Re:CREATORS Episode 12: Confession on Winged Horseback and a Daring, Double-Edged Plan

Quick Summary of Re:CREATORS Episode 12

In Re:Creators episode 12, “Be desperate and draw something fascinating,” Alicetelia February takes her creator for a flight on her winged horse, and it’s not for sightseeing. Souta Mizushino completes his confession and waits for the group’s judgement. Meteora Österreich helps build a daring plan — but will it work out as she hopes? Or will Altair have some say in how the plan unfolds?

Note: This post may include spoilers, so be cautious!

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What Happened in Re:CREATORS Episode 12

Alicetelia, Pondering

Re:CREATORS Episode 12: Alicetelia is deep in thought.
Alicetelia seems to have lost faith in her compatriot Blitz Talker. Capture from the Amazon Prime stream.

Alicetelia surveys the crater left by Mamika Kirameki’s Magical Splash Flare. Blitz Talker accuses her of sentimentality when she confronts him over his lack of reaction to the Magical Slayer’s death. She’s reveals that she’s read his story; it’s clear that Alicetelia has lost trust in him and his integrity.

Meanwhile, Mizushino continues his confession. He had ignored Setsuna Shimazaki’s pleas for help, though she was hardly insistent. It was only when her mother called him using Shimazaki’s phone that he found out she had died. He had panicked and had deleted all record of her from his electronic devices. He had tried to make himself forget. Now, standing before the Creators and their amazing Creations, tears on his face, he admits his cowardice. Takashi Matsubara breaks the silence, saying that while he might have done the same thing, he couldn’t just tell him not to feel bad. Instead, he simply observes that if Mizushino hasn’t’ve felt guilty, Matsubara wouldn’t’ve been able to talk to him at all.

Mizushino accepts Matsubara’s verdict and says that it’s likely Altair used the despair he had helped create as part of her power. Meteora uses that idea to test Mizushino’s resolve to stand against Altair, and he passes: he wants to do his part to stop Altair. Meteora announces her new theory: that they’ll need to use the power of the gods to defeat Altair. And it took Selesia Upitiria’s transformation in the previous episode to give her the idea.

Re:CREATORS Episode 12: Meteora tries to get Mizushino to engage.
Meteora confronts Mizushino with the question, “Are you determined to accept the responsibility?” Capture from the Amazon Prime stream.

Alicetelia Responds to Her Inner Call for Justice

Alicetelia’s creator Kaiji Takarada laments his imprisonment. Just as he’s trying to settle down and begin writing, Alicetelia pulls him from his cell and takes him for a ride on her flying horse. She uses his terror of falling to ask if the world he created is dear to him; if he intends to ultimately save her world. He says that’s her job as the hero to do the saving. In response to her questions about het nature of “hero,” he explains that she’s not powerful because she’s the hero; she’s the hero because she decided to take on tasks others won’t. She considers his response, then asks one more question: recalling Mizushino’s words to her when he tried to shield Meteora, she asks, “Is my story a world that speaks of strength and courage?”

He’s embarrassed to answer, but she’s persuasive, and he relents, saying that of course that’s his intent. Telling him to be thankful to “that boy,” she sets him free. Before he leaves, he has to explain to her what “cancelled” means, and realizing it might leave her story unfinished, she tells him to “put your life on the line to draw something interesting.”

Re:CREATORS Episode 12: Alicetelia uses gentle persuasion. Well, persuasion anyway...
Alicetelia uses her techniques of gentle persuasion to get answers from her creator. Capture from the Amazon Prime stream.

Altair is Still a Great Unknown

The team’s still trying to define the particulars of their response to Altair. Selesia wonders just how many special moves the Uniformed Military Princess has, and Masaaki Nakanogane shows them the results of his research: Shimazaki’s derivative creation itself has many imitations, and all of them has different powers. They’re so popular that they’re giving Altair a formidable arsenal. The only limit on her power seems to be the “restoration power” of our world. Shunma Suruga asks why she and the other creators just don’t just use that power themselves? They discuss the need not only to add convincing powers and capabilities to their characters, but they have to do so in a way that keeps the audiences engaged.

Meteora Drives Forward

Meteora refines the plan to say they should create a way to confine Altair and confront her with their combined might. In essence, they need to create a caged death-match that’ll unfold in real time. That’ll require that the different rights-holders, writers, editors, and marketing staffs to coordinate their work, since all of the various characters come from different franchises. They guess they’ll have no more than six months, given Meteora’s analysis of the world’s “restoration power.” They’ll start by writing spinoffs to contain the new story lines they’ll need.

Re:CREATORS Episode 12: Suruga hit on the idea for their counter attack.
Suruga suggests they use the power of the creators — character and ability alterations, for example — to confront Altair. Capture from the Amazon Prime stream.

Blitz visits Altair to say that Alicetelia released her creator — and that he’s surprised Alicetelia’s doing so much to help them. He muses that maybe he should have killed her. Altair says they have to be careful to not use their powers too much and get thrown from this world; Selesia’s new powers surprised even her. Putting that matter aside, Blitz asks the name of their new recruit. He’s wearing a uniform that looks exactly like the one worn by the man standing beside Selesia in the opening credits. Saying that only a few more characters will be able to join them, Altair says that once they gather their strength, they will attack.

