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Overlord IV Episode Guide

Episode 1: Ains Ooal Gown Nation of Leading Darkness

Overlord IV Episode 1 Review – Best In Show

In Overlord IV episode 1, “Ains Ooal Gown Nation of Leading Darkness,” Momonga, wishing to be known as Ains Ooal Gown, had a problem. He wasn’t sure how he wanted to rule his kingdom. Albedo had some ideas that sounded great – but that would have left a lot of corpses in their wake. Aura and Mare had other ideas that, while being less dangerous, were no less far from the mark. What will Ains Ooal Gown decide? Who else can he ask? And is he sure he created Pandora’s Actor that way?

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Episode 2: Re-Estize Kingdom

Overlord IV Episode 2 Review – Best In Show

In Overlord IV episode 2, “Re-Estize Kingdom,” Ains Ooal Gown weighed his hopes for the future of his kingdom against his need to entrust said kingdom to Albedo and Demiurge. Can he find a way to entice them to follow his wishes without appearing weak or sentimental? Can he translate his vision into a language they would respect? And can he talk Fith into not blaming herself for his deep sighs? Because if he can’t, she might do something drastic!

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Episode 3: Baharuth Empire

Overlord IV Episode 3 Review – Best In Show

In Overlord IV episode 3, “Baharuth Empire,” we got a quick flashback to Ainz Ooal Gown sending Albedo on her mission to the Re-Estize Kingdom. Purely for medicinal purposes, she asked for a kiss. Can you guess how Momonga responded? Later, Jircniv Rune Farlord El Nix felt desperate to find a way to defeat his new overlord, Ainz Ooal Gown, so he reached out to a source he thought might give him an edge. Was that a smart move? Or could something, somehow, go wrong? And if it does, what would Ainz Ooal Gown do about it?

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Episode 4: The Ruler of Conspiracy

Overlord IV Episode 4 Review – Best In Show

In Overlord IV episode 4, “The Ruler of Conspiracy,” Ainz Ooal Gown secretly entered into the kingdom of Jircniv Rune Farlord El-Nix for a very good reason: he had no idea how to act at a state-level formal greeting. But he was anxious to move forward his plan to recruit adventurers. That explained why he showed up at the arena. The Warrior King, Go Gin, stood ready to do battle. How would Ainz Ooal Gown do against this massive warrior? Could Ains Ooal Gown win over the crowd? And why was Jircniv cheering so loudly for Go Gin?

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Episode 5: In Pursuit of the Land of Dwarves

Overlord IV Episode 5 Review – Best In Show

In Overlord IV episode 5, “In Pursuit of the Land of Dwarves,” the Lord Ains had an idea that was shocking in two respects. First, he came up with it on his own. Second, it was a great idea. That’s being a little unfair, but the Lord Ains did act with speed and purpose. His goal was to establish diplomatic relations with the dwarf kingdom, and he took Shalltear and Aura Bella Fiora with him. What they found was quite unexpected. And what they subsequently learned was flat out alarming. Can Lord Ains adjust his plan to account for the new information he received? Will Albedo and Demiurge hold things together while he’s gone? And can Shalltear tone it down enough not to destroy everything in her path?

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Episode 6: The Impending Crisis

Overlord IV Episode 6 Review – Best In Show

In Overlord IV episode 6, “The Impending Crisis,” Ains Ooal Gown arrived at the dwarven city even as they closed their front gates against their gathering enemy. His offer: to protect them from that enemy, the Quagoa. All he asked for was a favorable trade arrangement. Oh, and all of their runesmiths. The dwarven general knew their chances without Ain’s help. Yet, members of the dwarven council had their doubts – or terrors, more like it. Can they overcome their fear and loathing to accept Ain’s offer? Or will they perish at the hands of their enemies? And will Shalltear ever run out of paper for taking notes?

