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Episode 1: I Landed in Another World

Outbreak Company Episode 1 Review: Best In Show

In Outbreak Company episode 1, “I Landed in Another World,” Shinichi Kanou lived a quiet life as a Hikikomori and otaku when he got the first of four surprises: an on-line otaku quiz. He aced all 200 questions. His second surprise was getting a job offer because of his score. The man who offered the job seemed respectable enough, so Shinichi became cautiously optimistic. That was when he encountered the third surprise: a sedative in the celebratory drink! The fourth surprise waited for him when he regained consciousness, and her name was Myucel Foaran. She was a maid, but that wasn’t the surprising part. The surprising part was that she was a half elf! What has Shinichi gotten himself into? Why did he wake up in a mansion? And what did an otaku test have to do with all of this?

Outbreak Company Episode 1 Review: Minori Koganuma was a little surprised at Shinichi's imagination.

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Episode 2: I-I’d better watch it…

Outbreak Company Episode 2 Review – Best In Show

In Outbreak Company episode 2, “I-I’d better watch it…,” Shinichi Kanou barely escaped his first audience with Empress Petralka Anne Eldant the Third with his head still attached. It seemed the Empress did not like being called a loli. Something about it being disrespectful… Shinichi embraced his new job of spreading anime culture and immediately ran into a huge obstacle: Only noblemen and scribes could read. And the kids don’t even have time to play, even if they could read! What can Shinichi accomplish in such an environment? And how will he react after he was exposed to some of the less idyllic aspects of Eldant society?

Outbreak Company Episode 2: Petralka excitedly announced she didn't know how to read Japanese.

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Episode 3: Thou Art Invaders

Outbreak Company Ep 3 Review – Best In Show

In Outbreak Company Ep 3, “Thou Art Invaders,” Shinichi Kanou continued to be amazed at how much interest Empress Petralka Anne Eldant the Third showed in the manga he brought from Earth. But Shinichi’s naiveté caused two huge problems. First, bringing up Myucel Folan in conversation with the Empress made her furious. And second, bringing anime and manga into Eldant attracted the attention of some people who were even more furious — and more willing to inflict harm. In fact, they took Shinichi, Myucel, Minori Koganuma, and even the Empress herself hostage. Given how emotional Shinichi seemed to make the Empress, how will she react? Is there any way they can come to an agreement that doesn’t end in bloodshed? And just what is that magical device the terrorist leader keeps handling?

Outbreak Company Ep 3: Shinichi better watch himself around Petralka

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Episode 4: Fury Spy

Outbreak Company Ep 4 Review – Best In Show

In Outbreak Company Ep 4, “Furry Spy,” the events of the previous episode weighed on Shinichi Kanou. Were the terrorists right? Was Shinichi really a cultural invader? When he asked his boss, Jinzaburou Matoba, the answer was more confusing than helpful. Later, on the way home after school, Minori Koganuma detected an intruder on the grounds. With Shinichi in tow, she investigated. Shinichi was elated when he saw Elbia Hanaiman, a non-human he described as a “furry.” Koganuma was less thrilled than Shinichi, though, because she suspected that Elbia wasn’t an innocent artist looking for interesting builds to draw. Was she really a spy from a neighboring country, as Koganuma suspected? And if those suspicions are correct, what will become of the “furry” that Shinichi just met?

Outbreak Company Ep 4: Elbia pleads for Shinichi to help her

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Episode 5: This Really Is Another World

Outbreak Company Ep 5 Review – Best In Show

In Outbreak Company Ep 5, “This Really Is Another World,” Shinichi Kanou began to teach the students about bishōjo games. While Minori Koganuma was supportive, she had a particular subject she absolutely wanted to make sure she got covered. How long will she wait before Shinichi supports her? Meanwhile, Elbia Hanaiman started her career as an illustrator, and things seemed to go very well. Then, Myucel Foaran noticed that the werewolf suddenly lost her appetite. Shinichi went to check on her, but what he saw chilled him to his bones. Was the Empresses Petralka and her court right? Was Elbia really a military asset — maybe even an assassin? Shinichi felt like his life depended on the answer!

Outbreak Company Ep 5: Shinichi never expected Elbia to be so... wild.

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Episode 6: Soccer… Soccer?

Outbreak Company Ep 6 Review – Best In Show

In Outbreak Company Ep 6, “Soccer… Soccer?,” Minori Koganuma received an extra special package in the mail: a commemorative gold soccer ball from one of her favorite anime series. She was lovingly describing the show to Shinichi Kanou when the ball just vanished! Well, not exactly, but Elbia Hanaiman moved so quickly that neither Minor nor Shinichi even saw her steal the ball. Turns out werewolves love playing with balls! After a squad of soldiers helped restrain Minori, Shinichi got an idea: Maybe a friendly game of soccer would resolve the tensions between the elves and dwarves in his class! Both teams read manga and watched anime to prepare. On the day of the game, even the Empresses Petralka attended. But from the first whistle, the game did not go the way Shinichi had envisioned. Will any of them even survive to the second half?