What I Liked about Re:CREATORS Episode 12

Mizushino’s Confession

I was wondering if Mizushino’s confession would pack enough “oomph” to make his hysterical amnesia feel realistic. I’m glad to say that it did. Not only did he crush the feelings of a close friend; not only had he failed to come to her aid while she was being attacked on line; and not only did he contribute to her suicide. He also had to take a call from her mother. At his age, that kind of event would have to have be devastating — and his admission (initially only to himself, but then to the whole team) of his guilt made him feel even worse.

Re:CREATORS Episode 12: Shimazaki just couldn't face her world.
Shimazaki was an infinitely sympathetic character who wasn’t clingy or needy. She just wasn’t prepared for the cruelty she faced, and Mizushino didn’t step up to help her. Capture from the Amazon Prime stream.

I also have to say that the show’s made Shimazaki’s character to be infinitely sympathetic without being either clingy or melodramatic. She’s just this sweet, introverted artist who made a friend, got a lucky break, then couldn’t deal with the negative aspects of fame. I feel terrible about what happened to her; I wanted to meet her and have her as a current part of the story. Of course, it’s likely that her despair powered Altair’s creation, so I’d never get to see this story if she were still alive. Still…

I have to say that when she asked Mizushino (via a text message) “Do you think it’s all right if I draw? Is it okay if I want to draw?” There’s only one way to respond to that, and that’s honestly by saying something like “The world’s diminished if you don’t draw.” In essence, she seemed to be asking him if it was okay for her to continue living; his answer was not in the least bit supportive. I know I’ve defended Mizushino in the past, and I know I said that he’s a solid and realistic character. I stand by those statements. But in that moment, I thought he was a real jerk.

The Past Haunts Mizushino

Oh, and the scene where he’s reading her last message? The gradually increasing volume of the warning for the approaching train gave me chills. Very effective sound effects!

Re:CREATORS Episode 12: Takarada knew Alicetelia's abilities. He created her, after all!
I can’t fault Takarada for being scared of Alicetelia. He created her, so of course he knows what she’s capable of! Capture from the Amazon Prime stream.

Alicetelia’s creator is ranting about the indignities of being confined in his cell when he stops and realizes his rant would make a great addition to the next episode he has to write. He’s a real writer, all right — his life’s in danger, but he’s still worried about his craft. He still panics when Alicetelia opens the door to his cell, but I can’t fault him, a mere human, being anxious in front of a main battle tank.

Alicetelia’s line of questioning was fascinating. She accepted Takarada’s answer that it was her role as the hero to save her world. But what really caught my attention was that she didn’t fully understand the concept of hero. Was it all-powerful? Was it “an endorsement of the gods?” He had to explain to her that she creates the role of hero through her decisions and actions. He even says that he can’t “conveniently” help her — even going so far as to say, “I can’t do anything about that world.” Some writers are conscious of creating their worlds and characters; others (and I’m hesitantly in this camp) speak of their characters and worlds existing independently of themselves, and the stories they write are more chronicles of another world than an act of creation. It seems that Takarada’s in the latter camp.

Altair in Fanfic!

Re:CREATORS Episode 12: Chibi Altair was adorably dangerous!
With a representation this adorable, it’s almost easy to forget that Altair threatens the world! Capture from the Amazon Prime stream.

The fanfic imitation of Altair that keeps multiplying children was adorable!

Even though he’d just been held captive, Takarada was still enchanted by Alicetelia’s smile. Maybe his feels unrealistic to some folks, but I thought he was a proud creator — terrified, certainly, but still amazed to meet Alicetelia — recalling why he’d starting writing in the first place. What’s a little false imprisonment and kidnapping between a creator and his creation?

I think best quote of the episode goes to Yuuya Mirokuji when he said, “It started with a story, so we have to end it with a story…” Pretty good summary for a character dismissed as a “bad boy!”

Mirokuji gets quote of the week. Pretty good for a “bad boy!” Capture from the Amazon Prime stream.

I felt like I was sitting in on one of the plotting sessions I used to have with my friends: Meteora was talking about how they’d need good plots and interesting characters to proceed. She even discussed the need to foreshadow some of the events that’ll lead to Altair’s confinement!

What I Liked Less about Re:CREATORS Episode 12

I almost didn’t like the amount of standing and talking in this episode, but that was only in retrospect because I found the ideas so interesting.

Thoughts about Re:CREATORS Episode 12

Takarada might know what Alicetelia’s about to do, but I don’t. I’m looking forward to finding out where she’s going after she lets him go! Maybe Makagami Chikujouin hunting?

This could be interesting! An ally from Selesia’s world appears to have entered ours — and he’s with Altair! Capture from the Amazon Prime stream.

So, the new character is from Selesia’s world? Is he really the dark-haired man standing beside Selesia in the opening credits (well, the OP from the previous 11 episodes — it was sadly missing this episode!)? That could be interesting — Selesia’s ally from her universe fighting along side Altair has a ton of potential for drama!

All while Meteora described the plan, I was thinking that it sounded plausible, but I was worried that it might be double-edged! The components of their plan, from extending the character’s capabilities to generating audience engagement, should be easy for Altair to hijack, wouldn’t they? Altair appears to agree given the last scene. Granted, Altair’s powers come from writers/artists who aren’t intentionally trying to arm her to win Armageddon, and our heroes are trying to craft a unified response to her. I’m not sure who I’d give the edge to if I had to calculate the odds.

What do you think? Which side has the advantage? Please feel free to let me know in the comments!

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