Record of Grancrest War Episode 24 Review: A Presumptuous Guardianship and the Foundation for the Future

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In Record of Grancrest War Episode 24, “Grancrest,” Dimitri has trapped Theo CornaroSiluca Meletes and their special forces in a confined space with dozens of his shadow clones. How will they defeat an enemy they can’t even touch — much less make it back to the main battle at Eramu? Meanwhile, the Mage Academy has been hiding a shocking truth about the foundation of their organization — and the use of Chaos through the ages. But it might not matter if Theo and company can’t get past Dimitri!

Note: This post may include spoilers, so be cautious.

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3 Favorite Moments

Aeon and his sisters finally put the hurt on Dimitri. Priscilla’s Holy Grail did its part, too! Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.
  1. I love good team-work! While I’m not necessarily a fan of revenge killings (vigilantes are more dangerous than they’re worth!), there’s a certain symmetry to EmaLuna, and Aeon (their older brother and clan leader after the death of their mom) striking the final blows to bring Dimitri down (8:05). That is, if we count Yana’s actions while working for Dimitri! If weren’t for Aeon, Theo and Siluca would have had a much harder time, even with Priscilla’s Holy Grail Crest. The only downside? The effort cost Aeon his life. I think his people in general, and Ema and Luna in particular, have carried more than their fair share of his war! And despite of the damage they’d taken, they found the maturity to not kill the last shadow of Dimitri, as weakened and pathetic as he’d become. That’s a positively heart-healthy act!

    Apparently, humans have been down the non-Chaos path before and ended up destroying themselves (in our future!). Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.
  2. Grancrest surprised me this week. I figured the extent of the Mage Academy’s motivations was a simple desire to keep their power. But they, along with Pandora, actually had a semi-worthwhile goal: they were trying to protect humans from re-obtaining the power and technology they’d had before the Age of Chaos. Why? So they wouldn’t destroy each other — again (13:58). Even the idea of an advanced, pre-Chaos Age civilization was kind of interesting. It was also fascinating to see Siluca, ever the eager student, get all excited about the possibility of restoring that civilizations’s technology (13:33).

    In the spirit of better late than never: Theo finally tells Siluca how important she is to him. In unambiguous terms, yet! And yes, I think she does look surprised! Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.
  3. The double wedding was nice (19:27). And how fitting was it that Siluca and Theo’s first kiss as husband and wife was so awkward compared to kiss shared between Alexis Douse and Marrine Kreische? But I didn’t find it as enjoyable as my third favorite moment. My final favorite moment of this review and of the series was Theo telling Siluca that she was the foundation for his future, and that all he had, he had because of her (23:01). For a while there, I wondered if the torch he carried for her might have dimmed. Heck, we even had a robust discussion of that point on Irina’s I Drink and Watching Anime post for episode 22! So it was gratifying to see that in the end, he realized what she meant to him and actually told her! After all the death flags, their kiss under a double rainbow was the perfect way to end the series.

    There are a lot of worse ways the series could have ended. A kiss under double rainbows isn’t bad at all! Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.


I’ve written a separate post that delves into Pandora’s warning, and I’ve love for you to check it out! It was hard to see as the images streamed by, but I think there’s something surprising in Pandora’s message!

I wondered where Aeon (Ema and Luna’s older brother) had gone when he surprised his clan by leaving (I can’t remember which episode it was). I’m a little surprised (and happy!) that Grancrest went to the trouble of foreshadowing him going in search for Dimitri’s body!

There’s something fitting that Siluca was almost late to her own wedding (19:05). Have to hand it to the twins — they kept her dress’s train from getting dirty, thought they had to stay at a dead run! And you know, I think Siluca’s shoes were cute! That’s not something I normally notice…

Emma and Luna had to sprint to keep up with Siluca — but they did it! Siluca’s dress was unstained when they arrived. Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

You know I’ve had some quibbles with this show’s pacing, but in the end, I’m really glad I watched it. I think my favorite part of the series was Theo’s character arc. He started as a lone Lord more or less on the run and he ended up exactly where he wanted to be: the ruler of a peaceful, prosperous, and happy Sistina. On the way, he had to gather Crests, develop his collaborative leadership skills, build a unique specials forces team, and build the support to become emperor. Through the whole affair, Siluca stood beside him and gave him her guidance and, in the end, her love.

Handling power gracefully might be the most difficult thing for a human to do. That’s why I love seeing it happen, even if it’s in fiction. Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

Maybe most amazing of all? Theo honored his word and abdicated so Alexis could be emperor. That’s the kind of decision I think shows almost unparalleled character. It’s the kind of thing that distinguishes George Washington from other Presidents. President Washington could have held of the Office of the President for as long as he wanted, but he thought it was more important to give future generations a positive example of how to handle power. Theo just wanted to get rid of Chaos so his people could live happily and without the constant threat of monsters. I mean, seriously, who would want to live around such enormous spiders all the time?

And he did it with a little help from his friends. I like stories with that kind of theme.

What were your favorite moments from this episode? From the series? Let me know in the comments!

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4 thoughts on “Record of Grancrest War Episode 24 Review: A Presumptuous Guardianship and the Foundation for the Future

  1. I liked your three favourite moments and the kiss under the rainbow was definitely adorable. Grancrest did have its moments throughout, but the overall story continues to feel very patched together. And while we knew the older brother had left the clan for some reason, showing up with Dimitri’s body still feel’s random and I still want to know how he even got there given the others seemed to be warped into that space.
    On the positive side, the story did at least end quite definitively, which puts it ahead of a lot of shows this Spring that just kind of stopped. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and it has been great following the show with you this season.

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed the post! I always looked forward to reading your posts on Grancrest, too. It might look like we have very different opinions on the show, but I think we just emphasized different aspects. Truth be told, I agree with every criticism you raised about the show!

      Thanks for visiting!

  2. The twins carrying Siluca’s train was a very cute scene. I’m glad you got a cap of it.
    Once again you’ve made me lie this episode more in retrospect.

    1. I appreciate that — thanks! Your posts always gave me more to think about, too. And I love your titles — A Farewell to Mittens and David and Goliath are my two favorites from your Grancrest reviews!

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