggling herself to Earth? What was your Best in Show moment? Let me know in the comments!

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