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Raven of the Inner Palace Episode 7: Favorites

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Raven of the Inner Palace Episode 7 – Quick Summary

In Raven of the Inner Palace episode 7, “Glass Prayer,” the ghost of Bingyue Luan possessed Jiu-Jiu. Worse, he threatened to slit her throat if Shouxue Liu, the Raven Consort, would not do his bidding. To emphasize his point, Bingyue pressed a broken shard of glass against Jiu-Jiu’s throat. With the Emperor Gaojun Xia looking on, what will Shouxue do? What can she do, other than listen to the ghost’s demands, as long as it holds Jiu-Jiu hostage?

Note: This post may include spoilers, so be cautious.

Favorite Quote from Raven of the Inner Palace Episode 7

Raven of the Inner Palace Episode 7: Shouxue had enough of Xing-xing's yapping

I think the bird got the message. Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

We got to see the Raven Consort’s aggressive side, and I’m here to tell you I loved it! That suits her much more than staring pensively out the window.

Shouxue was on her way to save the Emperor when Xing-xing tried to stop her. Annoyed, she said she wasn’t trying to escape. She just had something to do. But the bird would have none of it. It kept squawking at her.

She got even more annoyed, so she grabbed it by the beak. Bending close so it could see her eyes, she said (10:23), “If you tell anyone, I’ll roast you whole.”

The bird wisely ran for its life. After seeing what Shouxue did at the beginning of the episode, I don’t blame Xing-xing one bit!

Best in Show Moment for Raven of the Inner Palace Episode 7

Raven of the Inner Palace Episode 7: The Raven Consort is more powerful than she let on

The Raven Consort can be fierce if she chooses to be. Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

I wasn’t sure what to expect for this episode, given the major events of the previous episode. I also wondered how Shouxue would act. For so long, she has carried this enormous weight. Every time the Emperor visited and gave her presents, every act of kindness he showed her, had to burn. And now, she faced the ghost of Bingyue, who had possessed her lady-in-waiting. A lady-in-waiting who had become one of her closest friends.

I knew the Raven Consort was pissed when she called Bingyue a “swine.” But at that moment, I thought that the pottery shard looked awfully sharp, and it was awfully close to Jiu-Jiu’s one of carotid arteries. So it came as no surprise to me that Shouxue tried to negotiate.

Right up until the point where Bingyue drew blood.

Raven of the Inner Palace Episode 7: Seeing Jiu-Jiiu's blood was the last straw

The Raven Consort would not tolerate Bingyue harming Jiu-Jiu. Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

I suppose that the ghost simply tried to make his point: that he was willing to kill Jie-Jie. But as soon as she saw blood, Shouxue gasped. The two flowers she wore fragmented into pedals. Her eyes blazed. One of her hairpins became a missile that knocked the pottery shard out of Bingyue’s hand. 

Wind whipping around her, hair alive in the wind, Shouxue said (00:35), “Do you not understand that I’m telling you to get away from her?” Her voice reverberated with power. “I command you!”

Shouxue used her power to lift Jiu-Jiu off the ground. Then she forcibly blew the ghost out of her body.

I’ve been wondering just what kind of power the Raven Consort could bring to bear. The scene happened so fast I had to rewatch it a couple of times to comprehend its full coolness. But seeing the Raven Consort cut loose was amazing. Seeing that the trigger was her affection for Jiu-Jiu felt like icing on the cake.

What did you think of Shouxue’s solution to the problem plaguing the Emperor? What were your favorite moments? Feel free to let me know in the comments!

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5 thoughts on “Raven of the Inner Palace Episode 7: Favorites

  1. Yes, that was one of my favorite moments of the whole season so far! Until that point I had thought that the white haired ghost from the last dynasty was very powerful and would be invincible to the Raven Consort. Little did I know that she has more than enough power to take care of him! The Emperor even had to step in to keep her from blasting a flower Ka’meha’meha at the ghost! It was pretty awesome!

    1. I had thought that Bingyue Luan was going to be a Big Bad. He wasn’t even in her league.

      The Emperor had to trust her quite a bit to risk intervening in her attack. I like how their relationship has developed.

  2. She completely rocked in this episode. Expelled a ghost with such force that the ghost was actually afraid, mercifully aided not one but two forlorn spirits, asserted herself over the goddess’ watch-chicken, and then protected the emperor from a curse that the spirits of his loved ones were staving off night after night. A very full episode for her!

    And I love the further developing relationship with the emperor. He was able to stay her vengeful hand – really, who wouldn’t be after seeing Jiu-Jiu bleed? – and calm her down so she did not do anything terrible, and instead did something good, with his assistance. His respect and affection for her are clearly growing more and more. He clearly does not feel threatened by her true status, but is going out of his way to treat her with proper courtesy, lifting a danger she’s lived with since childhood, and basically setting some new terms, in the form of promises, so they can grow closer together.

    1. It was great seeing her cut loose.

      Also great to see the Emperor stop her. I noticed he didn’t just grab her wrist. He was very gentle about it (if I remember correctly). That was a seriously cool touch.

      I’m surprised the Emperor could even reach her after she had seen Jiu-Jiu hurt. She’s such a sweet counterpart to Shouxue’s pragmatism.

      How he treats her seems unprecedented in the history of the two kings. I like how they presented his character’s history so his actions and decisions are completely in character. This show is really well-crafted!

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