Outbreak Company Ep 6: The dwarves celebrate Romilda's first goal.

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Episode 7: Maid in Japan

Outbreak Company Ep 7 Review – Best In Show

In Outbreak Company Ep 7, “Maid in Japan,” Shinichi Kanou had run out of patience Matoba Jinzaburou. Shinichi had specific anime and model requests for his students, and Matoba kept buying the wrong titles. For example, he bought an adult DVD spoof of an anime series instead of the series Shinichi wanted. Still, Shinichi kept the DVD because he had “other uses for it.” Shinichi demanded that Matoba send him back to Japan for a buying spree. Matoba was reluctant but finally agreed when Shinichi offered to be drugged unconscious at the time. The day of departure dawned, and Myucel was nowhere to be seen. Where did the maid disappear to? And why was one of Shinichi’s bags so heavy?

Outbreak Company Ep 7: Myucel packed herself.

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Episode 8: The Melancholy of Her Imperial Majesty

Outbreak Company Ep 8 Review – Best In Show

In Outbreak Company Ep 8, “The Melancholy of Her Imperial Majesty,” the dispirited feeling that had tugged at Petralka at the end of the previous episode exploded into a full-blown melancholy. First, the empress just tried to get away for a few hours to read manga. Shinichi and Galious found her in a warehouse and convinced her to return to work. The next day, though, she snapped. She refused to go to work at all. She forbid Galious, Zahar, or any of her court from even entering her room. It fell to Shinichi to rescue the empress for her ennui. Will he try to lecture her? Or does he have a better idea?

Outbreak Company Ep 8: Minori had confidence in Shinichi -- mostly.

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Episode 9: Swimsuit of the Dead

Outbreak Company Ep 9 Review – Best In Show

In Outbreak Company Ep 9, “Swimsuit of the Dead,” Minori learned that if she doesn’t take the vacation she’s accrued, she’s get her bosses in trouble. So, what’s there to do in Eldant? Galious came to the rescue and got permission for her to use Petralka’s own imperial villa with its sparkling water and white sand beaches. Not wanting to be alone, Minori graciously invited ShinichiMyucel, and Elbia. They were delighted, Shinichi more than the others, because the vacation would be, in his own words, “our swimsuit episode!” They were quite enjoying themselves when one of their students arrived. out of breath and terrified. He had hoped to experience Minori in her swimsuited glory, but on the way, he had run into strange creature who had shocked Romilda into unconsciousness. Who were these stalkers? Were they after Shinichi? Who would dare trespass in the imperial villa?

Outbreak Company Ep 9: Myucel learned playing in the water is harder than it looks

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Episode 10: Magical Girl Petralka

Outbreak Company Ep 10 Review – Best In Show

In Outbreak Company Ep 10, “Magical Girl Petralka,” Jinzaburou Matoba brought bad news to everyone: someone had leaked the video of the soccer game from episode 6 to the internet! Military enthusiasts were getting close to identifying the Self Defense Force (SDF) troops amid the magical mayhem! Shinichi came up with a terrific idea to make a movie so they could claim the soccer footage was part of a fantasy film. Minori agreed and offered to direct. Myucel, and ElbiaRomilda would help, too. They needed a star, so Shinichi begged Petralka. She agreed, but she didn’t know about the dragon. And it turned out the dragon wasn’t the biggest problem!

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Episode 11: Plot Silent, Plot Deep

Outbreak Company Ep 11 Review – Best In Show

In Outbreak Company Ep 11, “Plot Silent, Plot Deep,” scenes of students bickering over sparse copy of manga troubled Shinichi. He was even more alarmed when he, Myucel, and Minori witnessed one student refusing to do his chores because he wanted to read manga. As a good company executive, Shinichi, flanked by Minori, brought his concerns to Jinzaburou Matoba. After carefully describing all of the scenes they’d witnessed, Matoba shocked Shinichi by saying, “Isn’t that splendid?” Manga scarcity wasn’t an accident. It was a deliberate policy to increase dependency! But Shinichi’s shock was nothing compared to his reaction to what he learned moments later.

Outbreak Company Ep 11: Minori, Shinichi, and Myucel saw a father and son argue over manga

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Episode 12: Shoot the Invaders!

Outbreak Company Ep 12 Review – Best In Show

In Outbreak Company Ep 12, “Shoot the Invaders!“, Shinichi made a tough decision. He decided to support the integrity and independence of Petralka and her people. That put him at odds with the Japanese government. So much so that they sent a team of soldiers to assassinate him! Fortunately for Shinichi, Petralka, already a seasoned empress, knew the Japanese would make such an attempt. She loaned her very own personal maids — who were also her elite guard — to protect Shinichi. But they couldn’t maintain that level of diligence forever, and Japan is very, very patient. How will they resolve this impasse? Will Shinichi be able to stay with Myucel? Or will the Japanese government’s patience pay off — with Shinichi’s “retirement?”

Outbreak Company Ep 12: She SDF was no match for the maids.

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