Outbreak Company Ep 9: Myucel learned playing in the water is harder than it looks
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Outbreak Company Ep 9 Review – Best In Show

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Outbreak Company Ep 9 Review – Quick Summary

In Outbreak Company Ep 9, “Swimsuit of the Dead,” Minori learned that if she doesn’t take the vacation she’s accrued, she’s get her bosses in trouble. So, what’s there to do in Eldant? Galious came to the rescue and got permission for her to use Petralka’s own imperial villa with its sparkling water and white sand beaches. Not wanting to be alone, Minori graciously invited Shinichi, Myucel, and Elbia. They were delighted, Shinichi more than the others, because the vacation would be, in his own words, “our swimsuit episode!” They were quite enjoying themselves when one of their students arrived. out of breath and terrified. He had hoped to experience Minori in her swimsuited glory, but on the way, he had run into strange creature who had shocked Romilda into unconsciousness. Who were these stalkers? Were they after Shinichi? Who would dare trespass in the imperial villa?

Note: This post may include spoilers, so be cautious.

Favorite Quote from Outbreak Company Ep 9

Outbreak Company Ep 9: Minori preferred that Shinichi not talk directly to her breasts.

Minori is a great body guard! She has saved Shinichi from attackers before, and now she’s saving him from his own ineptitude! Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

I was a young man once. I remember how it was. But I also remember having a vague sense that there are things one does, and there are things that one does not do. I don’t think Shinichi has that sense.

Minori asked him to put suntan oil on her back. I can’t blame Shinichi for being nervous, but when he tried to talk to her, let’s say his focus was a bit low.

“Stop talking to my breasts,” she said.

She gets points to helping Shinichi learn some important facts about life.

Best in Show Moment for Outbreak Company Ep 9

Outbreak Company Ep 9: Myucel was more concerned about Shinichi's safety than her own.

Shinichi’s delivery might have been lacking, but Myucel saw his intent. It both impressed and terrified her! Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

Setup: Minori’s Solid Plan

I’ll give Loic Sleison credit. The young elf knew when he was outclassed. When he saw how easily the nearly invisible people knocked out Romilda — the same Romilda who was a powerful force on the soccer field back in episode 6 — he ran to get help.

Fortunately, Minori took him seriously. They had him describe the assailants to Elbia, and the resulting sketch looked like some kind of small Sasquatch. Myucel and Elbia had never seen such a creature, so Minori unpacked her side arms and said protecting Shinichi was their top priority.

And may I say that I seriously respected Minori’s professionalism at this point? Who else but her would bring sidearms to a beach outing? Well, any competent professional body guard would, and I guess that’s my point.

Outbreak Company Ep 9: Minori is always prepared.

Minori was impressively prepared. Her gun case seemed like it had several extra clips, too. Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

Myucel and Elbia were also all in with the idea of protecting Shinichi. Even Loic, unwilling to look bad in front of the women-folk and probably still smarting from the decision to abandon Romilda, volunteered. Shinichi gets points for asking Minori to adjust the mission’s priority. He asked that the main objective not be to protect him, but to get everyone home alive. A relatively cool moment, but not quite my favorite.

Minori’s obviously a solid tactician. Her plan was to send in Elbia, an expert in close quarter combat, to engage the three Sasquatches and drive them into an ambush by Myucel and Loic, who would hit them with elvish magic. That part of the plan worked. Then the enemy tried to run for it.

Delivery: Shinichi to the “Rescue”

That should have been the end of it. Minori’s objectives were met: the enemy was driven off, and our heroes could regroup and make further plans. Unfortunately, Elbia is a werewolf, and once her blood was up, the whole idea of following orders wasn’t her thing. She chased the enemy. She ran right into one of their traps, which left her hanging upside down.

Myucel had followed her, in part to watch her back. Seeing Elbia trapped, Myucel slammed her hang on the ground and caused a magical hole to appear in front of the fleeing Sasquatches. Two of them crashed to the bottom, but another grappled with Myucel and restrained her on the ground.

To Minori’s consternation, Shinichi, seeing Myucel in danger, sprinted after her. He remembered back to episode 3 when Myucel had taken a stand in front of Petralka. He remembered Myucel sinking to the ground with a knife protruding from her stomach. Despite her begging for him to run and protect himself, he thought (17:05), “Not again! I’m not going through that again!”

Outbreak Company Ep 9: Shinichi's delivery was lacking, but his heart was in the right place.

Yes, he looked like a bit of an idiot. Yes, the flailing detracted from any sense of threat. But the important thing was he was moving forward. That counts! Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

He imagined himself running to Myucel’s protection. In reality? He kind of staggered forward with his arms flailing. His battle cry was more like a choked sob. That’s my favorite moment not because of how humorous it really was, but how brave Shinichi had to be. He had no combat training. He wasn’t in the least bit athletic. In spite of that, he saw a threat to Myucel, and even though he was uniquely unprepared to deal with it, he still tried. Minori’s single gunshot into the air achieved what he could not, but I still think Shinichi deserves praise for bravery. He can work on form later.

What did you think of Shinichi and Myucel’s gloriously awkward play time in the water? What was your Best in Show moment? Let me know in the comments!

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