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Overlord IV Episode 7 Review – Best In Show

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Overlord IV Episode 7 – Quick Summary

In Overlord IV episode 7, “Frost Dragon Lord,” Ains, Shalltear, Aura, and Gondo approached the old dwarf capital. The Quagoa, under their lord Pe Riyuro, had heard of their approach. So the Quagoa begged the Frost Dragons for help. The lord of the dragons, Olasird’arc, consented. Can Ains stand up the the combined might of the lord of dragons, his three wives, and their fifteen children – some of whom were fully grown? And even if he can, what of the 60,000 Quagoa gathered to oppose him? Or is this just another walk in the park for our favorite undead sorcerer king?

Note: This post may include spoilers, so be cautious.

Favorite Quote from Overlord IV Episode 7

Overlord IV Episode 7: Some things would shock even Ains the sorcerer king

Fall over in shock, indeed! Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

Have you ever had a dog? The ones I was fortunate to grow up with were the loyal and loving creatures. If I had been gone awhile – say, when I moved out and only came back to visit from time to time – one of them in particular would get so happy he couldn’t hold his bladder.

I never made fun of him for it. That was just his way of saying he was overjoyed to see me. It turns out he had an unexpected friend in the bespectacled dragon named Hejinmal. Ains gave the dragon to Aura as a pet (and the raw power of that move is kind of scary to contemplate), so Aura cast an intimidation spell (or something similar) to reinforce his ownership. It apparently worked really, really well because the dragon made a wet spot on the ground.

Embarrassed, he said it was because he was overjoyed. Ains, being the considerate undead sorcerer king that he is, said it was understandable and could not be helped.

“Then, should we all be doing that, as well?” Shalltear asked brightly. No, that’s not my favorite quote and no, that’s not one of my kinks. Seriously. Why would you think that?

My favorite quote is Ains’s response, which was (09:00), “If any of you ever did that, I would fall over in shock.”

Which is a pretty funny mental image if you think about it!

Best in Show Moment for Overlord IV Episode 7

Overlord IV Episode 7: Ains took the opportunity to try to teach Shalltear and Aura

Ains could have laughed it off. But he didn’t! Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

Setup: Ains is Stepping Up His Emotional Game

I think Ains is getting a lot better at interacting with his people. Remember how he refused to panic when Albedo burst into tears back in episode 3? In this episode, Shalltear, overcome with gratitude, threw herself sobbing into Ains’s arms. And once again, Ains did not panic. He managed to keep himself together and comforted her.

They grow up so fast…

Overlord IV Episode 7: Ains comforted Shalltear

She’s crying in his arms, and she just mowed down about fifty thousand Quagoa! Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

That wasn’t my favorite moment, though the weeping Shalltear was quite a contrast to the killing machine that stood atop the mountain of dead Quagoa. Damn, what a monster Shalltear can be! No, my favorite moment reflects how Ains is beginning to step it up. Yeah, he’s a goof. Yeah, his followers look for every excuse to make him look good.

But he knows neither is a good long-term strategy.

Delivery: Ains is Serious about Helping His People

Ains tried to come clean: he tried to tell Aura and Shalltear that he had actually screwed up in thinking there was an enemy strong enough to kill two Death Knights. Shalltear burst out that she knew – she knew that he faked not knowing to help her grow. 

“Looks like you found me out,” Ains said (19:35). The old Ains would have left it at that. But now, he’s looking ahead. He is honestly interested in seeing his people grow and develop. My favorite moment is when he added (19:38), “But there may be times I make a mistake or decipher things incorrectly. Keep that in mind.”

Overlord IV Episode 7: Ains' concern overwhelmed Shalltear

We’ve had a couple of great Shalltear episodes. I think it’s Albedo’s turn now, isn’t it? Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

Shalltear tearfully pledged to do just that.

Seeing him put aside his desire to look good in front of his people precisely to help them succeed? That’s good stuff. And it also shows character growth, so it’s a two-fer! That’s why I chose it as my favorite moment.

What did you think of Ains’s confrontation with Olasird’arc? What were your favorite moments in this episode? Feel free to let me know in the comments!

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2 thoughts on “Overlord IV Episode 7 Review – Best In Show

  1. I really Liked the scholarly heavy set dragon he was my favorite and i really liked how the dwarf guy wanted to spare dragon’s mother. Of course the part where all the dragon ladies are like I raised him was pretty funny and it was nice to Ainz spare them . Plus he didnt fat shame thr dragon either he just assumed that was how frost dragons stayed warm.

    1. Little details really elevate a show, don’t they? I particularly enjoyed the scene with those dragon ladies. At first, I thought they all said they were his mother because they just wanted to live — but no, that was how their society worked! A lot of shows wouldn’t have given us that kind of cool detail, but this one did.

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