Planet With Episode 5 Review: Claws vs Sword and the Secretary’s Rental Has Expired

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In Planet With episode 5, “Paladin Break 1,” the old man Takezou Ryuuzouji shares the shocking origin story of Takashi Ryuuzouji with an incredulous Yousuke Hitsujitani — or does he? Souya Kuroi tells his friend Nozomi Takamagahara that he’s an alien from Sirius, and she believes him. Or does she? The Nebula Sealing Faction kicks their assault up a notch with a one-two punch that forces Souya and Sensei to get involved. But that angers Takezou, who’s way more dangerous than he let on. At the same time, the Sealing Faction’s leader launches his own attack on Takashi — with a surprise pilot! Will either Ryuuzouji or Souya survive these fights? Or will the Sealing Faction’s Plan succeed — meaning that human progress slams to a halt? Forever? 

Note: This post may include spoilers, so be cautious. 

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Interested in the Sensei mech?

"Sensei"actionFigure [Planet With] /

“Sensei”actionFigure [Planet With]

3 Favorite Moments in Planet With Episode 5

Souya, Nozomi, and the Cult Club’s President were astonished at the change that had come over Seigi. Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

Moment 1

Ginko Kuroi wasn’t lying when she said that the Sealing Faction’s weapon wouldn’t kill Seigi Nezuya in the previous episode. Although it does appear that she wasn’t telling the whole truth. Souya’s feeling enough guilt because the school club he just began to enjoy may have to shut down. The club President bemoaned the damage that the rampaging Grand Paladin had inflicted on the town last week, and she’s afraid the town might be evacuated. That would mean their school would be closed! So, already burdened with that guilt (because Souya seems to blame himself), Souya wasn’t prepared for Seigi’s arrival. Remember how we last saw him unconscious?

Well, he’s conscious again, but he’s drastically changed (4:43). He used to be bombastic and over the top. Now, he’s calm and collected — and unenthusiastic about everything. As Ginko explains later, the Sealing Faction’s weapon fills the longings in the human heart, which in turn makes humans complacent. In effect, it halts their evolution. I’m not sure whether that’s better than dying or not! I thought Souya was depressed before Seigi arrived, but he borders on despondent after this! Planet With is doing a great job of getting Souya into a tree and throwing rocks at him!

Nozomi’s quite the athlete! She has a much better running form than Souya, and she tackled him like it was nothing! Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

Moment 2

Nozomi has been kind to Souya since we first met her. She’s also shown herself to be bright and perceptive, and in this episode, she used those traits to trick Souya into revealing that he had regained his memories (5:54). Poor Souya — he tried to dissemble, but a) he’s terrible at it and b) she’s joyously tenacious! He finally panics and tries to run (with the most awkward stride I’ve ever seen — 6:47 — is he trying to mimic QWOP?)!

My second favorite moment is when she realizes that she might have upset him (well, he was running away) so she sprints after him, catches up to him, and performs a from-behind tackle that would make an NFL defensive player proud (6:59)! What followed was a touchingly awkward conversation where neither knew exactly what to say, where Souya confessed that he was actually an alien, and where they agreed to treat it like a joke (interesting counter point to Takezou saying he’d made up the story about his son the Director being an alien…). Neither of them knowing how to say goodbye was so sweet… It was almost too realistic! 

Wow! Her flight suit is way cooler than Souya’s! But she has to enter the cockpit the same way Souya does! Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

Moment 3

“The rental period on my secretary is up, Takashi…” the Generalissimo of the Sealing Faction tells the Grand Paladin director. Just as Ginko has to translate Sensei, so Kogane Shiraishi had to translate for the dog creature (21:02). So we now know that what we suspected back in episode 3 was true — namely, that those Kogane’s glasses reflecting the light during Sensei’s meeting with the Generalissimo! She is, in fact, the Generalissimo’s secretary. What I wasn’t expecting, and what’s my third favorite moment, is that we find out Kogane is a pilot, just like Souya (21:40). And she had a way snazzier flight suit than Souya does! To top it off, she enters the cockpit the same way that Souya has to: the Generalissimo seems to swallow her! That has got to be the most unusual way I’ve ever seen to mount a mech!

Thoughts about Planet With Episode 5

Will poor Souya ever get to eat any meat? The poor guy had to settle for daikon radish steak in this episode (1:05)! It makes me wonder if there is something thematic going on with the consumption of meat — just look at how much meat Takezou puts away! 

Did you catch that the young man Souya saw run off to defend Sirius against the dragon (in one of the first scenes back in episode 1) was his brother? I think they made it pretty clear in this episode, and I don’t remember seeing it before. But heaven knows it’s possible I missed it!

Takezou showed that he was not nearly as weak as he pretended to me. Must be all of the meat he consumes! Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

Goodness, this episode was packed with details, any one of which could have made my top three moments!

  1. Nozomi and Ginko telling Souya he was a hero who had protected the town
  2. The Sealing Faction’s escalating assault
  3. The triple attacks of plenty of meat, beautiful young women, and wine against Takezou — and how he handled it
  4. Takezou staying with Grand Paladin just to support his son
  5. Kogane’s outfit reveal and the Sealing Faction leader’s becoming a mech just like Sensei

This episode had more going on than some series’ entire first cour! And yet, at least to me, it never felt rushed or contrived. It just flowed!

Beyond moments, there’s just so much about this show that I enjoy. Take, for example, the similarities of the technology between the Nebula Sealing and Pacifist Factions. Sensei and Generalissimo lead their respective faction, and they also turn into mechs in about the same way. They share visual similarities, especially around the eyes. Little details like that thrill me. They make the world feel that much more cohesive and realistic, and that provides a compelling framework for the characters. 

With all of the anime goodness the series has shown in the first five episodes, I’m tempted to voice a concern that I don’t see how it could possibly keep up this level for another seven episodes. But you know what? I’m going to shove that negativity aside and instead say that I’m looking forward to seeing how they top themselves. They’ve certainly build a solid foundation! 

What did you think of the reveals in this episode? What were your favorite moments? Let me know in the comments!

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2 thoughts on “Planet With Episode 5 Review: Claws vs Sword and the Secretary’s Rental Has Expired

  1. I actually caught up with this this week (I delayed ep 4 due to other things last weekend), and I really like the way this show is constructed. It’s telling the story its own way, and while I want more information, I have to say that it’s doing just fine giving us information as we go, which is way better than nailing everything down at the beginning, or interrupting with exposition dumps.

    And I love Nozomi’s crush on Souya, and his interest in her as well, at that “I think about her more than anyone else, but don’t see it as anything more than just thinking about her.”

    Also, I know it was in ep 4, but I loved Shiraishi’s look when Benika was confronting Takashi. And I think it’s great the way they’ve characterized all of the people in Grand Paladin as their own entities with their own reasons for being interested, even with Takezou saying he had to support his son, because Yusuke’s heart just wasn’t in it and everyone else had been defeated.

    1. I’m liking this show quite a lot! I like the things you mentioned, I like its pacing, and I like it’s humor. Like Souya saying, “Oh. That opens,” before the first Cat Doping incident.

      Glad you’re enjoying it, too!

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