Re:CREATORS Bonus Episode: Hanging Out with the Women Folk

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In the Re:Creators second bonus episode, “Summer Special Spending Time with the Girl Creations,” the voice actors for Meteora ÖsterreichSelesia Upitiria, and Alicetelia February play a Re:Creators version of Concentration. Who wins is a little ironic! Next, they play a game to guess the character’s next spoken line from a specific scene. After that, to continue the game theme, they to guess the fictional anime/light novel slogans for the various characters. Finally, they make an announcement that isn’t surprising in an anime, but was unexpected from the voice actors.

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What I Liked

Hikasa’s “Götz von Berlichingen” seemed to take Komatsu completely off guard. Capture from the Amazon Prime stream.

We met Inori Minase, Meteora’s voice actor, in the previous bonus episode; same with Mikako Komatsu, who voices Selesia. In this episode, we also get to meet Yoko Hikasa, who voices Alicetelia (0:10). It’s nice to see the talent behind the voices of three of the main characters. It’s also kind of cool to see how they identify with some of the mannerisms and catch-phrases of their characters. Hikasa, for example, uses the phrase “Götz von Berlichingen” more than once — seemingly to Komatsu’s surprise (0:18). Also funny? Minase took charge and moderated the games, much like Meteora took charge in the series.

We learned an important lesson: do not gamble with Hikasa. She seems to have an impressive amount of good luck and seems to win quite a lot (4:48).

Did you feel a little tired after the game of Concentration? The three actors have such a high level of energy that an introvert like me was lagging! But I have to admit it was fun to watch, especially because they seemed to be having so much fun.

In the game where they had to guess the character’s next line, Komatsu had to identify what Selesia said back in episode 3 when Takashi Matsubara  and Marine tried to give Selesia a power up just by writing a scene and drawing a new illustration. At first, I agreed with Hikasa, who complained that the question was too easy. Then I realized that no, it really wasn’t that easy — Komatsu had to have really studied the script to remember. And like the professional actor she is, she did remember (9:23)! The phrase was “Ajarakamokuren Kyuraisu!”

Komatsu correctly remembered Selesia’s phrase “Ajarakamokuren Kyuraisu!” That’s impressive! Capture from the Amazon Prime stream. Oh, and notice the bag of chips on Meteora’s head?

Seems that in terms of remembering character lines in general, Komatsu kinda smoked Hikasa — a complete reversal of the first game (16:46). Did you notice that both of them seemed to have a good general idea of what happened, but sometimes had a hard time remembering the exact lines? Given that some of the lines were for other characters, I don’t blame them for not remembering.

They used the graphic a few times, but at commercial breaks (like 16:52), they showed Matsubara, Masaaki Nakanogane, and Gigas Machina as the camera man or cue-card holders. I even think I saw Magane Chikujouin in the background! In a kimono! No good can come of that…

The last game was the “Tagline Guessing Game” (starting around 17:00). Minase, who plays Meteora, was disappointed that neither Komatsu nor Hikasa could remember Meteora’s fictitious story’s tagline (18:40). Komatsu guessed blue, which was the right color in the phrase; but she apparently said the wrong blue. Picky, picky!

It’s Re:Creators. You knew they’d have to do something like this to mess with the boundaries of the fictional world and ours! Capture from the Amazon Prime stream.

Hikasa ended up with the highest score, and won 3 hot spring tickets (22:13). And guess what? All three voice actors will use them for the next episode, which will be their hot spring episode! And this right on the heels of their characters’ hot spring episode…

Hikasa suggested she was going to wrap herself in just a towel (22:56), which elicited a mild protest from Minase. But as Hikasa was saying that, the subtitles said that the scroll on screen was saying “Towel is only for TV. Do not wear towels in the bath” (22:03). As an American, I have to say that Japanese cultural norms surrounding hot springs is beyond my experience!


The shots of the fictional characters like Matsubara and Nakanogane operating the cameras was right in keeping with Re:Creator’s blurring the lines between the fictional world and the real world. They could easily have just shown the voice actors playing games, but they had to add the extra elements, which I thought set the show apart.

The three voice actors, Minase, Komatsu, and Hikasa, seemed to have a lot of fun with this episode! Capture from the Amazon Prime stream.

The actor’s obvious enthusiasm for their parts, and the series in general, impressed me. I’m guessing this kind of thing’s normal for series, but because Re:Creators is making the effort to show us the talent behind the series, it’s more accessible. I know this wasn’t a new episode, and I’m really looking forward to the next episodes as they try to trap Altair in the birdcage. And I know it’s not even animation. But I thought the episode was a fun way to give the animators and other creative talent a little break.

Do you think you could win against Hikasa in a game of chance? Are you looking forward to the hot springs episode? Let me know in comments!

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