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Episode 7: Frost Dragon Lord

Overlord IV Episode 7 Review – Best In Show

In Overlord IV episode 7, “Frost Dragon Lord,” AinsShalltearAura, and Gondo approached the old dwarf capital. The Quagoa, under their lord Pe Riyuro, had heard of their approach. So the Quagoa begged the Frost Dragons for help. The lord of the dragons, Olasird’arc, consented. Can Ains stand up the the combined might of the lord of dragons, his three wives, and their fifteen children – some of whom were fully grown? And even if he can, what of the 60,000 Quagoa gathered to oppose him? Or is this just another walk in the park for our favorite undead sorcerer king?

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Episode 8: An Unexpected Move

Overlord IV Episode 8 Review – Best In Show

In Overlord IV episode 8, “An Unexpected Move,” Philip Dayton L’Eyre Montserrat came up with a “genius” idea – he would attack the Sorcerer Kingdom’s humanitarian aid shipments to the Holy Kingdom. Why would he do such a “genius” thing? Why, to punish the Sorcerer Kingdom for using charity to drive down his prices, of course! How will Albedo react when she learns Philip destroyed the plan she had devised? In other words, how will she react to Philip embarrassing her in front of her Lord Ains? Put that way, the answer becomes more clear!

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Episode 9: Countdown to Extinction

Overlord IV Episode 9 Review – Best In Show

In Overlord IV episode 9, “Countdown to Extinction,” Albedo visited Ramposa III, the king of the Re-Estize Kingdom. Her message was simple: because of the stupidity of one nobleman, the Sorcerer Kingdom declared war on the Re-Estize Kingdom. Further, they would kick-off the war in one month. The kingdom went into a panic. How could they possible withstand the might of the Sorcerer Kingdom? Meanwhile, a being Ains had confined to Nazarick requested an audience. What does she want? And why did Ains wonder if he should have brought Albedo with him?

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Episode 10: The Last King

Overlord IV Episode 10 Review – Best In Show

In Overlord IV episode 10, “The Last King,” the army of the Sorcerer King marched on the capital of the Re-Estize Kingdom. The Crown Prince, Zanac Varleon Igana Ryle Vaiself, rode out to meet Ains Ooal Gown alone in an attempt to sue for peace. And if his appeal to mercy didn’t work, he planned to rely on argument, knowing that neither he nor his kingdom possessed the might to withstand the undead army. Does the prince’s plan have any chance for success? Why does Ains insist on this attacking the city? And is it possible that the prince has some other plan in mind?

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Episode 11: Well-Prepared Traps

Overlord IV Episode 11 Review – Best In Show

In Overlord IV episode 11, “Well-Prepared Traps,” Shalltear Bloodfallen teleported into the royal city to evacuate Hilma Cygnaeus and her followers who were loyal to Ains Ooal Gown. One of their number had never visited the Great Tomb of Nazarick, though. And Shalltear seemed determined to rectify that. Meanwhile, Albedo faced off against the man in battle armor. He seemed determined to draw her away from Ains. Does that mean Ains is in danger? Is that even possible?

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Episode 12: Invasion of the Royal Capital

Overlord IV Episode 12 Review – Best In Show

In Overlord IV episode 12, “Invasion of the Royal Capital,” Princess Renner Theiere Chardelon Ryle Vaiself and her guard Climb were still in the capital. Members of Blue Roses were still there, too. Will they defend the capital and the princess? Or will they try to escape? And if they do, will they take the princess with them? Elsewhere, Brain Unglaus was determined to face off against Ains Ooal Gown. But first, he had to get past Cocytus. Does the human have a chance? Will the three potions he drank help? Or is he simply out-matched?

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Episode 13: The Witch of the Falling Kingdom

Overlord IV Episode 13 Review – Best In Show

In Overlord IV episode 13, “The Witch of the Falling Kingdom,” Ainz Ooal Gown’s assault on the Re-Estize Kingdom’s royal capital marked inexorably toward its final phase. Mare, his confidence quivering, nevertheless had the power to level entire city blocks. There was no telling where Cocytus and his entourage had gotten to. Against this backdrop of destruction, Climb tried to complete a mission from Princess Renner. Does his mission have any chance for success? Will Mare let him make it back to the palace? And even if he does, what will Climb find when he gets there?

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