Outbreak Company Episode 1 Review: Minori Koganuma was a little surprised at Shinichi's imagination.
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Outbreak Company Episode 1 Review: Best In Show

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Outbreak Company Episode 1 Review: Quick Summary

In Outbreak Company episode 1, “I Landed in Another World,” Shinichi Kanou lived a quiet life as a Hikikomori and otaku when he got the first of four surprises: an on-line otaku quiz. He aced all 200 questions. His second surprise was getting a job offer because of his score. The man who offered the job seemed respectable enough, so Shinichi became cautiously optimistic. That was when he encountered the third surprise: a sedative in the celebratory drink! The fourth surprise waited for him when he regained consciousness, and her name was Myucel Foaran. She was a maid, but that wasn’t the surprising part. The surprising part was that she was a half elf! What has Shinichi gotten himself into? Why did he wake up in a mansion? And what did an otaku test have to do with all of this?

Note: This post may include spoilers, so be cautious.

Best in Show Moment for Outbreak Company Ep 1

Outbreak Company Episode 1 Review: Myucel didn't really understand Shinichi, but she knew he was complimenting her.

She didn’t exactly know what he meant by “get off on those ears alone,” but she could tell he wasn’t dismissive or angry about her heritage. Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

Setup: Shinichi and his Otaku Perspective

From the opening moments, the show made it clear what kind of man Shinichi was. He loved anime and manga. You could tell because he had a mammoth collections of both on his shelves. Plus, he had a huge collection of some really cool-looking figurines.

The 200 question test about anime and manga was another example. He aced it. He answered every single question right. Shinichi was the perfect otaku.

The term has lost some of its derogatory connotations in recent years. I think that’s a good thing, because in its ultimate form, represented in Shinichi, it has a very, very important trait. It’s a trait that could make all of our lives better.

Shinichi doesn’t just accept others who are different. The young man doesn’t just tolerate people whose traits would relegate them to the fringes of their society, at best.

No, Shinichi celebrates them. The impact of his approach became apparently very quickly once he was in the Holy Eldant Empire.

Delivery: Myucel’s Surprised Relief

Shinichi and Myucel started out, let’s say, out of sync. Their social expectations were wildly different. For example, when she knocked on his door to bring him some tea, she was so astonished that he opened the door for her that she stumbled (12:00).

Already feeling off balance, Myucel must have thought that her world was coming to and end when one of her long elvish ears slipped out from behind her hair.

Outbreak Company Episode 1 Review: Shinichi thought Myucel had beautiful eaars.

Myucel seemed terrified when her ear slipped out. Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

“Myucel, those ears,” Shinichi said, amazed (12:53). But Myucel didn’t hear amazement. She heard condemnation. All her life, she’d been treated badly because of her heritage. She began to apologize all over herself, even to the point of saying she’d never meant to deceive him. She clearly expected to be beaten or worse.

He asked if she were an elf, and she hesitantly responded that she was half elf and half human.

“You’re half-elf?” he almost shouted. She cringed in expectation of violence. She didn’t expect him to add (13:21), “That’s awesome!”

Far from being prejudiced against her for her heritage, he was thrilled. He was living the otaku’s dream by meeting someone like her. You might say that’s not a sign of acceptance or celebration. You might say it’s more like a fetishization. But I’ll tell you what: I’ll take that kind of reaction over condemnation and violence any day of any week of any year.

And I don’t think Shinichi wasn’t treating her like an object. He was honestly happy to her met, and he told her as much. Her smile, when she saw that he was being genuine with her, was lovely.

What did you think of the idea of marketing “Japanimation” to the Holy Eldant Empire? What was your Best in Show Moment? Let me know in the comments!

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2 thoughts on “Outbreak Company Episode 1 Review: Best In Show

  1. I really enjoyed Outbreak Company, but remember wondering as I watched what it would be like if someone took the same concept/story and told it without the comedy aspect–you know, more realistically. Then came GATE, and I had my answer!

    1. That’s funny, because I had a similar experience. I often call Outbreak Company a kinder, gentler GATE!

      Without Rory. But with Myucel.

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